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Marlin PriLite

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The Marlin PriLite is a kayak brought to you by Prijon Kayaks. Read Marlin PriLite reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Marlin PriLite Reviews


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Marlin PriLite Reviews

Read reviews for the Marlin PriLite by Prijon Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Marlin PriLite

I'm very happy with my…

Submitted by: on
I'm very happy with my Pri-lite, however as time goes by and you observe other kayaks and their abilities to handle conditions better, you may just want some sort of change, especially if your needs are for waves larger than 3ft, and ocean conditions.

I've deducted 2 pts on my score:
1 for Broaching or Nose Diving; 1 for Tracking.

This kayak has so much storage space and large hatches, you can almost take the kitchen sink, the neoprene and plastic covers will keep the compartments 99% dry, I have been out on rough days and not seen a drop enter front or rear.

The glove box could have been just a little bigger in my opinion. The Seat is by far the best I've seen and is very comfortable. The knee braces on my model lack adjustment and have sharp manufacturing lines that have cut me when doing a heel-hook manoeuvre. The interior hull coating seems tacky to the touch, easily marked over time.

The lack of day-hatch is one thing I really miss (want and need). The hull chines certainly keep a good track and offer siding abilities other kayaks don't, but initially your abs will get a good workout as you'll feel like your balanced on a beam. I've passed straight over 2m waves and had 2ft waves hit me from the side with no problem, but as I said above, waves from behind at about 3ft will have you nose diving.

Using a Sail has also been a lot of fun and speeds of 12.8kmh have been achieved in this kayak, but of course this is approaching less fun and more peril

The speed is great but yes there are faster kayaks, then they may lack this or that, there's no perfect kayak, I think we'll all own a few eventually

IMHO, great Touring, Camping, Semi-Expedition Kayak, just remind yourself of its limitations, and for that matter any Kayak you paddle !!!
And one more thing, it's certainly the shiniest and best looking sports car in the shop


I have had my Prijon Marlin…

Submitted by: on
I have had my Prijon Marlin for two years now. It's a very good craft and it gets plenty of use. I paddle at least 3 times a week for about two hours duration at a time with longer trips in between. It gets a pretty rough life. I have dropped it off the top of my 4x4, it just bounced off the ground and also it fell off the racks on my ute onto concrete, hardly a mark on it. I get in and out by sitting on the deck and sliding forward into the cockpit. I am mystified as to how you could crack or break these things, they are really tough in my experience. I give it a really hard time, but it has held up well and apart from a few minor scratches on the bottom it looks like new. It handles really well in all conditions. I have had it out in small surf and though it tends to broach because of its length, you just keep paddling to keep in front of the wave and all is well. Just like a surf ski up to a point. I am very happy with this craft.

OK, I will say up front that…

Submitted by: on
OK, I will say up front that I am the Australian distributor of Prijon and so my view may be seen as being a bit biased, but I will try to keep it as factual as possible.

Personally I paddle a fibreglass Prijon Proteus, only because it is a bit longer and faster than the Prilite Marlin. Prijon is one of the leading kayak manufacturers in Europe, and indeed in the world. The quality and comfort of the Prijon kayaks is hard to beat, and therefore why Prijon has remained our bestselling sea kayak brand for over a decade here in Australia.

Prior to the Prilite Marlin Prijon were producing a Prilite 500 but this was primarily shaped for flat water, and while very fast, was a bit tippy for most paddlers.

Prijon then introduced the Prilite 470 which was more of a sea kayak shape, but at only 4.7m was not ever considered a serious sea kayak, although it appealed to a much wider audience than the Prilite 500.

Finally Prijon brought out the Prilite Marlin in about 2010 in composite, HTP plastic (blow moulded) and Prilite plastic (thermo formed). The sales of the Prilite Marlin went through the roof and in fact it wasn't long before Prijon discontinued producing the Prilite 500, Prilite 470 and even the Marlin in HTP and composite constructions.

This beautiful craft became our overall bestselling sea kayak and has maintained this status for the past three years. Why is this? Firstly it is (as with all Prijon kayaks) unbelievably comfortable to paddle. The adjustable Prijon seat and thigh braces allow you to achieve maximum comfort for those longer trips.

It is fast! The Prilite Marlin is surprisingly stable for a boat just 58cm wide. The hard chines allow for plenty of edging on sharp turns, without feeling that you are going to capsize.

Lightweight but durable. Prilite (thermoformed) plastic is the technology of the future. Over the past decade we have seen this kind of material represent from 0% to now over 50% of our total sales (other brands such as Hurricane and Riot use similar material). The consistency of the thickness of this plastic when formed allows the kayak to be considerably lighter than its polyethylene counterparts, while remaining reasonably durable (not as malleable as polyethylene but stiffer). Thermoformed plastic retains its shape better than polyethylene and so the hull is less likely to become indented over time (from sitting on roof racks etc). The Prilite Marlin is as light as but less brittle than its composite counterparts, making it a very attractive overall package.

Immaculate finish and trims, deck mounted day-hatch and nose cap for added strength are just a few of the features that make it what it is.

Yes, we have had a few issues (three that I am aware of) but in most cases these have come down to misuse, and given that they represent less than a fraction of the Prilite Marlins that we have sold in the past four years, this is well below the average across all brands and models.

No, the Prilite Marlin is not for everybody. It does not really suit people over 100kg. Also, it is not an extreme sea kayak. It will suit 95% of people looking to get into sea kayaking, or upgrading from something more basic, but it is definitely not for those looking to push the boundaries of exploration.

There are approximately 5% of paddlers who will after a few years wish to upgrade their Prilite Marlin to a skeg boat, or something leaner and faster again.

We represent exclusively seven brands here in Australia but overall I cannot speak highly enough about the Prijon Prilite Marlin.


I am a new paddler and after…

Submitted by: on
I am a new paddler and after a lot of research including this site, purchased a Marlin Prilite. Initially I was very happy and satisfied with the kayak. It looks great, handled well for me, was comfortable. After getting the hang of it, the kayak appeared to be stable. I could lift it onto my SUV by myself.
The day hatch leaks badly even in flat water though.

The problems started after having the kayak for two and a half months. The kayak cracked all the way thru just behind the cockpit. The kayak had been used a maximum of 15 times in flat water and had been looked after. The problem got worse when the Australian distributor told me the kayak would not be replaced and would be repaired, In an email he said:

"You damaged your kayak by sitting on the cockpit rim. The kayak is now repaired and good for use, in fact even if you continue to sit on the cockpit rim (which you really should not) it will now withstand this treatment."
This is an ABS plastic sea kayak we are talking about. I am not sure how self rescues can be conducted without sitting or lying on the cockpit rim. Even the Prijon promotional YouTube clip shows the paddler sitting on the rim.

I was not happy with this decision and emailed the sales manager of Prijon in Germany, he very promptly acknowledge receipt of my email and I have not heard from him since, I sent a reminder and did not hear from him. I fully accept there can be problems with kayaks but do not understand the way I as a customer has been treated. Going thru the Australian forums there are at least four other kayaks with the same problem.

I am sure generally the Prilite is a good craft but if you purchase one make sure you go thru the warranty with the retailer. Good luck to an one purchasing Prijon products.


Just a few comments from a new kayaker: I have had the…

Submitted by: on
Just a few comments from a new kayaker:
I have had the Marlin Prelite for 4 months and have paddled 3 to 4 times a week between 12 and 15 miles most days a few 20 mile trips. I can't compare it with other kayaks; have only paddled one other. What I can say is that when paddling with others they are all amazed at the speed of it. Doesn't matter if it's in flat seas or swells up to 3 feet (that's my skill limitations not the kayaks).

I was a bit worried about the stability of this size kayak when buying it because of limited or I should say no skill level, but from the first day have been amazed at what I can get away with when practicing my edging and traveling through some 4-5 foot wakes caused by boof heads in 50 foot cruisers.

I was advised to spend a bit extra on a good light weight paddle which I think is some of the reason I find the long paddles surprisingly easy for novice, I find it tracks really well with the wind in any direction even a hard quartering wind and in the flat water and rivers with the rudder up I'm often amazed how my edging skills are progressing, pretty sure it the kayak and not me

The reason I give a rating 8 is I have nothing to compare it with but for me personally it's a BIG 10, I often get comments from people on what a great looking rig it is. One point on the durability of the HTP moulded finish: the guy were I purchased it from also paddles this model, he has had the kayak on his roof racks for 12 months only takes it off to go paddling and the finish is as good as a new one with no noticeable fading or warping.


I purchased a red & white…

Submitted by: on
I purchased a red & white Marlin Prilite early this summer and really like it. Although I have two other Prijon's, this is my first "long boat" I find it extremely comfortable, stable and it turns easily with a little edging. It's fast, tracks well and has a nice silent glide. The neoprene hatch covers are water tight and go on & off more easily than on my other boats. I think this is because this material seems to be a little thinner and the bungee cord is of a smaller dia. The hard protective hatch covers fit well and have a look like Kevlar which is a detail that has not gone unnoticed. Both covers are flush with the decking. The "deck box" is not a neoprene sock as in other models but made of hard plastic with a usable space inside much larger than it's opening. This Prijon feature and it's location was ONE OF the influences on me picking this boat. It's great for phone, camera, GPS, maps, binoculars, ect. There are provisions to hold your paddle behind the cockpit for a self rescue as well as a place for a spare paddle. I purchased the Prijon Rudder after the fact (just thought the Marlin needed to be complete!) but have yet to use it. I've tried it out to see what it does and it does "turn the boat" or steady it's course but have never needed it on a paddle. I"ve been in waves & wakes coming at me, coming from behind me and coming at me diagonally and have never felt in danger. The boat is outfitted smartly and the design, fit & finish is, in my opinion, superb. My Marlin weighs 53 lbs empty without the rudder. Last but not least, this boat draws attention and comments like " that boat looks really fast" or "that is one pretty boat" Maybe you can tell: I REALLY LIKE THIS BOAT!