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4 Place Kayak and Canoe Trailer

Product Description

The Remackel 4-Place canoe or kayak trailer is the most popular. People love this trailer because its a great way to haul your boats for a group trip with your family or friends and it can up to 1700lbs of gear or a riding lawn mower. The 4-Place canoe trailer is two trailers in one. Our unique rugged design allows to transport canoes, kayaks and paddling gear in the trailer and remove the racks to use the trailer as a utility trailer. What more could you ask for than a trailer that can haul your canoes, kayaks, riding lawn mover and yard waste all on the same trailer. 

Product Specifications

  • Material Description:

    Hot dipped galvanized tubular steel and angle iron

Product Features

Additional Attributes

  • Trailer Weight: 750lbs
  • 5'x8' trailer bed or shippable version is a 5'x7' trailer bed
  • 24" sides or 16" sides
  • Trailer Length: 14' 6" for a 5'x8' with 6ft tongue, A Shippable 4 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer is 13'6"
  • Tongue: 6 foot or 8 foot (We Recommend an 8ft tongue for canoes or kayaks over 19ft long for the 5'x8' trailer or over 18ft long for the shippable trailer)
  • Trailer Hauling Capacity: Has a 2200 lb axle, can haul 1700lbs of gear, canoes, kayaks, etc.
  • Tires: Full size ST175/80R13 13" tires on galvanized rims (includes spare tire)
  • Lights:/Electrical DOT approved 9 Diode LED lighting, Flat four electrical connector
  • Coupler: 2" coupler, Jack stand with wheel​
  • Tie Down Loops: Each horizontal rack has 3 tie down loops per rack to secure your canoe or kayak to the rack
  • Canoe or Kayak Hauling Capacity: 5x8 trailer- 11-19ft canoe or kayak, 5x7 trailer- 10-18ft canoe or kayak
  • Height from the ground to the top of the canoe/kayak rack: 5' 11" for 24" side trailer, 5' 3" for a 16" side trailer
  • Canoe or Kayak Rack Dimensions: 32" horizontal distance per place and 19" vertical distance between racks, Top bar is 72" long, Distance between racks are 8ft apart for the 5'x8' trailer or 7ft apart for the shippable 4 canoe/kayak trailer

Recommended Usage

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddling, Kayak Fishing

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