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Pulse 100X Reviews

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Wish that they didn’t...

Wish that they didn’t discontinue the pelican pulse 100x because I made mine into a fishing kayak and that bitch is badddd (in a positive way)... Bring it back it’s worth every penny no joke..... And it’s the best beginner kayak I’m my opinion. And if y’all do bring it back make it into a beginners fishing kayak

I purchased 2 barely used...

I purchased 2 barely used (2yrs old) Pelican Pulse 100x kayaks for a decent price. My take on them:
  1. New on sale they are worth the cost. Used at reasonable price they are a super deal entry level kayak. They are decent enough to whet your appetite for more & better. I have never kayaked before. I am 60 and carrying extra weight. Not as nimble as I once was. These are easy for beginners. Reasonably tough. Hit a boulder on the Carp river. It bulged the bottom but was easy to knock back out. They mark up a bit from rough ground/ rocks etc but superficial marks.
  2. They are harder to paddle than better models (more$$) But I have gone 8 miles in them without wearing myself out.
  3. A half skirt would be nice to stay dry. Not bad in the summer but I plan to kayak up to freezing. My wife does not get as wet as I do. Perhaps the way I paddle. I use a greenland paddle.
  4. I am building 2 Baidarkas. plan to sell 1 pulse but keep one as well. Good for a guest that does not have a kayak and does not have experience.
Overall I am not sorry I purchased it. I would not have spent $1500.00 or more to buy a better grade as an entry level. I would still be on the beach!

Great beginner kayak. I...

Great beginner kayak. I found it on sale last summer. Not too heavy for 1 person to load/unload from roof of car. Great for paddling a few hours or a day. I haven't taken it out for longer than a few hours so not sure how it would perform when extra items are stored in it.