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Predator K138 Description

The Predator K138 is a kayak brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Read Predator K138 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Predator K138 Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Predator K138.

Old Town Canoe and Kayak
Predator K138 Reviews

Read reviews for the Predator K138 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I have paddled my Predator…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/14/2008
I have paddled my Predator 138 for 4 years now. I paddle mostly on "quiet waters" in the north east, but I have had my 138 out in some rivers (including some white waters which I do not recommend!). The boat has done me well throughout. It tracks well and has great primary and secondary stability. To test, I have leaned the boat over, far more than I would ever be comfortable doing, and have been able to right the boat. My dog often joins me on my paddling ventures and refuses to get into the boat dry. He insists on swimming out and meeting me in the water. I assist him into the boat, and thanks to the stability, I have never had a problem. The only times I have ever "dumped" this boat was when I was trying to. I don't see any need to add flotation, as I have intentionally filled this boat with water and it will not sink -- thanks to Polylink-3 materials.

The only improvement I would like to see is a drain plug. I really like the fact that there are no bulkheads as it allows me to fill the boat with all my gear. I have had this boat full of gear for a week-long camping trip and still had room for my dog (mid-sized lab). Great boat, now if I could teach the dog to get in the boat while dry....


Bought a Predator 140 and…

Submitted by: paddler232184 on 7/12/2007
Bought a Predator 140 and give it a 9.5. Would be a 10 if the sliding seat secured better. The plastic screws they use do not hold the seat in place, tends to slide back. I am still thinking about the rod holder. Could be placed a bit forward, tends to interfere with paddling. It is very strong, fell off my truck at 60 MPG, got scratched up a little. The camo hides the scratches well. All in all having a blast with it this summer.

Well this is my follow up!…

Submitted by: paddler232169 on 7/10/2007
Well this is my follow up! Made my very first trip today down river for 15.4 miles, My Predator 138, was shaky to me at first but remember this is my first time ever in one! It handled wonderfully. Took a couple of power stroke to turn hard but good. Was very stable once I got my balance. I hit some stumps and she slid right over and off of them thanks to the semi v hull design, my canoe would have probably tipped over. Tracked very well, I thank and nice light stokes keep me up with others in canoes. The only draw back for me was the work deck "Which is great and one reason I chose this brand" I will fix each of the rear corners for easy quick disconnect as my legs are not as flexible as they used to be and I had to take my hand and get my foot in under the work deck, but this will be a easy fix, just unsnap one corner when getting in and out and re snap, but will need modified to do this! But I am very pleased so far. But put my GPS and cell in water tight gloves and put in each side of work deck like it was made for them, put small cooler behind seat and snap to seat strap so it would not slide clear up in the end. I thank a removable cooler with lock to keep cooler in were option rear hatch goes would be an improvement! I thank Old Town will be sorry they discontinued this mid size Predator 138 Kayak. But if your 250 lbs or Lighter look at the Predator 111, I would have considered this one, but not rated for my weight. The 140 hum bigger and heavier, maisewell take my Old town canoe! But love it, exceeded my expectations.

Like they all said, I too am…

Submitted by: paddler232169 on 7/9/2007
Like they all said, I too am a big 5'11' 280lb I just started canoeing 3 years! I wanted a kayak as I like to fish and hunt and just have fun! Wanted some smaller than a canoe but stable and too hold my weight. I have old town products like them! I looked at the Predator 111 and 140, the 111 is too small rated 250lbs the 140 may as well be a canoe for its size, but be hold a model 138 mid size between the two!and rated at 350lb cap. Cool but guess what -- discontinued in 2007 I believe.
But found New One on sale! I will try it out this week end I think! I will do a follow up on my opinion!

This is my 3rd 13.8, my son…

Submitted by: metalhead on 5/16/2007
This is my 3rd 13.8, my son and cousins have the other two. Extremely stable for fly fishing. I moved the rod holder forward a few inches, because I troll backwards and it gives me more reach with my paddle. I like having the extra room behind the seat for ice chests, fish finders, raingear, etc. I now carry two four pieces fly rods an 8 weight and a six weight and I mostly fish with wooly worms, or streamer patterns. I have had steelhead and salmon pull me in this boat. Tracks great, but is like the Queen Mary to turn. I never get in this boat without an inflatable stearns vest, best insurance on the market. Worked boating safety for 5 years and I have never pulled a floater out with a vest on.

My wife and I were kind of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/2/2006
My wife and I were kind of new to kayaking this year but were avid canoe people before. We've lived on the lake for 10 years now but just started kayaking this summer. We wanted something stable as we often experience white caps on our 2,500 acre lake. We borrowed a couple of 138 Old Town Loons, the older model Loon, from some friends and liked the stability etc. We also tried some Waldens that were ok and a couple of off brands. We decided we liked the Old Town so we tried some from a dealer up here. We tried the Adventure but found the initial stability to be a bit tipsy. We also tried the Dirigo but all said and done my wife was in love with the new Loon 120 and I with the old style Loon 139 that was the same mold as the Predator. So we bought my wife the ‘06 Loon 120 and I was looking for an older Loon 138. I liked the larger cockpit in the older Loon and the molded seat too. Ended up finding a ‘05 Predator and that was my boat. We've been in 2 to 3 foot white caps with them and never took in any water at all. As a matter of fact we faired better going sideways with the white caps. Just like a corked bottle. Anyone looking for a very stable kayak that tracks well and moves through the water fine would do good to look for an older Loon or a Predator. The only draw back is Old Town discontinued the 138 Predator for '07. Now only the 111 and 140 are available. The 140 has such a big cockpit that you may as well be in a canoe. The new Loons are great too except the cockpit is a bit smaller than the older ones and they have that new style seat that I don’t care for but thats only personal opinion. They do have a rear dry hatch and thats a big plus. I ordered a kit from Old Town to install one on my Predator. It says Loon on it so now I’m going to have a Predator Loon!! I give a 10 to both these boats!!!

This is a very stable fishing…

Submitted by: Ice_Fisher on 8/6/2004
This is a very stable fishing platform. It is well set up and gives you a little more room than the Predator 120. The anchor mounting system is excellent and the rod holder is in the right spot. It tracks very well and is still easy to turn. The one thing that Old town needs to improve with this boat is the way the adjustable sliding seat is held in place on the rails. The plastic screws do not hold and the seat will begin to slide back and forth on the rails. Other than that it is an excellent mid-sized recreational boat.

Bought this boat last fall…

Submitted by: wildernesswebb on 5/10/2004
Bought this boat last fall ('03) when they first became available. Same hull as the Loon 138 with a good camo scheme and a few extra "Bells and Whistles." Owned the Loon 138 before I bought this one. Stability, primary and secondary are excellent. Takes a lot to swamp this boat. Tracking is very good, and paddles well for a 29.5" wide boat. I have no problem keeping up with others in "Sleeker" hulls, when I'm not watching wildlife or fishing. Turning takes some muscle, but I still use this primarily on twisty Ozark streams. Hull is very tough, I can pull the boat up on a gravel bar and sit on it for lunch (all 250 lbs of me) withought any qualms. VERY few boats I would do this to. Hate to use the term "Bomb proof," but it fits this hull well. Now, for theose "Bells and whistles." The work deck is well made and very handy, but has one major design flaw. It straps on fore and aft. No problem strapping it on fore, but I have modified mine with velcro attached to the hull and straps for the aft straps. I did this so it will tear away from the cockpit and prevent entrapment in a capsize. I hope OT changes this. The hole for the rod holder has a "Cap" to cover it when rod holder not used. This cap frequently "Pops" off. The rod holder is fine for sitting and fishing, but somewhat in the way for trolling. The anchor set up works well, but I would caution against if for use on rivers with strong currents. If the anchor hangs up on rock or debris in current, you could be swamped if you don't cut the anchor line. On lakes, or rivers with slower current, it would be fine. The accessory tray that velcros the the bottom of the hull wasn't attached well, and is really unneccesary except to use when hunting as it holds shotgun shells and another cup holder (you already have one cup holder in the work deck). As for the seat, I wish they would have upgraded it as they did for the other Loons for '04. It is hard plastic and needs padding (I use a gell pad) but does provide plenty of back support. I am thinking of adding the padding kit, that will make it more comfortable for long hours in the saddle. There are no bulkheads in this boat, so I would suggest adding floatation. I have floatation bags supplemented with pool noodles aft, and put a dry bag with gear in the front. This is an excellent hull for fishing and hunting out of. The reason I give it an "8" is due to the seat and the fact that the accessories could have been better thought out.