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Stylus 770SW Camera

Stylus 770SW Camera Description

The Stylus 770SW Camera is a accessory brought to you by Olympus. Read Stylus 770SW Camera reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Stylus 770SW Camera Reviews

Read reviews for the Stylus 770SW Camera by Olympus as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

While this camera takes...

While this camera takes good pictures, the screen is hard to see in bright sunny conditions. I attached a float to the strap and it is water tight. I have put it through it's paces on the water. Dropped it on the concrete and in the sand and it still works great. I always take it home and rinse it off in the sink. I wish changing between photo and video was easier without having to go thru the whole menu.

This camera is a workhorse and does as advertised, but could be simpler to use and have a better screen.

I have had this camera for...

I have had this camera for one year. It has been in for repairs 4 months of the 12 I have owned it.
They replaced the first one after I went snorkeling with it. When I went snorkeling with the second one it flooded in 2 ft. of water. Fortunately I was able to save the memory chip. The repair people from where I bought the camera said it was all corroded inside, well duh, it flooded in salt water. So for the rest of my vacation I had no working camera.
I don't know if I will ever trust another Olympus camera again.

I have used the 770 for 8...

I have used the 770 for 8 months and agree that it is indestructible. I have used backpacking in Alaska (very wet), Utah (hot and lots of dust), climbing in New Hampshire and Nevada (banging it on rocks), kayaking in South Carolina (heat, salt water, and lots of humidity), and a vacation in Europe. It has come through with flying colors. The anti-shake feature is incredibly useful when shooting with one hand.

What don't I like? Battery life could be better, as could the quality of the color. The plastic on the rear screen is easily scratched. However, these are minor issues considering everything this camera can do and survive. Great camera.

I have been using this...

I have been using this camera for about 6 months now. I have taken it snorkeling, and used it extensively while kayaking. I plan to take it on ski trips this winter.

It's true that the photo quality is only good, not great, BUT I would not dream of taking my big expensive Canon where I take this camera, and that's the whole point. I can easily tweak the photos in iPhoto or Photoshop. As a result I have lots of perfectly decent photos that I otherwise wouldn't.

The reason I give it a 9, not a 10, is because the camera does not have a viewfinder and the LCD is almost impossible to see in bright sunlight, especially if you're wearing sunglasses. This is a real design flaw in a cameras that is clearly meant to be used outdoors! I've had pretty good luck just aiming it by "feel", and since it's digital I can take multiple shots hoping one will be framed acceptably. It slips comfortably into a pocket of my PFD so it's always handy. It has lots of presets and I've found the ones for underwater are pretty good.

This is a camera you can...

This is a camera you can take anywhere. It is drop-proof to 5 feet (though I've seen a display model get thrown across the room and still work,) crush proof to 220 pounds (I cringed when observing a display model getting stepped on with stiletto heels, but was delighted when there was no damage,) water proof to 10 meters, and freeze proof to 10 degrees Fahrenheit (most LCD screens freeze or become distorted in cold weathers.) This camera looks and feels robust in your hands due to its stainless steel frame, but is not heavy. It takes good pictures, and has internal picture editing features built into the software. The camera contains a manometer to measure your depth when you take it into the water. The controls are very user friendly, with the ability to change settings at your fingertips (ISO, flash, timer, brightness, anti-shake, etc) without need to scroll through a menu. This camera can be used in virtually any environment in which a paddler would subject him/herself. It takes xD cards, which gives the camera a capacity for 2GB of memory, or roughly 600, or at least 1.5 hours of video (I'm taking an educated guess) on its highest quality setting.

The downside of this camera is that besides its indestructible construction, it is basically just like any other "point and shoot" camera. Battery life is average (editing pictures uses up a lot of battery life, because the camera makes copies instead of altering the original shot.) Video is not bad, and records at a scant 10 frames per second (I think.) The flash is not spectacular (compared to my Casio Exilim point and shoot, which has an amazingly overpowered flash,) and it occasionally takes awhile for the camera to decide what it's trying to focus in on.

All in all, the durability of this camera really makes up for its average performance (which is why it gets an 8) as a "point and shoot." I would recommend this camera to anyone who abuses their equipment (I certainly do) and wants to take photos anywhere one would take any other camera in, and walk out with a novelty paperweight and a sad story.

Stylus 770SW Camera