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Stinger 100X Reviews

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A light weight sit on top kayak. Pros: Very stable and padded…

A light weight sit on top kayak.

Pros: Very stable and padded seat is comfortable.

Cons: Does not come with many attachment points for holding gear.

The Stinger 100X is a...

The Stinger 100X is a model manufactured by Pelican International for Dick's Sporting Goods. It is s slight upgrade over the Apex 100 Sit on Top, with the upgrade being a very convenient dry storage hatch right in front of the seat. It is small, but enough to hold a phone, watch, sunglasses at the same time.

As a beginner, this is my first kayak purchase, so this review is very honest based off beginning experience. The kayak is EXTREMELY stable. Stable enough that standing up in the boat presents no problem at all. I have never come close to tipping this boat and I can launch from a dock or from the shore very easily. The tracking is pretty good, Seems like there is a natural pull to the left, but not anything paddling cannot correct. The boat isn't really fast, but it isn't made to be--and it is fast enough to not get left behind. It is a little wider than I would like, but I know this necessary to provide the amazing stability. The seat back is OK. I am 5'4" and the foot rests are molded. Therefore, if I select a closer ones, my knees are too high and I hit them with a low angle paddle. If I select the next, my legs are nearly straight and the adjustable seat back becomes a little uncomfortable. I find myself switching between the 2 depending on the paddling style I am using.

All and all I think this is a nice beginner boat. I am not really a fisherman, but it would be nice and stable for fishing. I have not taken this kayak out on more than a slightly choppy lake, and I have noticed the wind really has an impact on the direction the boat wants to go. Makes for a better paddling workout--but it might get annoying for some people. As with most SOT models, you do get a little wetter when paddling---so it is great for the warm summer time. I am definitely considering a Fall/Spring Sit inside model, and would be happy to add another Pelican to the fleet. The quality and value were great!