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Pescador 10.0

  • 10' Length
  • 29" Width
  • 57 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 549 MSRP

Pescador 10.0 Description

The Pescador 10.0 is a kayak brought to you by Perception. Read Pescador 10.0 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Pescador 10.0 Reviews

Read reviews for the Pescador 10.0 by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Well, this review is...

Well, this review is honest. I am a lover of kayaking. On the lake and on rivers. I've even kayaked in the ocean. I have tandem kayaks that I have started out with. Which I love. My butt suffers though. I tried finding me another seat for them with not much luck. I tried a sit on top kayak with this seat on the Perception kayak and loved it. I didn't want to get out of it. So, the search was on for me to get a kayak with this seat. I have since taken it to the lake and went out in high waves and it did quite well, so did I. Also went out the next day for a very long time, around 2 hours and never got tired. My butt did not suffer or my back. I am pleased with this kayak.

The Pescador 10 is a great...

The Pescador 10 is a great recreational sit on top. Comfortable seat, very stable and tracks well. It's not going to win any races but it does what it's intended for quite well. A relatively lightweight, durable, affordable, well made and fun kayak.

I did not buy this for...

I did not buy this for fishing, but wanted a stable sit on top that would be safe for my young kids to hop on board. The Pescador is a great boat and is fun for the whole family! It's also great that it has a large capacity storage on the back for when the longer trips I don't take the kids and want to bring a cooler. You will be the one hauling the food I don't keep up with my sister's touring model, but it does well enough to still keep it fun. It tracks well for a short boat and is very stable, without feeling like you're paddling a "barge". Scupper plugs are a must, and significantly improve performance. I have only used it on lakes thus far, so I cannot comment on rough conditions. The only cons are (a) it is pretty heavy for a shorter boat, and (b) the seat needs extra padding. I found that simply placing a cheap gardening knee pad on top of the seat fixes this problem though.

A great yak

I started kayak fishing this spring (2016) with the purchase of a Lifetime Sport Fisher. It got me hooked. But it was killing my butt. I tried aftermarket seats to no avail. I also wanted a faster and lighter yak and started researching fishing kayaks. I selected a Perception Pescador Pro 10.0; the seat was a major reason. The seat is quite comfortable. It is also has two levels. I have tried them both and both are comfortable.
I selected the 10 footer over the 12 footer because my truck has a short bed. I drop the tailgate and toss it in and lookout fish here we come. If you do this make sure you tie the end down that is by the cab. My first time out I just threw a strap over the front of the boat by the tailgate. The first corner the kayak flipped out. Glad I was going slow and it was not damaged.
I like the molded battery box; I have mounted a fish finder on the lid. It is very convent with the battery box and the scupper hole that leads to the transducer well are close together. The transducer well is nice feature and prevents it from dragged on the bottom. The keel has a hard plastic skid plate cover which I believe is replaceable as it wears when being pulled by the front. I like the adjustable foot pegs. It handles quit well and does okay in rough water. It is fast and I have to watch my speed when trolling or I am over 3 MPH. There are two gear tracks that are convenient to use. In a review the guy was worried that the tracks are plastic, but seem to work fine. I have hooked some good size fish trolling with the rods in the track with no problems.
The downside is scupper holes are an odd size. Half the fun of the Sport Fisher was building all kinds of “toys” from PVC. I have not built anything for the Prescador. The two rod holders are a joke. They are not deep enough to safely hold a pole or a net. I also wish the rear cargo hold was squared off. The “gotta have require milk crate’ does not fit forward, making for an awkward and long reach. The hatch is a joke. Not much you can store with the 6 inch hatch that leads to a small area. There is no bulkhead and good luck finding whatever you put in there. I have pondered about getting a dry bag for it. The pad eyes are recessed into the boat, which prevents breaking, but make it hard to get a snap link into.
The conclusion is: I love this thing; I have spent many an hour in it. My poor bass boat feels abandoned since I started kayaking. It is easy to handle on land and on the water. It is stable and tracks well. The two cargo holes are large enough to carry everything you need for a day on the water. I am glad I have it and YES I would buy it again.

After extensive research,...

After extensive research, I recently bought the Pescador 10 from Austin Kayaks and I am thrilled with this kayak. I am a novice paddler and use this kayak primarily in local harbors. I am pleased with how well it tracks and how easy it is to maneuver. The hardware is solid.

I probably would have preferred the 12' length only because of the adjustable foot supports. However, I am not sure if I could handle the extra weight as I primarily go out alone. I am 5'9" 160lbs and feel secure in this kayak but I think it would be too small for a taller and/or heavier paddler. If my husband gets into this with me, I would purchase the 12' one for him.

If you are on the fence about this kayak, just jump in and buy it. You won't regret it. This is a very nice kayak.

With the advise of an...

With the advise of an experienced kayaker, and because I had already rented one with an outfitter I chose the Pescador Perception because it was best suited for my needs. I chose the Angler because my best friend wants to borrow it! I love my new kayak, and would recommend it to my children who are considering a purchase.

Pescador Pro 10, just...

Pescador Pro 10, just picked this kayak up, they could have used actual pole holders instead of the oversized and shallow molded in ones they have. Paddles fine and tracks ok though. It needs paddle holders on both sides of the kayak instead of just the left side, as that's the side I normally use for the anchor trolley. I've yet to put a fish finder on but the setup for that looks promising. The seat is great as it's one of the prime reasons I bought this kayak. I sat in FeelFree Lures and a few other higher priced yaks with comparable seats but for the price and weight point this one was the best. Polyethylene plastic and roto-molded.

I purchased the Pescador...

I purchased the Pescador Pro. This is my second kayak purchase. My first sit on. It is a great all around kayak. The tracking is average. A good gust of wind will move you off courseThe Perception is not as heavy as other brands that I have looked at. The adjusting seat very comfortable. You can place the seat in the high position, or low position and adjust the back to the angle you like. The deck area is well confirmed. The rear storage seems small. I can get my crate in and a few small items. The front storage is also on the small side. The center console (battery holder) and the recessed hole for the fish finder transducer (is protected by the kayak) was a convenience. The holes to run the wires are already there. The foot pegs are strong and adjustable. The only dry storage is located in the rear storage area of the kayak. The design was more for storing fishing rods without the reels. However after adding a YakGear bag, it now functions great. I am happy with my purchase.

Great kayak. small and...

Great kayak. small and maneuvers easily. Tracks well and good storage. Lightweight and easy to carry. I would recommend this kayak to beginners. Be sure to try this one out. It is a great kayak. This kayak has a comfortable adjustable seat and high back for support. Lots of bungees and paddle storage.

This yak handles well....

This yak handles well. Good stability and decent tracking. Foot wells are spaced right with heel support. Lots of storage and the seals are tethered to the hull. Adjustable backrest makes for all day comfort. Having four handles is... well, handy. Hull is made of thick plastic and seems really rugged and durable. 3 rod holders is great especially having the one in front of you! Makes switching easy.

I recently purchased the...

I recently purchased the Perception Pescador Angler 10. The length and features fit my requirements for kayak fishing on small lakes and ponds. The CSS, Custom Seat System, was the main reason for my purchase. The seat in this SOT is extremely comfortable. I experience minor lower back pain yet I am able to to enjoy up to 4 or more hours in this kayak. It also has two inset rear rod holders as well as a Scotty holder up front. It is very stable and paddles with little effort. It is a great buy for the newbie or experienced kayak enthusiast.