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Osprey HP

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Osprey HP Reviews

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Fast and sleek - This boat...

Fast and sleek - This boat flies through the water with ease. The Osprey HP was fun to build, and came out great. You can't beat the feeling of knowing every inch of your boat, and putting the "made in America" stamp on it. I think Pygmy should advertise the fact that all their boats can be reconditioned and upgraded after years of hard use - this makes their life almost unlimited. Pygmy Boat's staff is the best!!! When I needed help, they had good advice and promptly sent things I ordered. I would give them a 10 out of 10 for service. This is my second Pygmy Boat and I love them both. They are more like old friends than kayaks. Happy Paddling.

Swift, light, beautiful...

Swift, light, beautiful lines. This is a gorgeous boat! I am an experienced woodworker, but I imagine a novice would have no problem assembling the kit. To get a really fine finish, though, be prepared to put a lot of time into sanding and filling.....some prior experience working with fiberglass, or some good advice, would be helpful. Pygmy is a very together company, go out and get one!

A VERY fast, stable,...

A VERY fast, stable, lightweight, STRONG tracking and drop-dead gorgeous wood/fiberglass boat that's nearly as much fun to build as it is to paddle. Cruising seems nearly effortless, and hard paddling leaves all but the highest-end kevlar boats in its wake. Still, turns without a rudder require a solid, confident lean, although this should not be a problem for experienced paddlers. So I would not call it a beginner's boat (the Coho and Artic Tern turn far more easily and are somewhat more stable). I originally planned to build a Coho this winter for my wife, but we both love the Osprey HP so much that we're ordering another one. The instruction manual could use some more illustrations. Otherwise, the staff was extremely friendly, approachable and helpful. My experiences with the company, the kit and the boat simply couldn't be better.

This is a great kayak for...

This is a great kayak for a beginner. It is stable, tracks and turns very well (even without the rudder engaged), and is fast for a recreational kayak. It performed well on a large bay and in a cypress swamp. It did require rudder cable modification to accommodate my height.

Yeah,"tracks like a train"...

Yeah,"tracks like a train" is a pretty good description. The boat is very light and very fast but not particularly maneuverable. That's not really what it was designed for though. If manueverability is wanted, get a Coho. If you want to get somewhere fast get an Osprey HP. By the way, it was great fun building mine!

Light weight...

Light weight plywood/glass/epoxy kit boat, tracks like a train, does not weathercock, moderately maneuverable with a pronounced lean. Multi-chine design makes it a little more difficult to build, but worth the effort. Gorgeous lines.