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Millenium 160 Description

The Millenium 160 is a kayak brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Read Millenium 160 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Millenium 160 Reviews

Read reviews for the Millenium 160 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

It's been 5 years since I...

It's been 5 years since I posted my review of my yellow Old Town Millenium 160, and I still love this boat several hundred miles later! I've modified the seat (removed the stock seat and replaced it with a Hot Seat foam pad and mini-cell hip/sides). I have added a Perception skeg (the boat tends to weathercock), and simply love my boat. I hope to replace it with a Wilderness Systems Tempest 170, but I will never give up my Millenium! If you can find one, hold on to it. In 2001 Old Town discontinued the line, turning their touring boats to their new acquisition, Necky; a shame as these Milleniums remain the finest boats on the market.

A solid, well-made plastic...

A solid, well-made plastic boat. I am 5'8" and it fits me very well. Persons much taller may have difficulty fitting well in this boat. You may want to look at the Millenium 174. Handles very well - and serves as a nice balance between an all-out sea touring boat and a general lake touring boat.

I purchased a used...

I purchased a used 1-year-old yellow Millennium 160 in very, very good condition 3 months ago and have paddled about 30 miles in it already. I purchased this boat because of its beauty and the materials it is made from (the Polylink-3 is the best material for poly boats on the market).

In the past few months I have come to truly love this boat: it tracks well, and turns well without a rudder. It behaves itself in the chop and has great secondary stability. The fit and finish, lines, materials and construction are of excellent quality. The boat is unsinkable, even when flooded, and requires no floatation bags, not because of the bulkheads, but because of the poly-3 design. Storage space is voluminous. The cockpit fits like a glove (almost too tight in some parts: see below) giving a strong sense of feel and responsiveness. This is an outstanding boat, and I love it!

Minor problems: The poly-3 is a bit soft, heavy, and is easily scratched and gouged. It has taken a beating and looks great still, but close inspection shows it: deeper cuts and gouges than I see on other poly boats, all susceptible to this type of damage. Secondly, the seat arrangement is designed for someone smaller than I: 5'11" 210 lbs, 38 inch waist. As a result the thigh pads hit me too high and pointed into my thigh, and the seat is a bit high in the boat, hitting me below the top of my leg just enough that after about 30' my left leg goes numb. The width is fine however and required no hip pads. I've modified the thigh pads by moving them forward, and the seat recently by canting it forwards (it already has a minicell foam pad, and there is not a lot of room to cant it forward). I haven't paddled since this last change, but will see how this helps soon. If it doesn't work I plan to drill dozens of holes in the leading edge of the seat to Swiss Cheese it, reducing it's stability and allowing for more comfortable compression and softness. If that doesn't work I will take it out and build a seat out of mini-cell foam and a backband.

I've written OTC about this hoping they could help me find an after market replacement seat, but they have not been of any help, not responding to my e-mail, yet... The only other issue is that the boats markings, not well-designed stickers, were brittle, broken and falling off, so I had to remove them. They just don't stand up to any use at all... I've asked OTC about purchasing replacement stickers, but again, haven't heard from them yet.

All in all, this is a fine boat with minor, fixable problems, that I wouldn't trade for anything else made of plastic! I paddled a friends' Perception Vizcaya, and he paddled my boat. I loved the incredible roomy comfort of Vizcaya cockpit, but loved the intimate feel and control of being in my OTC, and its unique beauty: I see it out my window on top of my car and all I want to do is paddle! I think its like a sportscar: spartan, but because of that a top performer. He's a bit larger than I am and felt the OTCs cockpit was too small for him (17x34).

Excellent beginner to advanced boat! My next boat will be a fiberglass 170: I am sure that OTC will make them someday! -- Ken in Laconia, NH

This is the first kayak...

This is the first kayak that I have owned, but I tried many before buying. This one fits me like a glove, especially since I added thigh braces (now standard) and heal pads (very necessary for barefoot paddling). I also recommend a padded seat and neopreme skirt. This boat fits me perfectly (I am 6 feet tall and weigh 180 pounds). I do not recommend it for any one much heavier than me or any broader in the beam. I don't think there is a sharper looking plastic kayak on the market, and certainly none that are stiffer or as well insulated. This kayak not only cuts through still water like butter, but it also handles two to three foot waves with great stability. I love it.

This is my first sea...

This is my first sea kayak, I have had it for a few months now. The initial stability is a little shaky only for the first minute while getting into the boat. Beyond that, the boat tracks, turns and handles like a dream. You can lean this boat waaaaay into a turn confidently (even for a rookie like me) without fear of an unexpected roll. The storage is okay and the rear hatch has leaked in a little water once (possibly due to my error in not cranking down the hatch). I love this boat!!! I tried the Millennium 174 and wasn't comfortable due to the lower deck volume. It felt like my size 10 feet were pressed up against the deck and required an additional pointing angle that wasn't too conducive to paddling for a few hours. We had plenty of room for gear (just completed a 5-day Allagash Trip with room to spare). The boat is nicely set up with deck lifelines in addition to the deck bungees. Overall it is the stiffest plastic boat I have tried (tried Perception, Neckky, Wild. Sys, etc..) and the the foam mid-layer really provided temp and sound insulation. I recommend this boat highly!!

Kayak reviews are often...

Kayak reviews are often based on personal opinion and some stats. In this case, the Millenium 160 achieves high scores in each category. It is a joy to paddle after one gets used to the limited initial stability. This yak really shows itself off well in executing tight turns even without using the rudder, running quickly and smoothly through the water (it seems to never want to slow down even after I stopped paddling), and riding waves of 3-4 feet without much effort due to its sharply cut bow. The hatches remained nearly water proof even after several rolls, the hardware is well fitted and the cockpit is roomy enough with being crowded - something very important if one plans to spend a day or two in the boat. The seat is comfortable and with the addition of thigh braces that now come with the boat, it "fits" my body well and follows my every move. I especially like the large fore and aft hatches - you can stuff a lot even in this 16 footer. The polylink-3 construction is like a rock (I partly based my purchase on this factor - my Old Town Tripper canoe outlasted "combat" many rocks in the rivers of Maine and New Hampshire!). Indeed, other similar boats appear flimsy in comparison. This could be an important factor for anyone cruising or landing along a rocky coastline. Old Town also makes the Millenium 174 - about a foot and a half longer than this boat. But the size of my garage and the handiness of this length makes it a "winner" for afternoon cruising and even extended trips.

A better-than-average...

A better-than-average medium-size plastic sea kayak. does not require a rudder in moderate conditions. easy to roll. i'm going to remove the backrest because it gets in the way sometimes. good value for its price.