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Martini GTE Tandem / Solo

  • 14' Length
  • 23.6" Width
  • 77 Weight (lbs)
  • MSRP

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Martini GTE Tandem / Solo Description

The Martini GTE is a decked, take-apart, touring kayak with a roomy and comfortable cockpit to explore with and then take back home in the back of your car. Like the sit- on-top version, the Martini GTX features the innovative patented Snap-Tap solution. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus de Brito, the Martini is a fun, versatile and high-performance recreational kayak.

Martini GTE Tandem / Solo Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Martini GTE Tandem / Solo.

Martini GTE Tandem / Solo Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo, Tandem
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Length: 14'
  • Width: 23.6"
  • Primary Material: Polyethylene Plastic

Martini GTE Tandem / Solo Features

  • Structure: Modular
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Hull Shape: Flat
  • Chine: Soft

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Recreation
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Point 65 Sweden
Martini GTE Tandem / Solo Reviews

Read reviews for the Martini GTE Tandem / Solo by Point 65 Sweden as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Living on a lake in...

Living on a lake in Arkansas, we have used this kayak daily for several months. (We can also convert it to tandem by adding a middle section). First thing we did was remove the rudder. Useless for our lake paddling. As experienced kayakers we are impressed with the speed and tracking. It is very stable. Appreciate the ability to take it apart and store it in our boat house. A bit tricky to get apart, but watch the videos on YouTube for instructions.

Purchased a Martini GTX...

Purchased a Martini GTX tandem in August 2016, and absolutely LOVE the boat! Wonderfully easy to put together and take apart for storage and transport: it fits snugly in the back of my SUV (with the rear seats down), and I can tuck all my accessory gear inside the footwell and two bulkhead compartments for a fully self-contained package! The boat handles extremely nicely on the water in both solo and tandem configurations... it is responsive and tracks very well, and the built-in rudder (which is very easy to set up and customize/adjust) provides great secondary directional support. (I prefer to kayak in calmer waters... bays, rivers, creeks, reservoirs.... and this boat is perfect for those conditions.) I lay a second cushion on the seat for slightly "softer" bottom, but the air-bladder backrest is perfect as-is and adjusts easily for a custom fit at my lower back. Before buying this boat, i also water-tested the sleeker, faster Mercury GTX, and really enjoyed that boat, too.... but purchased the Martini because my tandem paddling partner felt more comfortable with the greater initial stability of the Martini. I also have high praise for the folks at Point 65n in Sweden: I had some questions about the boat, and all of my e-mails have been promptly and thoroughly answered. All-in-all, fantastic experiences!

I LOVE this kayak! It...

I LOVE this kayak! It fits easily in the back of my Subaru Outback. It is light enough that I can carry and put it together all by myself - no needing a second person to help put it on the top of my car. Whe needs that? Easy to put together, carry. It's a little slow but wonderfully stable - which is much more important to me. Would recommend it to anyone! The new seats are great. Love the rudder!

I was 265lbs and 6ft when...

I was 265lbs and 6ft when I first started using my Martini and had plenty of space. The latches work just fine and are tough enough. All the weight goes on the tongue and groove, not the latches. They just help hold it together.

This is an amazing kayak! It's very stable and comfortable. No, it is not a racing kayak, but moves just fine. This kayak is great for fishing, camping trips, taking the family or just tooling around.

I own three Point 65 boats and this one is probably my favorite. I purchased two additional mid Sections so it is now a 3 person kayak. I would purchase this boat again and would also recommend it to friends.

Two thumbs up from my end....

Two thumbs up from my end. The Point 65 Martini is perfect for novice kayaking in flat water. It handles very well, although it is a bit slow as noted by other reviewers. I love the modular 1 or 2 person approach, and can easily fit the 2 person disassembled kayak (3 pieces) into the back of my Toyota Xtrerra. No tying it on top, which is nice. The latch system which holds the pieces together is remarkably secure. I have had a little trouble unhooking the latch system at times, but nothing serious. A small screwdriver is handy just as a lever for unhooking the pieces. Occasional WD-40 is a good idea as well. I'm not sure how well this boat would work in fast whitewater, but it suits my purposes perfectly. I found the rudder system unnecessary and a hassle, so I simply removed it. I really love this boat.

Purchased 2 Point 65N...

Purchased 2 Point 65N Martini Solo last year and we have been out on flat water about 12 times. The cockpit is a tad tight for a 5'11"/230lb paddler but still rather comfortable. Easy to assemble, transport and store. They are a little slow but that is well offset by the ease of transport and stability. The 2 bow sections go on top of our Honda Fit and the stern sections fit inside with the rest of the gear. Overall a great experience.

I purchased the tandem...

I purchased the tandem primarily for the use by friends as a solo, or as tandem for pets and children. The unique Lego ability to easily add and subtract cockpits make this recreational kayak a standout. Several friends with limited storage space or reduced upper body strength find the 25lb sections allow them to kayak again.

I have used in in solo and tandem configurations and find it very comfortable (6',220lbs), stable, and easy to paddle. The bulk heads and well-sealed, though somewhat awkward, hatches provide nice day trip storage and no need for flotation bags. The rudder system is not ideal, and everyone uses it as a skeg, leaving it inline. As a rec. boat it is slow but not horribly so. Front and rear built in solid grab handles are comfortable for all hand sizes. A little flex, as should be expected in a sectional, is present in chop/waves.

Unique rec. boat that more friends have purchased over all others this year.

Love the kayak. Had a...

Love the kayak. Had a problem, Point 65 was WONDERFUL in their response. I have tried a number of different kayaks and none has been as comfortable or stable as my Martini.

Excellent kayak for a...

Excellent kayak for a specific purpose. Fits in the back of a small SUV. Extremely simple to put together. Takes 2 minutes to assemble compared to 20 minutes for a folding kayak. Kayak is very stable and comfortable. Kayak is slow which is to be expected given its size.

We bought this double...

We bought this double kayak last summer and have used it nearshore ocean, on lakes and down a large river several times. Probably have used it about 20 times minimum. It really is fantastic. Not really fast - but if I want speed or ocean expedition, I can just rent a fibreglass kayak. The convenience of the Martini means it is used all the time. Plus we can use it as a single kayak and eventually turn it into a triple. We're always traveling cross country and it is really easy to take this thing anywhere. If we go into the mountains, we can just toss it in the truck and use it on whatever lake we find. Plus it is incredibly easy to store. Fantastic product.

Had the Martini tandem for...

Had the Martini tandem for 1 yr. Developed a 2 cracks - back of middle section. leaks a lot. Convenient but slow and tracks poorly. Thinking about the Mercury or a one piece. Great sport, love the Hudson...The company is exchanging the middle section. All and all: better than a blow-up but I'm kind of disappointed.

Bought this kayak 3 months...

Bought this kayak 3 months ago and been out in it over 12 times in protected waters (estuaries). The kayak is brilliant for family use. I've acc mine for fishing and it works well. Unlike sit on top kayaks, you sit in the Martini below the water line. This makes it heaps more stable especially when there's two. Is slow but tracks really well. I also find the 3 components of the kayak work with the water so on windy days the kayak seems more stable then other large ridged kayaks. Down side: not a conventional kayak and I don't know it's limits. There are plenty of people ready to cast doubt over the kayak all of whom have never tried it. So far it's been brilliant experience and can recommend it as a good family rec unit.

The Martini is made in...

The Martini is made in China just like almost all kayak are now. I have had mine for a year and use it 2-3 times a week. The buckle is only needed to carry the yak to the water. There is no tension on the buckle while in the water. The rudder strings have not even begun to wear yet. The modular design is amazing both from the easy transport/storage POV but also for the hull and rudder.
More owner reviews are available at: point65.net

i purchased this kayak and...

i purchased this kayak and had the two pieces shipped to by ups. i looked at videos on utube showing super easy put together, take apart and some paddling and also rudder set up. my use was going tobe rv travel as i have other kayaks i prefer to paddle locally.Kayak has great design but was made in china Its put together by a rollarblade buckle a cheap one.hatch cover in rear is hard to get on. no seat or spray skirt as you must pay extra plastic rudder. cables from foot rudder are string. i sent my back as the quality and longevity is poor. save your money and buy something that will be around 10 years from now. i did not paddle it so i have no comment

Very easy to transport...

Very easy to transport even in a small car. well built and easy to put together even for "easily frustrated" people like me. The cockpit is large and provide an easy entry while the seats are relatively comfortable.(NATIVE CRAFT has the best seats of all!!!) I had this Kayak for over a week already and I've gone in different lakes and the Delaware river without feeling too uneasy even on strong currents.

Martini GTE Tandem / Solo