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Coffee Press

Coffee Press Description

The Coffee Press is a accessory brought to you by Press-Bot. Read Coffee Press reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Coffee Press Reviews

Read reviews for the Coffee Press by Press-Bot as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

The Press-bot is...

The Press-bot is AWESOME!!! As a long time Grand Canyon guide, I have had the pleasure of serving coffee to thousands of outdoors people. The Press-Bot has proven to be a reliable "must have" on ALL my trips. I am excited to find out that the Press-Bot is now available at http://canyoncoffee.us/. Check it out. Also, see a video of the Press-Bot in action at http://guidebrian.blogspot.com/.
Enjoy your coffee. Enjoy your day.

I picked up a neet little...

I picked up a neet little item today and put it to the test. Press-Bot is a French coffee press that works in a standard wide mouth Nalgene water bottle. I looked at this thing several times before breaking down and deciding to give it a try. the price is around 19 bucks but after testing it I'll say that it is well worth the price.

I've used a standard stainless camp percolator for years with the only drawback of the coffee grounds almost always ending up in the bottom of my cup. Which isn't all that bad if you enjoy cowboy coffee.

This gadget takes just a little getting used to. At first it's just a little hard to insert and remove the press from the Nalgene the first few times you try it, but you soon figure out the procedure. After working the thing 5 or 6 times you'll have it down pat. Another thing to remember when useing the press is that it's designed to work with a bottle that has hot/warm water in it. you could probably damage the press if you try to push it down in a dry or cold bottle since lexan like vinyl will shrink somewhat when cold.

Now I'm a person who drinks coffee all day long so this thing will be great on trips. I tested it in the standard 32 oz. bottle and it worked fast and made good coffee and used less coffee grounds than needed for perc coffee. But I have two 48 oz thermos bottles that I fill in the morning when camping or canoe tripping so I dug out my extra long 48 oz Nalgene bottle, but the press won't work in this because the press handle is to short. So it was out to the shop to extend the press handle by drilling and tapping a piece of aluminum rod to make the handle exactly 4 inches longer. In about 20 minutes I was done and ready to test again. Results were perfect. Maybe Press-bot will someday offer an extended version but for now I'm happy. No more standing around making sure the coffee pot doesn't boil over.

Great product! And very well made.