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Flow 106X Reviews

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My husband and I have...

My husband and I have found true joy in our new sport of SUP. We currently have 2 Pelican 106X boards. these are the same as the standard Flow 106, but the "X" factor is that they come with a detachable sit-on-top type seat. these are our first boards, and although we've only been out a couple of times, the learning curve was shallow. My husband has skateboarded all his life, and has pretty good balance. I on the other hand have never participated in boardsports whatsoever. The 106Xs perform great! After about 5 or 10 minutes paddling around, kneeling, I was ready to try standing. A little shaky at first but that was me, not the board. After that it was easy! Pros Board is wide and stable. Comes complete with convertible paddle, and deck seat. Nothing else to buy. Able to paddle in very shallow, 6-8", water. Price is far lower than others we've seen. Cons A little heavy to load and unload on the roof of our car, but the weight also makes it stable. Usage Recreational, exercise, wildlife watching.

This paddle board is...

This paddle board is great! I weigh in at around 186 and my dog comes at about 40lbs and the board handles us great and remains stable with the two of us! It very durable and handles great on lakes, and rivers! Pros Stabability & durablity Cons The drain plug catch does not catch well Usage Touring

I have encountered...

I have encountered problems with this board. It is fine for flat water, but as soon as I took this out in small waves were water was getting on top of the board I had problems. I didn't even realize till we were back on shore that water had been getting in the board (since it is hollow). Pros It is very sturdy and stable. I had no problems staying on the board in waves my first time on it. I do like the compartment for carrying things. Cons It is heavy and awkward to carry, and the fact that it took in water worries me. Usage Exercise and touring

I bought this board for my...

I bought this board for my girlfriend's birthday and hit a home run with it! She absolutely loves it! She finds it very easy to control and very stable. She also loves how she is up high on the water and can see so much better. If she ever lets me play with it I am going to try and fly fish off of it. Should be a blast. So far she has only paddled it on a small lake with flat water but cannot wait to take it out on a larger lake and play in some waves. Also looking forward to take our two boys, a golden retriever and black lab, for rides on it. We are ordering a second one soon for me! The one pictured is the older model that had some leakage issues. The new model is red fading to orange and leakage issues have been resolved. We are going to use it as a tender to our sailboat this next sailing season. Pros Fun, fun, fun! Really like the stability, durability, price, the foam pad on top. Cons It is a bit heavy and there is no place near us that stocks them. Shipping cost are high if you have to have it shipped. Usage So far just used it for fun on flat water lakes.

good inexpensive way to...

good inexpensive way to get into paddleboarding Pros durable hull - trust me, I have tried to hurt it, it only has nicks where it should be scarred Cons Heavy (almost 50 lbs) Usage Lake Ontario, rivers, streams, creeks, some portaging, beaches, inland lakes, exercise LOVE IT