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Tequila Tandem

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Point 65 Sweden
Tequila Tandem Reviews

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This kayak does not track....

This kayak does not track. We have had multiple kayakers attempt to get this tandem to go straight but once it reaches a little speed, it veers to either the left or right. It just does not want to go straight which is very frustrating. We have had it out in various conditions and tried every combination of paddles and paddlers and always the same result: traveling across the water like a windshield wiper, left right left right left right. This is an unacknowledged design flaw by Point 65 N. This tracking flaw shows up in user reviews but they don't want to accept responsibility for the problem. It doesn't matter how many they have sold. We now rent kayaks rather than fight our Tequila across the water. I do have new hope as I have researched some skeg additions that may improve the tracking issue. Point 65 N should step up with a modification suggestion that would fix this issue so that all users aren't reinventing the wheel with ad hoc solutions.

I love my Tequilla...

I love my Tequilla Tandem. It's FUN , stable, fast enough. BUT I bought the modular Kay as I am no longer a spring chicken, am 5'02" and a single woman. I doubt I could carry a full size kayak and load/unload it. My problem came in, Carrying the pieces between my truck and the lake. The pieces are supposed to weigh around 40 lbs and I should be able to carry that. However, the SIZE of them makes it extremely HARD!!! If the pieces had better hand holds molded in or even A wrap around bungee harness with a hand hold. I struggle and have fallen trying to carry the pieces. Please, North Point, help us out here. Not everyone is 6' 06" and 24 years old!!! The kayak is great and modular is wonderful but I need to get it IN the lake without a fall!

I am trying to make a bungee harness AND I bought a wheeled luggage cart with very large wheels to tackle this problem. Don't know which will work better yet.