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Booster 55

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Booster 55 Reviews


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Booster 55 Reviews

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I am 6'3" 175lbs. and just…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/23/2005
I am 6'3" 175lbs. and just bought a 55 this week. I've had it out on some flat water and class II, just to play around. As an all around river runner, this boat is better fit to my size and weight than any other kayak that I have paddled. Other similar boats which I fit in are the EZG 60 and the Jackson Fun as well as some older kayaks like the Z and RPM. However, compared to these boats, the volume and hull design is much more suited to the type of paddling I plan to do in it. I could stern squirt the Booster easily in weak eddylines, and the surfing speed was amazing on even small waves; comparable to old displacement boats like the RPM.

The elevated edges on the planing hull worked great for carving back and forth, and saved me from getting munched a couple of times in the hole that I was side surfing. The only problem that I had was trying to bow stall the Booster. The grooves in the deck allow water to just slide right off, making it difficult to hold the bow under for any length of time. However, this might be a technique problem too.

As far as outfitting goes, the Pro-fit system that came with my boat is great. The ratchets dialed in right away for the backband and thigh braces, while the hip pads were infinitely adjustable with some minicell and a screwdriver.

I would highly recommend this boat for an all around river runner at my size.


I am 5"11 160lbs. I have…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/13/2004
I am 5"11 160lbs. I have paddled it two years mostly on class III. It surfs great in the ocean and good on certain river waves but have trouble keeping the bow out of water sometimes. Great a river runner. It pops out nice on first threat on the American, I felt like a rocketeer. Outfitting has lasted perfectly. My only problem was squirting was difficult for me in this boat. But all in all very happy with it.

The Booster 55 is an…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/9/2003
The Booster 55 is an excellent all round performer. It's surfing and carving performance are it's strongest suit. Going from edge to edge rewards the paddler with great carving and wonderfully positive edging. The hull when held flat is also very loose. Volume is ample and very well distributed making for an excellent river running platform. The stern in particular feels very reassuring with enough volume just aft on the seat to ensure a solid platform. With limited rocker in the bow, the paddler must pay attention to not stuffing the nose, but the trade-off is a long waterline and a fast kayak. Outfitting is very different, but the elastomer thigh straps proved very comfortable. Time will tell if the settup is durable. Not a park and play boat, but excellent for all-round river running. Favorite boat that I have tried in a very long time! Highly recommended.

The Booster 55 from Riot is…

Submitted by: paddler230016 on 12/20/2002
The Booster 55 from Riot is the greatest all around kayak on the market. Short, but not to short. Predictable for the beginner and super-controlled and fast for the expert. Easy, Easy to roll and by far the best outfitting of any manufactuer present. Hands down the most comfortable, performance, play/running kayak available.

At 6' 1" 180 I was a little…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/24/2002
At 6' 1" 180 I was a little big to be learning in this boat, but the smaller size greatly increased my learning curve. Having paddled this boat a half a dozen times I would say I would problably buy it if I was shorter or just wanted a play boat. But I want to run at least IV water so I will go bigger. Oh yeah, the outfitting from Riot was great and allowed me to go on 4 hour runs.