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Murrelet 4PD Kit

Murrelet 4PD Kit Description

The Murrelet is a 17 foot multi-chine hull made for those who like a high-performance kayak. She is thin and sleek, but retains very comfortable initial stability. She’s got Pygmy’s trademark tracking and handling. She executes leaned turns beautifully and is very well behaved in wind and waves. Though this kayak is designed with the Greenland roll in mind, this is a great performance touring kayak for intermediate kayakers or novices looking to expand their skill set. The rear cockpit height has been lowered to allow advanced paddlers, who execute Greenland rolls, to lie back flat on the rear deck.

Murrelet 4PD Kit Reviews


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Murrelet 4PD Kit Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Where to Buy the Murrelet 4PD Kit

Pygmy Boats
Murrelet 4PD Kit Reviews

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Murrelet 4PD Kit

Wow, what a great experience.…

Submitted by: on
Wow, what a great experience. I ordered the Murrelet with the more maneuverable hull and larger cockpit, it arrived very quickly to Iowa and I began putting it together. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, I did have a couple questions along the way and the folks at Pygmy were very eager and quick to answer them. Construction was so much fun I want to build another!

Ok now it's built... I've had it on the water a few times and here is what I know... I am a 6'1" 190 lbs male with a size 10.5 shoe.

- very fast, I have had it to 7 MPH according to my GPS (in a very short hard paddling burst) and an average relaxed cruising speed of 4.5 MPH
- Handles wind and waves with ease, I have had it out on lakes with a 20mph wind and up to about 1' rollers (mild conditions for what this boat is designed for) and it kept cutting through the water like it was nothing.
- secondary stability is quite good which makes edging for turns very easy
- After building your own boat, you know for sure how to repair it.
- compared to my usual gear carrying method (backpacking) the hatches are huge and hold lots of gear.
- Everyone admires your beautiful wooden boat (or is this a con because it takes longer to launch?)
- It seems to like going into the wind better that with the wind, which is great since with the wind I can stop paddling and keep going that way.
- it is very light, mine is a bit heavier than the advertised, but then again it is my first build. Right at 40 lbs.

- The seat is a thermorest trail seat, which is surprisingly comfortable, I have had an issue with my feet going to sleep in long paddles but I believe that to be my footwear with the angle my feet are in the boat. I am making some adjustments there and it seems to help.
- I am used to recreational boats and the primary stability takes some getting used to... but makes paddling more fun!
- shaping knee braces takes some practice, and lots of iterations. I think I finally have them close now, but with every change they get more comfortable.

- The larger cockpit opening is nice making entry and exit easier for my long legs, but it also puts the forward deck rigging a long ways away.
- the hatches use a compression system to hold them closed and water tight, this is nice but does allow for small leaks. It isn't a problem since all the gear is in dry bags anyway, but I had to find some cons.
- after you spend all this time making a beautiful boat, you come up on a sand/ rock shore and think "I can swim it in" because you don't want to scratch the bottom... supposedly this passes but I have only wanted to land it on clean sand beaches so far.
- not overly roomy for your feet. My size 10.5's don't fit with anything but neoprene paddle boots on, but are plenty roomy with those or barefoot.

Overall I would recommend Pygmy and/ or this boat to anyone.

Murrelet 4PD Kit

I purchased the kit for my…

Submitted by: on
I purchased the kit for my Murrelet 4PD two years ago but was unable to fit the build into my schedule. I had a builder construct it, and now finally have it on the water. My kit was purchased before they came out with the V2 hull, and they called me up to see if I'd be interested in replacement panels. Since I'd not started, and the additional rocker relieved the one hesitation I'd had when selecting the Murrelet, I was very pleased to accept the offer.
A+++ for customer service!

I love this kayak!!! Aside from its beautiful lines, it's a joy to paddle. The cockpit with the 4PD deck give me plenty of height for my size 11.5 feet. The provided seat is ok for now, though I'll probably replace it when I've settled in more. Mine has the 17 x 33" cockpit - the only one offered at the time, but the 'standard' one is now smaller. They now include adjustable keyhole braces, which mine did not. I don't think I'll need them though - I'll add foam under the deck and with the shape of the cockpit, I'm welded to the boat.

It moves effortlessly through the water, and glides forever. Cruising along at 4.75-5.00 mph was easy. 5.7 MPH (measured on a gps) was a few strong strokes from there. It really slips thru the water beautifully. It tracks very well, but leaning the V2 hull has it carving turns in great fashion.

It's everything I'd hoped it would be - it's absolutely beautiful on or off the water, and folks cannot resist commenting on it. It handles as I dreamed it would. I've been paddling for a few years, but still consider myself a beginner. This is a kayak I'll advance in, but never outgrow. I do intend to learn to roll, and this model is built for it.

A great kayak from a great company!