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Trip 10 Angler DLX

Trip 10 Angler DLX Description

The Trip 10 Angler DLX is a kayak brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Read Trip 10 Angler DLX reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Trip 10 Angler DLX Reviews

Read reviews for the Trip 10 Angler DLX by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Very nice kayak. Stable,...

Very nice kayak. Stable, lightweight, large cockpit, dry storage, cup holder, anker trolley, rod holders and very nice seat. I love this kayak. The only issue I have is it is only 10ft. Longer would be better. Tracks well, and is very stable.

This is my first fishing...

This is my first fishing kayak and I absolutely love it! It's really stable and yet still reasonably easy to paddle around. It's light enough person to handle, which is a necessity for me.

The Old Town Trip 10...

The Old Town Trip 10 Angler Deluxe Kayak is a great dual purpose recreational Kayak. Two Rod Holders and an Anchor Trolley for fishing, the large cockpit opening allows plenty of room to store a small box for lures/gear beside you. Raised bow and stable hull design makes this a fun kayak for mild river and creek runs.

Comfortable seat with adjustable back. Paddle rest with bungee tie down across front of cockpit. The Click Lock rear hatch keeps gear dry. Large cockpit opening allows easy enter/exit. One cup holder at front of cockpit. Hull is a pretty tough compared to a similar priced Angler kayaks like the Ascend Angler kayak from Bass Pro. Hull design is quick in the water compared to Ascend or Perception prodigy angler kayaks that are in the same price range.

The paddle rest holds the paddle across the front of cockpit. Just my personal preference I would prefer the rest flush along the side of the Kayak to avoid getting in the way while fishing. No front fishing rod holder, I plan on adding a Scotty holder. The seat is good for a few hours, longer trips of 4 or more hours can be uncomfortable. I wish Old town had the ACS or ACS2 seat available on this model (although that would increase price).

This is a great dual sport kayak that you can fish in or take out for a river run. Most of my cons are more of a preference then bad design at this price. For the price point you can get the Trip10 it is a great all around kayak.

I put my Trip 10 in the...

I put my Trip 10 in the water for the first time today. I am very happy I bought this boat! It's very stable, I was digging lake glass, interesting looking stones, and other stuff that caught my eye on the bottom. I never felt like I was going to tip. It is a bit more sluggish t than my old Dagger Blackwater, but I can surely live with that. I can't wait to catch some fish in it!

We bought this from Dicks...

We bought this from Dicks Sporting Goods as our first kayak. This is an excellent kayak for the money and very versatile. It is extremely stable, I know it is good with 165 and a 200lb person for sure. It is classified as an angler kayak but makes a great recreational kayak.

It's the little things that makes this such a great starter kayak. The paddle strap, the spare bungee strap (I hand my cell phone in a case from it). It has plenty of room behind the seat for a 12 pack soft cooler. The cockpit is very roomy and the cup holder in the seat and on the dash hold well. The seat is okay but not great. For short trips it works well but longer trips my butt was sore from the cushion. It adjusts well and the whole kayak is quality made. The cockpit is huge and great for getting in and out of it. The dry storage seems to work well but the hatch could be a little better designed. It has sealed aft and a a Styrofoam balance in the bow. The handles on the end are sturdy and it comes with an anchor system I have not used yet.

Overall say this is an excellent starter kayak or casual user who is not going to invest large sums of money into their kayak and gear. If your not sure how much your going to love kayaking this is for you. If you know you love kayaking I spend the extra money and go with a wilderness systems pungo.

Decent kayak has room for...

Decent kayak has room for storage in rear hatch. Tracks straight easy to paddle. I have plenty of room for being 6'4 but the foot areas are to close to you probably made more for someone in the 5 foot range & seat bottom will hurt butt if you're in there for 2 or more hours

As a new kayaker, I...

As a new kayaker, I studied hard to find just the right boat to meet my portability and handling needs. I looked large and small – heavy and light. The Old Town Angler Trip 10 DLX ultimately answered the call.

This rotomolded ten footer with its generous cockpit area is capable of supporting my 6 foot 3 inch frame and all of my 235 pounds as it is rated for 275 – 325 pounds. Its built in flush mounted rod holders and sealed day well are bonuses for this fisherman. It also has an anchor trolley (and included anchor) along with a molded paddle rest and stretchy paddle tie down. It has two drink holders – one molded in the dash and the other included in the comfortable adjustable seat. Thigh pads and adjustable foot braces are great. The kayak is available in several color combinations.

The boat is stable on the water and tracks well, but most importantly my wife and I can easily slide the 44 pound craft to car top racks over a non slip bath mat flung atop the back of our mini van. From there it's easy to transport to our favorite launch area for a day of paddling exploration.

I rate it a ten out of ten for portability and handling.

This was my first boat...

This was my first boat that I bought thinking that it would offer me the most versatility for what I thought I needed. While this is a great boat for what it is and I give it a 10, it just ended up not working out for me that well because my girlfriend with whom I do my kayaking bought a Dagger Alchemy shortly after my purchase and I found it difficult to keep up with her in this boat. I have since purchased a Wilderness Systems Tsunami which is a better match in speed to the Dagger. But back to the Trip Angler, it is a very comfortable boat and I really like the roomy cockpit. I did purchase a half skirt for it for when we paddle in the cooler months to help keep the water that drips off the paddle out of the cockpit and off the legs of the paddler and that has worked out well. I use this boat as a loaner for friends and family if they want to go on a trip with us and it has worked out very well for that. Like I said this is a great boat with great stability and maneuverability and its very comfortable.

The cockpit is big enough to take along a youngster or a dog with room to spare. It has a nice size rear storage compartment with a hatch and locking mechanism and there is plenty of room up front for other stuff which is pretty safe to keep out in the cockpit because it would probably be pretty difficult to flip this kayak as it's so wide and stable.

Make sure you get a nice long paddle for this one because it is so wide you will need the length. If you get this boat and plan on paddling with others in longer, thinner boats you will most likely be playing catch up but for what it is is a great little boat.

Although I have rented a...

Although I have rented a few makes and models of Kayaks over the years, this one was the first kayak that I purchased. I wanted a kayak for flat water and class 1 rivers only. I picked this one because of the stability reviews that I read and they were very accurate. You would have to work very hard to roll this kayak over. It has dry storage in the rear and a very large cock pit opening. The seat could use additional padding which can be added very easily. Tracks very well in the water. It is a bulky kayak to haul around if you would have a small car but it fits well on top of my Tacoma.

I gave this review a 10 because I really don't see any issues with this kayak. It handles well and is priced right. I got mine at Dick's Sporting Goods on sale for under $500.