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America 11.0

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America 11.0 Reviews


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America 11.0 Reviews

Read reviews for the America 11.0 by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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by far my favorite of the 4…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2014
by far my favorite of the 4 kayaks I own... you will not have any problem getting into the kayaks huge opening - shoot, I bring my dog with me.
great padding on the seat as well

my America 11.0 is my second…

Submitted by: bwrittsr on 8/21/2013
my America 11.0 is my second kayak and I love it. Do all my paddling in small calm rivers and back waters. Has taken the abuse of rock and sand bars and tracks well. Wish it had a drain in cockpit not just in storage port.

I ordered this kayak from…

Submitted by: paddler234804 on 10/5/2012
I ordered this kayak from Amazon. Since it arrived, I've paddled daily for the last week on a lake. Given that it is a recreational kayak, I'm pleased with its tracking and ease of use. The advertising did not make it clear that there is a rear bulkhead to keep the compartment dry. This was a pleasant surprise. I'm 6'0" and 220 lbs., and it works well for me.

I intend to extend my paddling season this fall by adding a splash deck spray skirt. Without it, there definitely is some splash that lands on my legs in choppy water and from paddle drips. My one complaint (hence my 9/10 rating) is the paddle holder. The bungee is just pushed through drilled holes in the deck with a knot on the inside, so it will drip into the kayak from the water wicking when it gets wet (which it does every time I go out). I'm fixing it myself. The real solution is for the manufacturer to not try to do it on the cheap and instead mount the bungee properly with proper hardware (using shock cord ends so they won't leak). In addition, in my opinion the paddle holder is placed too far forward on the deck, and ideally should be moved back toward the paddler and a bit higher on the side. All of that would make this kayak just that much better.


I bought my America 11 about…

Submitted by: aaelliott on 5/2/2011
I bought my America 11 about 3 yrs ago.(300.00)from Dicks. Wonderful starter kayak. Very easy to put on top of car and carry. Made out of cheap plastic. Good stability. Only thing I dislike is the cockpit is a little cramped with my tackle box between my legs. It is a smaller yak.

I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: waterbeatle on 4/22/2011
I recently purchased the America 11.0 from a friend. I wanted a bigger kayak with storage capacity, suitable for camping, and stable. The America 11.0 does all this. I have found it extremely maneuverable (comparing it to my Perception Pro Line Super Sport white water yak), tracks straight, and it has lots of room although no dry storage. The cockpit is huge and I was annoyed with paddle drip. A splash deck spray skirt solved this perfectly. As the boat is wide (28") I bought a longer (230 cm) high angle paddle to go with it which contributed to more power and maneuverability. Also the boat gets me though shallow areas with no problem. I look forward to many long paddles in this boat.

I have had the boat for five…

Submitted by: paddler233587 on 5/14/2010
I have had the boat for five years and it was my first kayak. I have used it on lakes and rivers with great results. The boat tracks well and is very stable. Many times I have used the boat during high flow periods after heavy rain and have been able to paddle against the current without excessive effort. I use a full skirt with great results.

If I were to change the design I would make the cockpit tighter. The foot pegs help with transferring power to the upper body. But, with a tighter cockpit my stroke effectiveness would be enhanced.


Owned this yak for about a…

Submitted by: paddler233581 on 5/13/2010
Owned this yak for about a year. The reviews I've read are pretty accurate. It handles good unless paddling hard, then weaves from side to side (more than it should for length). Very stable and Plenty of room (for yourself). Good gear storage, but as for readily available tackle, travel light, and keep up front (hard to access rear hatch while aboard). No bulkhead (use a dry bag). Tracks fair for length (minor weathercocking). Not real fast (typical fishing kayak). Can be upfitted with some creativity :) Good basic sit in side. Not the best looking thing out there, but it works. A little short for me (6'1"), but good to cast around (again fishing). Good value for the $$$. Would buy again.

Just bought the America 11.0…

Submitted by: paddler232851 on 8/30/2008
Just bought the America 11.0 and have to say I was surprised. I used it for the first time with boat paddles and it was a little tippy.....bought the kayak double paddle and solved that problem...I got the last camo/green one Dicks Sporting goods had in the KC area on a clearance sale for $399.00. I would recommend this kayak to anyone...don't wait for spring and pay full one now while they are on fall

I bought the America 11…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/4/2008
I bought the America 11 Angler at Dicks on sale for 400, and it was a great buy. Can't beat it for the money. It tracks very well, has plenty of storage space, and I love that it came with a drain plug, paddle holder, and rod holders. Only thing missing is a drink holder...

I've had one of these for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/16/2008
I've had one of these for over three years… Been on many, many trips in it. Lakes and rivers. Performs well and holds a lot of gear. I have four kayaks and a canoe, total. I like this the best. The only reason I gave it a nine is, when I bought mine, no drain plug (although you can see where it should have been drilled and tapped) and no pole holders.. And apparently, they got a lot cheaper. Overall though, I dig em…

I bought a pair of America…

Submitted by: paddler232511 on 4/1/2008
I bought a pair of America 11.0 kayaks last spring. Both for about $600. And they are wonderful! A friend and I went exploring on the day of my purchase. What an amazing trip! The America 11.0 kayaks took a beating and held up well. Jumping beaver dams, high winds, huge waves, etc. Never tipped once. I have been on over fifty kayaking trips since then (all types of water) and this summer I will do several long distance over-night trips. Lots of storage space, and each boat can hold over 450 lbs. I would recommend these kayaks to anybody. I am so pleased with my purchase.

I bought this boat as an…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/21/2007
I bought this boat as an upgrade to the Victory Blast. I planned a trip to the Boundary Waters and wanted a little more boat to handle a bit more gear than I take on weekend fishing trips. The Perception floats over 400 pounds which leaves a lot of room for camping gear(I'm at 230#).

Tracking is excellent and the boat can move fairly quickly, tho' it's no racer. I paddled directly into a series of windy, choppy rainstorms in the BWCA and the boat handled them with ease, with only minor leakage under the spray skirt due to a slight flaw in the cockpit combing.

My only complaint is common to all kayaks, in that they are a little difficult to portage. The Perception is a bit of a tank to carry over distances. The answer to that has been a universal kayak yoke purchased from a store in Ely, MN (About $80.00 and worth every penny). With the yoke,the boat balances perfectly and makes portaging a whole lot easier.

Over all, the America 11 ain't no speed racer, no Lexus, nothing fancy. But it makes a more than adequate fishing platform and touring boat for large and small waters. A good investment!


I stole it from Dicks. My…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/21/2007
I stole it from Dicks. My wife found an ad from DICKS Sporting Goods that had to be a mis-print. My Father-in-Law and I wanted Kayaks for months. The ad stated $300.00 off any canoe or Kayak $499.00 and over. I got 2! FOR 199. EACH AND WE ARE LOVING THESE THINGS!!!! Light, fast and easy to launch I can't think of enough places to go. I want to use it for the exercise and fishing in tight hard to get at places. Thanks DICKS for the nearly free kayaks.

Bought my America by…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/9/2007
Bought my America by Perception at Dick's sporting goods for $399. A buddy bought one at the same time- he'd tried to talk me into kayaking for years. Didn't know if I'd like it- seemed like an activity where you spent a lot of time getting back into a boat you had just fell out of. Was I wrong! I'm totally hooked! We also fish a lot- there are many small lakes and rivers in Pa.- this boat works well and is easy to modify for your particular brand of fishing. Overall a great beginner boat and even a great boat for those who have yakked for years. Very stable- seeks upright naturally with very little unstable feeling. You have to really try to upset this kayak.

I bought this kayak after…

Submitted by: jsew5 on 7/31/2007
I bought this kayak after reading these reviews and doing some price shopping. At $349.00 at Dicks' (clearance price) I couldn't resist. Like a lot of the others I'm new to the sport and just wanted to see if I would like it. Got into it mainly for the exercise. Only paddled two other kayaks (rentals), before this purchase, so I don't have a lot of background to compare it with.

O.K. Here's my opinion. It's great, and I'm hooked. My home river is class I,II. I just came back from her maiden voyage. Wow. Handled like a dream. Went right where I wanted it to. Dodging rocks and over mild whitewater was almost effortless. I bought the accessory spay skirt (not a full skirt) and only shipped a very little water from the paddle drip. I was amazed at the added control provided by the footpegs. The storage hatch has ample space for gear (as in a planned overnighter in the near future)and the speed was really impressive. The tracking on this kayak and the glide was the best that I have experienced.

I do have to agree with a previous poster (who I thought was on drugs, ha.) that when it's stopped in current it wants to go backwards! At 215# and 5'10" I was quite comfortable. I was a bit leary of the slight rocking at first as compared to the more flat bottomed boats I had rented. But I soon got comfortable with it and was on my way. Found it to be quite stable. Bottom line is it was a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone.


Bought this last year, This…

Submitted by: paddler232202 on 7/23/2007
Bought this last year, This boat fits me great, I am 6ft 280lbs. I got this because I didn't want to spend the big bucks until I was sure I'd use it. Now I don't see any reason to spend the bucks on any thing different. I've been on still lakes, chop, 25+ mph winds, rivers; up stream and down stream. I have a lot of upper body strength and can cruise past my itty bitty wife in her sea kayak. I rented an Otter a couple of times, it was horrible. The boat sat too low in the water with me, and the front end just plowed. Not this thing.

I bought the "Islander…

Submitted by: paddler232154 on 7/6/2007
I bought the "Islander America 11.0" from Dick's Sporting Goods. I assume from what I've read that this is the Perception product.

I thought I would like this sport, and with this kayak I am not disappointed. I have nothing to compare it to, since I have never paddled before, but I can already see that as my experience increases this kayak will continue to serve me well.

I love this thing. It fits like a glove and goes where I tell it to. It supports my excessive weight (230 lbs) and travels with little resistance. It is easy to carry, and comes in colors that don't scare away the wildlife. It is totally silent (I snuck up on a family of racoons yesterday), and the footpegs give you great stability and confidence when making tracking decisions.
There are spots for fishing poles, but I'm not a fisherman. The only thing I can think of to be aware of is that the rear storage area is not enclosed. Things could get wet, so I just recommend a dry-bag if you have things you want to keep dry.
If you want a kayak that will serve the newbie (even the overweight newbie) but still serve them as they advance and yet give them an option if they want to go fishing... this is the one. It is an amazingly versatile kayak. It does everything well.
When I buy a second kayak (for when company comes over and wants to go out) it will be another Islander America 11.0 definitely, but I expect to be using mine even when I hit advanced level skill.


I took the America 11.0 on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/9/2007
I took the America 11.0 on the Chattahochee river in west Georgia, I took it 26 miles for the first time. It has lots of room, it's comfortable. It stays in straight lines, good for long river trips. Great Kayak!

I've kayaked a couple times…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/9/2007
I've kayaked a couple times with my parents in a tandem (I'm 12), but this is my first kayak of my own. I went out today for the first time, and I think it's the best kayak. I've traveled the world on vacation, and had some wonderful opportunities, but I told my parents this was the most fun I had in my life!

I bought the America 11.0…

Submitted by: paddler231978 on 4/4/2007
I bought the America 11.0 Angler. It has the "Islander" name on it, but is essentially the old Perception mold. This is my first Kayak after years of canoe use, and I bought it mainly for fishing. So far I am very pleased with the purchase. The Kayak itself came rigged for fishing... deck rigging, rod holders, pegs, hatch, the works. All I did was add an anchor and I've got a pretty awesome river/stream/reservoir fishing machine that's easy to transport. I can toss it in the back of my Explorer and am ready to go with a single bungy cord to keep the window down. Saves lots of time compared to straping down a canoe on the roof. Very stable and tracks far better than I expected. All said, a great boat for the price.

Bought my first kayak last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/14/2007
Bought my first kayak last summer to see if I'd like kayaking. It was a Victory Blast from Dick's. I'm 6'2" and 200lbs, so I knew it was the wrong kayak for me, but it was the cheapest thing I could find to try out, and I knew I could recycle it for one of my kids. It was good enough to show me that I wanted to keep kayaking.

I obviously needed something larger, and the budget was still tight. Dick's had an "America 11.0" by Victory on sale this December. After a lot of research online, I found out it's the old mold from Perception, and at $299 it was about half what the Perception name used to cost. Actually, it came with a Perception sticker on it, so I knew the research was right.

Took it out twice this week, a few hours each time. Wide, slow moving river, although the Spring thaw has it moving pretty good, but no rapids at all. I was able to paddle easily upstream a couple of miles, something I could never do in our canoe or the Blast. It glides really well, especially downstream. Tracking is great, straight as an arrow until you slow down, then it gets turned easily by wind or river flow. Actually, if just floating downstream, it had a strong preference for going backward. I think it's because there's a prominent keel on the stern, and none on the bow. In the 25+ mph wind yesterday, it was a little trickier to keep straight, but overall it was easy to paddle.

I like the oversize cockpit, but since I fish, it is an issue on where to put a rod holder. The bow is too much of a stretch, as I need to come out of my seat to reach it, and there's no good place behind. There is plenty of room at the front of the cockpit, however, to mount a tool bar across for mounting whatever you need without making entry/exit too tight.

One major difference between the Victory and Perception marketing, however, is that this one came without a sealed stern. There is still a hatch that seems to seal very well, but the stern flotation does not in anyway seal off the entire stern, so the storage is not dry.

Seat was very comfortable, stability was great and overall I'm very pleased. Great affordable kayak for just about anyone.


My second kayak after a…

Submitted by: suntan on 1/18/2007
My second kayak after a couple of years in different canoes. The first was a Perception Acadia. It was a great fit for me from the first time I sat in it at the store. Lightweight poly rotomold yet solid. Maneuvers well for a rec boat. After a year, it's still my personal favorite boat to paddle.

This was my first kayak and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/12/2007
This was my first kayak and I really like it. It works great for rivers, is really stable, and can go quite fast as well.

I got this boat on sale and…

Submitted by: paddler231880 on 11/14/2006
I got this boat on sale and took it out fishing around some inlets on the Jersey shore and it performed very well. It was stable, tracked straight, and the 3ft swells when large boats flew by were no problem. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it is a little difficult to reach your rod holder if you mount it on the front due to the large opening.

my first ever kayak and i am…

Submitted by: paddler231765 on 8/28/2006
my first ever kayak and i am in love with her.. tracks great..lots of room im 6ft 245lbs..and handles rough water1-2ft chop..rather well.. well worth the price.. perfect hunting/fishing kayak

This is my first Kayak, and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/13/2006
This is my first Kayak, and I love the darn thing! I live about 2 blocks from where it was manufactured, so I believe it was our destiny...I found it to be very stable, fast, easy tracking, lots of cargo space, and it is large enough to fit my kids (one at a time):) It's a great all around Kayak, I'm glad I met up with it. I bought it, and a mid-level paddle for about $450 total, so it's also very affordable. I recommend it greatly!

This is a great all around…

Submitted by: paddler231579 on 5/22/2006
This is a great all around Kayak for any age. It tracks good and is very stable. I have had it for about a month and I've used it almost every day. I'm 5'6, 120 lbs(only 13 years old but have had almost 10 years of experience with kayaks)and even though im small it still fits me. Great kayak for begginers.

I bought this kayak last…

Submitted by: paddler231281 on 8/26/2005
I bought this kayak last weekend after trying out after trying out quite a few others. It seems just right for my use of it on a largish lake. It is stable, relatively light, easy to get into and out of, and the seating was quite comfortable. I'm 6' and 215 lbs and the fit very generous.

As a relatively new kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/5/2004
As a relatively new kayak paddler, my wife, myself and our three young kids bought this boat complete with paddle at Galyans for $510. Truly a great deal. We went looking for an Old Town otter, but like the size and seat comfort of the 11' America in comparison. I'm 5'10 160lb, my wife is 5'8" 130lb. We have each taken this boat out separately, and love the size of it. It's stable, tracks well as reported, but one comment I'd like to add for those of you with young kids or maybe a calm dog (unlike our Flat Coat pup). This cockpit is large and able to accomadate a kid in front of the paddler without him/her getting in the way at all. We LOVE this feature, as it allows us to share the fun with the ones we'd love to catch the bug with us. We've only had this boat for a week now, but have used it at every opportunity. We've fought over time with it, and may just be looking for a second any day now. One of the main reasons I like it is it's realatively light weight. It can easily be lifted onto a car rack, as even my wife can testify. Makes it all the more easy to use. We only use this boat as recreation, but what a great dimension it's added for us.

I had the footpegs drilled 4…

Submitted by: paddler230703 on 7/26/2004
I had the footpegs drilled 4 inched further out for my 6'6" body and it is a great kayak! Easy, stable stiff, affordable! Get one!! I rule the Blanco River Valley in Texas....

Just got back from my first…

Submitted by: paddler230681 on 7/19/2004
Just got back from my first paddle. Very stable and tracked well - not great but very good for a recreational (read that non-athletic!) kayak. I paddled in a moderate chop on a large lake and felt comfortable all the way. I did get a bit of water in the cockpit so I'll be buying a spray skirt shortly. I'm 71, 6' 1" and 195 lbs. and appreciate the ease of getting in and out of the boat. For me. it's the perfect kayak. I especially like the fact that it fits nicely inside my vintage '76 VW camper with the bed folded down! At $530, I'd call it a best buy.

Great little unit. Have taken…

Submitted by: paddler230680 on 7/14/2004
Great little unit. Have taken this Yak on 7 wilderness trips and I love how much gear (beer) it can haul(450lbs)Tracks very straight and is very stable. With the skirt it can handle some nice swells. Great beginners Kayak.

When I bought the America…

Submitted by: paddler230654 on 6/28/2004
When I bought the America 11.0 I was looking for the shortest and lightest kayak suitable for larger (6’3”, 270 lb) people. I bought this kayak primarily as a fishing platform for rivers in Virginia The kayak is stable and fairly maneuverable. It seems a bit slow on lakes but in rivers it works well.

My first venture into…

Submitted by: paddler230629 on 6/16/2004
My first venture into Kayaking. Not much to compare it to, but it's very easy to manage both on the water and off. Tracks straight, and is easy to get in/out. I like the Dry Storage and foot pegs. Haven't been out on choppy waters yet, but early morning lakes are typically smooth around here. Took less than a day before my wife decided that she needs one to. What have I gotten myself into...

This new kayak by Perception…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/15/2004
This new kayak by Perception is very impressive. I am 6'2" and 230 lbs and the America 11's large cockpit makes it a breeze to enter and exit. Plus this boat is very stable and tracks straight. I moved up to this boat from a Sundance 9.5, the difference betwwen boats is night and day. I highly recommend the America 11.