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Boxer Description

The Boxer is a kayak brought to you by Prijon Kayaks. Read Boxer reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Boxer Reviews

Read reviews for the Boxer by Prijon Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I chose the Boxer for...

I chose the Boxer for self-contained trips, since, without pillars, it is easy to pack. For that, it works very well. It is big enough to carry the right gear, yet small enough to be maneuverable. It handles very well when heavily loaded. I've taken it down the Jarbidge/Bruneau 3 times. My big complaint with it is that the cockpit rim leaks like mad, about 2 quarts per mile, more if I play. Consequently, I don't paddle it much except for trips.

I am 6'1", 200lbs and had...

I am 6'1", 200lbs and had a Boxer in my beginner year. I wanted something with more volume than the RPM, but not as huge than the old-fashioned Prijon T-Canyon and Tornado boats. I liked the boxer a lot, had the impression it goes through everything where guys in smaller boats had to be more careful. I felt comfortable sidesurfing and rolling. The only drawback was that I couldn't surf well with it due to the round hull and that stern squirts and other moves are impossible. It's just a good big water and beginners boat.

I demo'ed the boat once...

I demo'ed the boat once before settling on a Micro. I found it quite difficult to roll due to its incredibly broad topside, and just to be sure I had someone else try and they said the same thing. I think it was designed for the larger paddler that wants to run BIG water. I found it somewhat of a pig to maneuver around. Simply way too much volume in a normal river running situation.

I'm suprised by the above...

I'm suprised by the above reviews. At 5'8" and 165, this boat is huge. It would accommodate a very big person with long legs - that is, for a WW boat. the deck is convex like a creek boat so big feet would fit. the hull is fairly flat and quite wide. The boat is 25" which is wider than most displacement hulls. The boat is very stable and suitable for beginners on class 2. I use mine when I am doing challanging water (class 4&5), otherwise I take my smaller flat hulled bout so I can cet in more surfing. This boat is not a play boat or even close. It is for cruising on WW and even short trips on flat water. It will surf small river waves but will eat you alive on bigger waves. The boat has speed compared to small flat bottom boats but not compared to other long displacement hulls. The Boxer could also be used for expeditions as there are no center pillers and plenty of volume(75 gallons). This boat would be nice to take on a long western river where a big boat like the Yukon would not be manoverable enough and a more manoverable boat would not hold enough gear.

I tried one as a demo and...

I tried one as a demo and drew the following conclusions: Good outfitting (Seat is comfy and there is room for big feet - size 12s). Folks over 6'2" with long legs are going to be cramped with no meaningful leg movement possible (short boats and play boats are not famous for this anyway so let's get over that). This boat has an odd habit I found hard to overcome in 3 hours of paddling. That being that it likes to put the paddler underwater! Looking at the hull it seems it would have good stability. No flat deck or 'trippy' chines. I think the rounded nature of the bottom is the culprit. I normally paddle an Animas and was mortified to find my self rolling the boat every few minutes. I also have a Prijon Tornado and have found it is very stable -- it does have more of a flatter bottom contour though. Prijon plastic can't be beat for durability -- it is awesome. Thinner yes, but incredibly durable. This is not a 'casual' boat -- it demands constant attention to balance. If you are a big beginner or intermediate I would not recommend it. Try an RPM Max if you must go sub 10' (there are other good boats out there) -- you won't have to hold your breath so much. Best wishes and see you on the river.

1st whitewater boat I've...

1st whitewater boat I've paddled. Been demoing it for about 3 weeks on flat water. Have paddled it about 12 miles on one outing. Once you've learned how, it handles well on flatwater. Expect it will do quite well in whitewater as it has substantial rocker and should surf great. Has anyone else had any experience with this boat yet? Will review again when we get some real ww on it!