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Patriot 12.0 Angler

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Patriot 12.0 Angler Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Patriot 12.0 Angler.

Patriot 12.0 Angler Reviews

Read reviews for the Patriot 12.0 Angler by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Before I review this…

Submitted by: paddler236388 on 7/23/2015
Before I review this particular kayak, I'd like to add that when I initially did my own research by consulting reviews, I found that the ratings are artificially high. I believe this is because people generally enjoy any kayak, and their sample size remains small. Anyway, about the Patriot...

I purchased this yak mostly because of the value. It was inexpensive, and came with an anchor and rod holders. The craftmanship of the body is excellent; there were no holes or defects. However, the carrying handles are flimsy, and after 3 years they are fraying. And, the seat cushion detached soon after I got it. But, I am still able to slide it in place before I get in.

The dry hatch is not watertight from the inside, so water will get in as the cockpit fills with splash water. I've seen this problem on much more expensive kayaks as well. This was easily fixed with some caulk. It is also difficult to access while paddling for those without superb flexibility.

A feature that stands out is the extra large cockpit, which is large enough for me to pack all of my personal camping gear, or my 6 year old son. The boat is the most steady sit-in kayak I've ever been in, and I can even stand when the water is still. The tracking and speed are not great, but that's the trade-off for the stability. The front rod holder is not fancy, but is adequate for its purpose. The anchor is small, but will work for most situations.

Overall, I am satisfied with this boat, and would recommend it for anybody who is looking for a good value kayak with a large cockpit and great stability.


After trying a number of…

Submitted by: Doc on 9/5/2014
After trying a number of friends kayaks, I decided on Perception Sport Angler. It is very stable, it has plenty of storage area, both inside and in the back outside storage compartment. I have added an anchor system, which really helps in fishing when there is any type of wind. Because of the design of the width, I would recommend this kayak to anyone just getting into kayaking.

Same as other comments...…

Submitted by: Ricthestic on 7/31/2014
Same as other comments... easy to get in/tracks nice But cannot access storage while in kayak. Unfortunately that is where I store my skirt and if it gets rough it is not accessible. Still great on Lake Superior.

Very good fishing boat very…

Submitted by: paddler235250 on 8/3/2013
Very good fishing boat very easy to fish out of seat is good needs more padding added cushions now can fish for hour rod holder to far forward I'm short armed I'm big guy larger cockpit easy to get in and out I use to Muskie fish nice to have all the room not tippy at all when fighting big fish tracks very good and nice rod holders easy to reach
All in all very good sit inside fish kayak

I bought this kayak for my…

Submitted by: paddler234708 on 8/13/2012
I bought this kayak for my husband, who is a big guy at 325 lbs. It is a nice kayak! He can get in and out of it since the opening is large. It is the angler model, which means it has a Scotty rod holder, 2 places to hold a rod behind the seat and comes with an anchor.

I gave it a 9 because the cover to the hatch in the back is kinda hard to get off and on. No way could you get in and out of it in the water. I kayaked in it tonight, and I love it! I thought the seat was comfortable. It seemed to go much faster than my regular kayak. Tracked good. From my research the kayak is rated for 400 lbs. That was a big factor in choosing this kayak. It has "ribs" along the bottom of the kayak which I think helps it go faster. It is also very stable and doesn't feel "tippy" at all. Great kayak and I'm glad we got it.


Nice boat satisfied with…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/17/2010
Nice boat satisfied with performance until the 2 seat posts that hold the front of the seat broke. Perception did not want to follow there published warranty even after they agreed it was a warrant-able issue lots of calls 3 weeks and a lot of help from the manager at the local Gander Mountain store and they finally replaced under warranty

After weeks of research, I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/28/2009
After weeks of research, I purchased a Perception Patriot Angler from Gander Mountain. I am 6'1" and 220, so the large cockpit was a big selling point along with the leg room. On the first outing on a slightly windy day on an area lake, I found the yak to be very stable, easy to paddle, and very easy on the long legs. I could even slip my legs out and lay them on top with no problem.Tracking was good. I did not get wet in spite of the large cockpit. Foot braces were easily adjusted from the seat. The rear bulkhead did not leak, but I have not gotten any water in the cockpit,yet. The dual-density hatch cover looks like it will not ever sag in the middle over time like some that are completely made of rubber. The seat was definitely not a fancy one, but was comfortable enough. (Some have warned about the seat breaking, so I will be adding some reinforcing foam backing as a preventative measure.)

This one came with three rod holders, an anchor, a cleat, and a Harmony cockpit deck with small tackle box. I like this yak as well as some more expensive ones that I have paddled. We will see if that changes after the next long trip!