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Jolt 101

by  OT Sport

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Jolt 101 Reviews


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Jolt 101 Reviews

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This is a followup a year…

Submitted by: paddler234609 on 4/11/2013
This is a followup a year after owning the OT Sport Jolt 10.1 kayak. I still have it and love it every time I get in. It takes a great beating which is a bigger plus than it's slightly heavier weight.

Super comfortable, people are often jealous of the chair setup and I've had no problems with any aspect moving out of adjustment. As for stability, I routinely paddle into areas where boaters are making big wake so I can enjoy a WW simulation out on the lake. I NEVER lose balance and take on very little water in 3' waves. So much fun, best $300 I've spent. If you can find one of these guys GO FOR IT!


Bought an OT Sport Jolt 101,…

Submitted by: paddler234609 on 6/22/2012
Bought an OT Sport Jolt 101, circa 2004 on The only, and I MEAN only information I could find on this kayak were the reviews found here on Asking price fit my budget so I drove it home.

After in depth research I found that the "Jolt 101" (and 116) were made by a company called Dimension and were at some point adopted by OT Sport (Old Town). The most recent makeover was also its last. Old Town ditched the OT Sport title and made one last version of the Jolt in traditional 10.1' and 11.6' models- as they always used. This last model featured a small storage area in the front, knee pockets, and eliminated the drop-down skeg (skeg featured in OT Sport models). It was quite a different design than that by OT Sports.

I noticed that reviewers of this kayak have been writing about two different kayaks called by the same name. This review is the for "the early model" of the Jolt 101 by OT Sport. This model includes a drop-down skeg, rear sealed bulk w/ storage lid, and rear deck rigging w/ grooved deck to easily secure water bottles. This is not to be confused with the other Jolt that others are reviewing, which, as stated earlier are a front small dry storage, no skeg, and knee pockets. I reckon that the differences have been well lit by this point, so here's the review!

I've used this kayak only once, but have experience with several other kayaks; enough to put it through a test that checks a comforting amount of weaknesses and strengths.

This test run was on a slow-moving river (Wisconsin River) with 10-15mph wind. 6-20-12

Paddling for 2.5 hours in varied amounts of aggressiveness and the kayak was extremely comfortable the entire time. I'm 5'9"and was able to rest my legs very comfortably on top the cockpit, slide way up in the cockpit and lounge, and was even able to sit cross-legged. The sloped triangular shape of the bow made resting my legs an experience similar to that of testing out the expensive reclining chairs at furniture stores. The kayak remained stable in any seating position, though I wouldn't attempt paddling any distance in such positions.

Boat remained stable and dry in varied conditions. This area of review almost needs to be broken down into two subsections because it behaves very differently depending on the position of the skeg.
With the skeg in the up/not-in-use position, the boat was very easy to maneuver and was still tracking very well with lighter strokes. It was fun to battle waves like a warrior squirreling all over the place with frantic power strokes.
With the skeg down/in-use the boat tracked very well but was harder to keep in the right direction during crosswinds. In calmer waters it performed great, sometimes surprising me by the distance I had covered in so little time.

I knew what I was getting into with crossover kayaks. I wanted something that could handle the best of both worlds. I believe this kayak is the answer for that based on the experience I have with it (no WW yet). However, there are a few gripes I have. When the skeg isn't in use, it still sticks out of the stern a couple inches. While I don't know if this has much of an impact on performance, I do know my performance will have an impact on it. That's to say that I'm scared for its life when I load it on my car by myself and it takes a rear-nose dive right onto the skeg.. Can't help but wonder if it could use a small trim. Also, still with the skeg: The mounting screw that people review as "a knuckle skinner" was relocated by the previous owner so my attention is focused on the cleat system that holds the skeg line. It's a pain in the arse that I'm not able to shift the skeg up, securely, with just one hand. I have to put my paddle down, and focus a fair amount of weight and pressure to securing the line into the cleats so that it stays put. This risks stability and losing a paddle. I'm brainstorming a different system. There isn't much space in the storage area because the skeg housing almost awkwardly protrudes. Still enough room for my 5L drysack, nalgene, and a few other things. There is room between the seat and rear storage to put things and the cockpit is large to make up for the dry area. Haven't dealt with any leaks yet.

She's heavy, but sturdy, and can clearly take a beating. I had a lot of fun with this yak and can't wait to have more opportunities for varied conditions. I'll update this as soon as I gain more experience.


I bought this boat after…

Submitted by: paddler233099 on 5/4/2009
I bought this boat after admiring the look of it and the raves of some reviewers and have to say I really like this boat. I had it out in the bay and at first thought it was tippy but then realized you can lean this boat on its side a long way. within 5 minutes I was used to it and felt right at home. I was out in strong winds and some ruff stuff but this boat handled it.

I am learning to love how your knees lock in under the cockpit for that extra stability of using your hips. I think I will appreciate this even more when I hit some moving water at the local high streams and rivers.

All in all a great boat with two hatches, padded seat, bungee tie downs, paddle holder, foot braces. I hope to do an overnighter with this boat.


I purchased my Jolt 101 kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/1/2008
I purchased my Jolt 101 kayak on ebay and have never seen one with a skeg. I would not have bought it if it had one, I only kayak on rivers. I am 5'9" and feel it is a little tight to get into easily. I would not suggest a larger person buy this kayak. It is a great boat and very tough, I have taken it on several class 2 and 3 rapids and it does great. I am going on some rougher class 3 rapids this summer and expect it to do great.

I do have one complaint about the seat straps for adjusting the seat back. I put pressure on the seat back and broke the plastic adjustment buckle. I took the other side off and adjusted my seat where I wanted it and tied both straps so they would not move backwards. Easy fix. I like this boat a whole lot. It is easy to turn in rapids and goes well on calm water. I would suggest someone my size not hesitate to buy this boat. I love the rear dry area and front dry storage. I hope this review is helpful to someone.


Ok, I've had my Jolt 101 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/18/2005
Ok, I've had my Jolt 101 for a year now, so I thought I'd add my review. My conclusion after a year is that this is the ultimate boat for western Pennsylvania rivers and creeks. I concur with what a lot of the other reviewers have said. The dry compartment does indeed leak, and I have yet to figure out a way to cure that. My cell phone and car remote go into a small dry bag before going into the boat's aft compartment. But it is handy for keeping those small items safely tucked away.

While the boat is a bit on the heavy side, I'm often glad it's built like a tank, because I thrash it around quite a bit. I'm sure the drop-skeg setup adds a lot to the weight, but I really like that arrangement, and surprisingly it works. I, too, was scraping my left thumb on the forward mount of the skeg line, so I re-mounted it 3" inboard, on the other side of the little hump. No more scraping, and there's still enough room for a skirt. Just this spring, I bought a NRS rubber rand kilt neoprene sprayskirt for it. It fits perfectly, and while it's a bit tight, it really does the job in whitewater. The high seatback interferes somewhat, but it's livable. I now find myself much more confident in the whitewater, and just today I was having a blast surfing it in some class II hydraulics.

I have yet to attempt rolling it, and I'm not sure I'd want to without adding some bracing. I'm not quite sure what others are talking about, regarding cramped legroom. I'm 6' tall, and find it to be pretty roomy, almost too much, especially if I want to roll. It seems a bit odd to me that this boat is so tall, which is what will make attempting rolls a bit of a challenge. But otherwise, I love the design, and I think it functions quite well as a bit of a "do everything" boat. I can't imagine anything else in my location that can adapt to all the conditions I encounter. I've paddled it among the icebergs on Lake Erie, in the salt marshes of the Outer Banks, and on a good number of the rivers and creeks (up to class II) here in PA. If someone in the same situation as me only has enough money for one boat, this is the one.


Great creek boat! It is easy…

Submitted by: paddler230988 on 3/15/2005
Great creek boat! It is easy to handle on Pennsylvania's twisty, narrow creeks as well as the Susquehanna River (very wide w/strong current) and thicker creeks like the Connodoginuet (similar in size to many other state's rivers). I also enjoy this in the marshes of Jersey and the average size lakes in PA (I had it in Lake Jean at Rickett's Glen). On the larger, straight bodies of water I use the skeg--which is most helpful in tracking. On the small, shallow creeks (esp. in summer) I don't use the skeg and the boat does get a little squirrelly (it's still fun!).

I don't like the cramped foot area. In fact I now regard my Carolina kayak as a "Cadillac" because I took for granted how comfy it is. But, I still find myself taking the Jolt over the Carolina because it is fun. The boat is durable. I had this in a shallow creek--about a quarter of the time I had to tow it and it came out with minor scrapes. The Jolt is on the heavy side, but I'll take that over getting my boat damaged while I'm "playing." In rougher water, the top of the boat is shaped to keep water out--nice!

I added deck rigging to the front, but the rigging in the back is useful--esp. with shaped "bottle holder" in the deck. The foot braces are easy to adjust. The hatch is easy to use. The skeg's mechanics can get in your way--I've scratched/cut my left hand a few times in a sloppy or reactive stroke. I also have had minor issues getting the skeg up & down, but at a closer glance it isn't broke--it's just "feisty". The seat is durable and comfy.

Yes, this can go in WW, but like with any hybrid, you sacrifice some necessary features to accommodate more needs. Only get this if you are going to paddle mostly in creeks, lakes and also do a little paddling in rivers & easy WW (class 2).


Follow-up after extended…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/4/2004
Follow-up after extended usage. While I repaired the broken seat slide with the part the dealer provided, the design is faulty. Give a good foot push (like a power sweep), and you're back a couple notches. This is a problem in heavy stuff, since your knees are then out of the pockets. The boat could really use thigh hooks. The seat sits a bit high, which seems to contribute to leg numbness. Also, in the somewhat forward position required to get your knees in the pockets, there's considerable space between your back and the lip of the cockpit, more than most spray skirts can accommodate. I emailed the maker about this problem with this model and received a reply to move the thigh hooks back. I replied it had none. The response was to have a skirt custom made.

They advertise that it's rollable, so I think it should be easy to fit with a skirt in the right position. The skeg popped out at an inopportune time, turned out the control cord unknotted. An easy fix, but the jam cleat does is not in a convenient place and does not function that well. Also, the forward fitting is placed to take some knuckle skin from time to time. I think the skeg is a waste on this boat, so it especially bothers me. The aft hold continues to take on water.

On the plus side, I like the way the boat handles, but it would be great with a little rocker. The bow flare seems to keep it from diving and helps it surf. It moves out pretty good for a boat its size. I still think it's a fun boat, and some of the flaws can be remedied with some backyard engineering and aftermarket gear, but for the premium price, I'd expect more competent design and execution.


I'm tempted to describe it as…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/7/2004
I'm tempted to describe it as a high volume, user-friendly down river boat. The concept is great, but he execution falls a just little short. First, the upside. The hull is OT's tough three-ply. Very durable, but a a tad heavy. The length is good, giving you the speed and tracking of an old school ww boat, but it will still turn willingly. That's turn, not spin, as there's little or no rocker. The high shoulders keep the current from jumping up on the deck and flipping you if you fail to apply enough lean. But, they do make it harder to roll. The aft deck bungies are a nice arrangement, with a pair of "grooves" to keep water bottles handy. The "space hatch" can easily be operated with one hand. Seat and pegs are adjustable fore and aft, so you can achieve the right trim. On the minus side, there's really only one position where you can fit your knees into the pockets under the deck, so the seat adjustment is almost moot. That position doesn't leave you much cockfit room forward, so I'd prefer a keyhole. The adjustment tabs for the pegs are aft of the pegs, making them much easier to reach. Fine, but it also makes it easier to trip them with your feet of catch a lace or strap on them. The peg and seat tracks appear to be plastic and possibly not durable enough for the heavy stuff if you're really tossed around or are digging in. Haven't broken one yet (one came broken), but I have some qualms about them. I did take on a little water in the aft hold during a ww session. Can't tell if it came in via the hatch or the skeg housing. This brings us to what I consider a bone of contention. I think it's a nice boat without the skeg. Sure, the skeg helps some on a rolling lake, but I wouldn't pick a 10', beamy boat to do that kind of paddling. The disadvantage is that you have the deck rigging for it in the way, a mechanism that could break and a deep gash in the hull that also cuts down cargo space. In the up position, the skeg protrudes some aft, interferring with turning (which is the trait you wanted when you raised the skeg) and also gets bashed by rocks. I'm considering trimming the skeg to deal with this. Enough of the nitpicking on this interesting variant. Look at it as a recreational boat with more control and abilities to take on rapids, or a high volume ww boat with amenities, that's not quite up for the really heavy stuff and stunts. A good alternative for those of regal proportions who can't shoehorn into the spud boats. All in all, fun boat.

This is a follow up review to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/23/2004
This is a follow up review to my first one about 2 months ago. Since that time I have had a chance to get the Jolt on flatwater lakes and some local rivers. Here is what I have found in the last two months.

First, I still love my Jolt. In fact I like it more everytime I hit the water with it. I keep finding little things that I like about this craft. Starting with the construction.This boat looks great.I get numerous comments on how cool this boat looks. The way it is designed and layed out is an attention getter. People will walk past other kayaks and come check mine out. The kayak feels like it is much studier than other kayaks on the market (I'm sure this is just an illusion, but people comment on it). The 3 layers that make up this kayak give it a different feel. Unlike the other kayaks that just feel like hard plastic. This kayak almost makes you think it is made out of fiberglass.

On flatwater I am now a beliver in a skeg. I did't think they made that big a difference till I had a chance to try one. And I really didn't think it would effect a boat of this size. I was wrong on both accounts. With the skeg down I am amazed at how well I track across a lake. Throw in the wind, and your really happy you have this little device. As mentioned in another review. I too, hit my hand on the black knob that holds the line to raise and lower the skeg. I was planning on moving it. But I have quit hitting it. So I am leaving it alone. With the skeg up, the Jolt does want to do a little waddle while paddling flat water, which you should expect from a kayak this short. With the skeg down. Don't expect to whip your craft around on a dime anymore. It makes turning a much longer process. Pull the skeg up and the Jolt almost spins in one spot. It cuts the water nicely and I find myself cruising along at a nice pace without much effort.

On the rivers the Jolt continues to impress me. It wants to go downstream. I find myself looking for bigger and bigger rapids to get into. This boat likes to play in the rapids and handles them well. I have surfed this boat with no effort. It seemed like it wanted to play in the rapids. It is quick to repond to a hip or foot action and when you add a paddle stroke it really moves around where you want it too. I still haven't tried rolling it. My buddies that roll their boats say it may be hard. But if you could get the knack of it, this kayak would rock in white water too.

The dry well, well isn't a dry well. I would call it a trunk. It keeps stuff dry as long as you stay upright. Tip and water gets in. It does provide a great place to keep stuff you don't want to lose if you decide to go for a swim. The bungees behind the seat have a nice hookup that makes straping stuff down to them a breeze. I just wish they were a bit bigger. But I guess that is what the trunk (not a drywell) is for.

The seat is adjustable in two ways. It will slide both forward and backwards on a bar that locks nicely into place at several locations as you move it. The seat is comfortable and I have spent many hours on the water and have very few complaints from my posterior. The seat back is adjustable and allows me to lean it back and just cruise or lean it forward to dig in and paddle. I do have to apply some oil to the skeg occasionally to give the spring loaded action a bit of help. But that isn't a big thing in my book and just falls under general maintinance.

My buddy who has the Jolt 11.5 said that if this boat had been out when he got his, he probably would have gone with it. I know I am very happy with the kayak.

The biggest complaint I have is how OT Sport handle the advertising for this kayak. The website does this kayak no justice. The picture they have listed sucks and the write up sounds like the guy who wrote it probably never had the kayak on the water. I have wrote and told them that. Before you buy another kayak. Try to find a place to demo htis boat. I personally belive you will be very happy with this boat. I can't imagine that you wouldn't be.

Feel free to e-mail me and ask any questions that you may have.


I am a new comer to kayaks,…

Submitted by: paddler230586 on 5/27/2004
I am a new comer to kayaks, having decided to make the jump from C-2 canoes which I have paddled for years on novice to class 2 streams. I went to a dealer and indicated that I was looking for an all round kayak that could be paddled on flat water but which I could use on whitewater as well. He recommended the Jolt 101.

I have certainly not been disappointed. Admittedly, I have little to compare it to since my only other experience in a kayak was a few short stints in a 15 year old fiberglass boat (very uncomfortable and difficult to track on flat water). The Jolt 101 has met all the needs: it tracks well in flat water (with or without the drop skeg down); it maneuvers extremely well in whitewater; it is comfortable to sit in for long periods (it has room to move one's knees and has a comfortable seat); it is light enough for me to easily handle on my own; it is very stable; and it can be easily be paddled and controlled by my 11 and 10 year old daughters. As an added bonus, it has a convenient storage compartment which eliminates the need for a dry bag. In fact the only minor nit I have with the boat is that the forward attachment for the skeg cord has an annoying way of catching my left hand if I don't keep my hand off the boat when paddling. However, I think I can fix this with little duct tape to smooth the edge.

I have not tried to roll the boat and I have a feeling that this will not be a good boat for me to learn to do so. However, as consolation, the cockpit is large enough to allow for a quick exit if necessary. In short, although I have little to compare it to, the Jolt 101 is everything I wanted and needed in my first kayak.


I was looking for a new kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/17/2004
I was looking for a new kayak for this coming summer. I thought that I would go with a Dagger Element or the Blackwater 11.5. I got to take these boats out to paddle them before hand and wasn't impressed. I was a bit disappointed in the Blackwater after all the great reviews it got. I decided to give the OT Sport JOLT 10.1 a try even though I really didn't think I would like it. Boy was I surprised.

This kayak is SUPER. It handles great. Is very responsive, tracks well and is nice and stable. All my friends that have tried my kayak agree. They just love this boat.

It is a small rec boat that handles like a white water boat on moving water. OT says it is rollable. But I haven't tried yet. It comes with a drop down skeg for running flat water. And it works great when you lower it. I was amazed at how much of a difference it could make on a kayak this short. I kept this kayak going in a nice straight line on the lakes while the skeg was down. On moving water it handles like a white water boat. It turns quickly and handles the rapids I have run in it with no effort.

This is the best all around boat that I have ever used. I would and have recomended this boat to everyone. It does it all and does it nicely. Here is what I have compared it to. Otter, Zydeco, Blackwater 11.5, Element, Loon 102, Dagger Delta, Kiwi. This boat rules. Buy one, you won't be sorry.