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5-0 Description

The 5-0 is a kayak brought to you by Perception. Read 5-0 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

5-0 Reviews

Read reviews for the 5-0 by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I've been surfing on sit...

I've been surfing on sit on tops for 4 years and the Perception 5-0 is the only truly surf capable sit-on top I've had the pleasure to use.

What is good: This kayak performs like a wave-ski in medium to large surf. The quality of the fittings and the finish are great. In fact this is the only sit-on top on the market whose fittings are safely up to the job of rolling in big surf!

What is not so good: The 5-0 is slow on flat water, but that is not the point – it is a surf-orientated craft. However, it is big and heavy (20 kilos) and is overkill for someone my size (10 stone and 5'7"), probably more suited to the heavier paddler.

Summary: the best sit-on top for surf there is, but why oh why don't Perception design a scaled down model for smaller paddlers?

I have to give this kayak...

I have to give this kayak a great review. I've tried it in surf, and had more fun than I could believe. Use it with or without the fin. Also it's a lot of fun on the river, just don't use the fin (rocks) don't underestimate… it's fun.

well built molded ski....

well built molded ski. owned for 2 years and given me many a fun session. handles any wave above 3 foot including steep east coast scotland faces 12 foot +. pretty stable and reasonable at getting out back. fairly slow to paddle compared to some but that's to be expected with a ski this size, weight that sits low in the water. once on the wave it turns well and holds the face.

I've tried cobra strike/island lipstick, bigstick and grp composite skis. this may not be as light or fast as composites but i would rate it above the rest. its easy to paddle and more stable if your starting out, its also made of tough material, the foot plate is good and the thigh straps work well, although never broke fin was always paranoid i might as it has a delicate feel about it. handy hatch in front for keys etc. overall very much recommended.(cant bring myself to sell it yet even though i use grp composite most of time hehe)

Just bought this kayak...

Just bought this kayak used and really enjoy it. super fun and stable in the waves, and a great boat for stand-up paddle board style.
The boats are hard to find, but if you come across one it is def. worth the money. Usually about $500

Basically a big Waveski....

Basically a big Waveski. Well made, but can dimple in the hull if left resting hull down for periods. A big disappointment after the versatile Surfjet 305 I had been using.

If you live in Hawaii or anywhere they have fat rollers it will be fine. It doesn't handle steep waves as there is insufficient rocker to lean back and get the nose up and it Pearls too easily. Very slow in flatwater and too big and wide to penetrate the break well. Does turn well with body-shift alone, a bigger fin would be better for control on steep waves.

It's gathering dust in the backyard because it basically only likes one kind of wave.

The 5-0 is the best money...

The 5-0 is the best money I've spent for the amount of use and fun it provides. i also use an infinity stinger and it is the superior wave ski, but it is amazing how many sections I've made in The 5-0. obviously, it doesn't turn as easily and is less maneuverable than smaller wave skis but when the waves are less friendly the 5-0 is stable and can survive a lot more difficult conditions. Hence, i end up using it more frequently than the infinity. note: if i lived in s.CA that has more friendly waves than WA i would want a different wave ski.

5-0 is a hoot!!! A lot of...

5-0 is a hoot!!! A lot of fun just enough rocker, they stopped making this boat a few years back, so may be hard to find, but if you do, you wont be dissapointed. I have had mine for 2 years and paddle very wekend during the summer. Great wave boat!

Paddled my five-o for two...

Paddled my five-o for two weeks now and after finding it very tippy after my torrent, (especily as the middle of the boat seems to be under the water all of the time and i am only 190 pounds in weight the limit is 240 pounds) i have pretty much got used to it now and can be pretty aggresive with the boat when setting myself up for waves.the boat paddles ok and tracks nicely on the flat but when it realy shines is when you catch a wave,the boat turns sharply and feels realy fast and stable when you take off with no feeling that you will end up pearling it on steep waves.the boat responds to leaning realy well so paddle input is minimum so you maintain speed better.

I have owned the 5-O for...

I have owned the 5-O for about 5 weeks now (2-23-00), and have found it to be a worthy wave ski. I looked around at some of the more popular roto-molded wave skis, and also read this page's comments. When I gathered all the information I found that the 5-O was the best built, and best designed of the bunch. For instance all the fittings are molded into the ski, which makes it stronger than pop-rivets, and more waterproof. Also the fittings that are attached are brass and aluminum (very strong). I was able to put it through its paces because for weeks now we've had some very big waves. I've had the ski out on days when the wave faces have been about 10 to 12 feet, and must say that I am very pleased with its performance. I was told that the ski would do well with or without the fin, and had the opportunity to test that out when I was sent into the rocks on a very big day (on my first ride of the day!). The fiberglass fin was promptly broken off (but fin box unharmed), so I proceded to continue to ride the waves, and found it still was a lot of fun although a bit more squirrely. There are a couple of things that I don't like about it. One is the fiberglass fin. I like the fin, but it is to fragil for this type of ski. I found that the fin made for the Cobra Strike could be made to fit and worked quite well. The Cobra fin is nylon so it will flex when put in the wrong place (ie. rocks), it is also half the price (if you break the 5-O fin get the Strike fin, you will be happier; e-mail me for instructions). The next thing at this time is the belt footstrap kit (which I just received), this is a joke compared to the wave ski itself. For a ski of this quality, to make a cheap seatbelt setup like they did is sad, but am I complaining (yes, I'll try to send it back). If you get this ski just use the thigh straps, they work very well (I really like them). So if Perception wants to improve on this model they should make a nylon fin that is a little beefier than the Strike fin, and upgrade the seatbelt to something that is comparable to other wave skis (I will use the Strike fin until they do). Other than those 2 minor beefs this is a great ski! Look for a burnt orange 5-O in the So. Cal (LA) area.