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Canoe/Kayak Cart

by Primex

Canoe/Kayak Cart Description

The Canoe/Kayak Cart is a accessory brought to you by Primex. Read Canoe/Kayak Cart reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Canoe/Kayak Cart Reviews

Read reviews for the Canoe/Kayak Cart by Primex as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I use this carrier when I...

I use this carrier when I lend boats to friends. It is simple to set up and keeps me from worrying about people dumping my Kevlar boats on rocks or dropping them unexpectedly. Great for my kids too who love to help at the portage. Everyone needs this hardy and affordable aid in their gear loft.

We bought one in 1994....

We bought one in 1994. Used it 3 times. The first time it picked up a small thorn in the tire and went flat. Had to pay $10 to get it patched.
The 2nd time it worked, but it was hard to use because it was too low to the ground. It also had a tendency to fold up under the canoe.
The 3rd time it picked up another small thorn in the tire and went flat again. Took it to a car repair shop to be patched. The guy patched it, but he was having trouble getting air into it. The stem kept moving around so he braced it with a piece of metal. Boom, the tire exploded, the wheel shattered, part of it hitting him in the belly and knocking him down; he was unable to breathe. The piece of metal (that he'd used to brace the stem) went flying end over end past my head about 2 inches to the right, I'd say. The manager came running out and resuscitated the poor guy lying on the ground. He was o.k., but he had a big, round, red circle on his pot belly from the wheel.
We haven't used it since. It's been down in the basement. I really can't recommend this product.

Useful if you're portage...

Useful if you're portage is over pavement, more of a nuisance if it's through the woods. I've tried to use this cart for a simple 1/2 mile portage over a dirt/mud hiking trail that leads from our house to a stream, but every few yards the cart gets banged out of alighment with the yak and you have to stop to adjust or re-attach it. I followed the instructions, I used extra straps, I wrenched down on the straps to the point where I began to worry about damaging something, I made sure all contact points were clean and dry... to no avail. There's got to be a better solution.

This carts works very well...

This carts works very well for our double ocean rowing shell (about 120 lb. fully rigged) -- it's easy to get the boat on and off, easy rolling on smooth surfaces, etc.

However, the wheels don't have bearings. Their inner shell rotates directly on the aluminum strut (which acts like an axle) of the dolly. Over time, the wheel wears through the strut, and the dolly is ruined. (You can't buy a replacement strut.) This happened to ours after about 220 launches off a sandy beach (The sand greatly increases the wear. If you launch off a rocky beach, you'll probably get much longer life.)

I got my cart several...

I got my cart several years ago and found it to be great for the canoe and kayak transport but too bulky to put in my kayak. The cart has made transporting the canoe and kayak a breeze and opens up a new realm of possibility for many people who cannot move canoes and kayaks to water even a short distance. Even a large canoe or kayak can be moved by a 10 year old long distances with ease. And with a special attachment over all types of terrain.

I have gone over the weight rating for short distances but don't recommend it as it can damage the tires, especially if they are partially inflated. Once move a small log out of the way that was hard to pick up. The cart requires straps, rope or bungy cord to hold the boat on to the cart. I use a bungy cord on hard surfaces without obstacles, but straps are better as they hold the boat on tighter, especially in rough terrain. I have pulled my boat off the cart when I am not careful about tightening the bungies.

The biggest problems I have had were with the wheels; though not a serious problem. The tires can become deflated over time develop leaks. You can ruin a tire but using deflated or partially deflated tires. I have been told by a dealer that a bike air installed fix a flat mixture will eliminate many of the problems with small leaks. Fixing a flat is difficult as the tires do not easily come off the rims. The softer cart tires are hard to come by locally and very difficult to change because the wheel rim does not come apart. Standard hand truck tires tend to be structurally inflexible - making it all but impossible to get the hand truck tires on the rims.

The manufacturer told me that they discontinued the wheels assemblies that came apart because they were weaker structurally. A legitimate trade off. The cheapest way to deal with bad tires it to order new wheel and tire assemblies from Roleez. They charge 15 dollars per wheel assembly which is cheaper than the tube and tire from a hand truck dealer. The wheels should last for over 10 years or more with proper care.

Awesome!! I can move my...

Awesome!! I can move my Old Town Guide with ease. Even my 11 yr. old son can handle the boat alone. We have to mount it more towards the bow in order for the straps to secure it, but the boat balances well and is a breeze to move. I also use it to get the boat up on my truck racks. Great product.

I would never go kayaking...

I would never go kayaking without my Primex cart. The cart makes it so easy to just roll the kayak and save my back.

The cart worked perfectly...

The cart worked perfectly for me - it's easy to load and unload - a one person job. This is the same cart sold as a "Roleez" and it is available at MEC and REI. I put a 15'8" Kevlar canoe full of gear on it (aft of centre) installed the straps over each support, went down a road, onto a long gravel stretch, and then up and down unpaved hills. It was a breeze. The instructions are at "Place boat on cart with mid point of hull slightly aft of cross bar. Strap boat to cart as pictured: one strap per cross bar." This item is not a substitute for shoulder portaging on a rough trail but it is great for what it is intended. The web site claims you can rig it to roll the canoe onto a vehicle but that seems to be better for kayaks. The Roleez made me rethink how I get from A to B with the canoe - distance is no problem - no shortcuts over ledges. I don't understand the problem that is in the previous post - you can use a rope to pull the thing if you have an unusually low canoe or short arms. The main trick is getting the straps right.

This is a sturdy,...

This is a sturdy, well-made cart with quality pneumatic tires and wheels. So, I got one to use as a canoe cart for my Mad River Explorer. Mistake. The carrier is intended to be placed under the center of a boat, but when it is put there, the canoe is level and too low to pull by the carrying thwart without bending over. If you straighten up for comfort, the aft end of the canoe drags the ground. If you move the cart to the narrow part of the canoe, the straps slip to the pointy end and the cart comes off. Bad design. It might work with very short boats. I sold mine at a garage sale and got one of the poke-the-end-through cradle types, which works great. The rating would be lower, except you could salvage the wheels to use on a hand truck or something.

Canoe/Kayak Cart