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Maverick 120x

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Maverick 120x Reviews

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Maverick 120x

I am a beginner. I fell in…

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I am a beginner. I fell in love with kayaking when I went in Alaska on an excursion on a cruise. It took a very long time (over 15 years) but I finally got an inexpensive inflatable -which I promptly punctured! Last year I ran a cross the great spring sale at Dick's and purchased this one for me. I adore it!

It is comfortable- we paddle around all day long and I do not get sore.
It is durable- I do not baby it, run it over rocks, into the gravel, onto the sand... the bottom is scratched but just regular wear.
It has the small waterproof area which a plus, it has a good amount of bungee storage. One two small issue- one of the back bungees broke the very first time I pulled on it, and after a year the top fabric edges of the knee pads are peeling up.
It has the knee pads, easy to use footpegs, and it cleans up nicely despite being white on the bottom - and we get out and treck around in the mud then jump back in with dirty feet. I would like to put in an extra drain hole on the other end, it only has the one.

I am able to paddle faster more easily than the kids. I love it! The only downside is that I am not a good enough dog trainer to teach my 72 lb dog to stay in the back area, so the only time I took him out he squeezed into the cockpit with me the whole time and that didn't wok out so well. Boo!

It is a little heavy for me to load onto my Toyota Sienna by myself but I do get it up there, I am female, 51 years old and 5'5".
I also like the knee pads when I carry it on my shoulder, it is much better to carry than my son's 10' kayak without the pads. Truly, this is a love affair for me, I love this boat!