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My lady and I are novice...

My lady and I are novice paddlers and were trying out kayaks for the first time and one of the ones we got was the Yahoo and the other was the Caper. The Caper was fun and easy to paddle in but the Yahoo was a bear to go anywhere. This boat is not for the beginner or anyone wanting to just paddle for fun.

I've been impressed with...

I've been impressed with pert near every Ocean Kayak that I've test-paddled, but I love the Yahoo because it fills a niche for me. I am a paraplegic, and cannot safely use any kayak designed for white water except the Yahoo or Perception Torrent, to my knowledge. Its stability is very strong. Plus, if I dump it, I just fall off. Since I lack trunk control, an eskimo roll is out of the question. Nope, a boat like the Yahoo is the only white water boat I can safely and effectively use.

With its pronounced rocker, the Yahoo loves to turn. If you plan to do flat water paddling, this is not your boat. It doesn't like to go straight at all. But put it in wilder water, and it excels. It'll spin on a dime and leave nine cents change, regardless of current. I feel totally confident in Class II white water with the Yahoo, which I never expected as a paraplegic, and even Class III isn't that bad. I don't mess with Class IV or higher.

Also, the Yahoo is a great boat for playing in breaking waves on Lake Superior. The knee tree really holds me on the boat even if I get it up on a pretty high edge. The only reason this boat doesn't get a 10 is that you will always get a very wet butt in it, so wear a wet suit in colder water.

agree with all the other...

agree with all the other reviews -- a great boat for beginners and even those with a bit more experience -- I recently bought one a 2nd time after having sold my old one, because when you're at the coast in NC you can't do any better than to have this very fun, very forgiving boat to play in the waves with... my nephew got in his first time and was surfing waves and side-surfing [sometimes unintentionally!] in 20 minutes, with only a few wipeouts in 3 to 4 ft surf -- and wipe-outs are half the fun anyway! just remember to keep clear of others at crowded beaches [common sense] who think the big yellow banana boat i'm paddling is soft and fluffy -- it's not!

Great boat. Very "user...

Great boat. Very "user friendly" in whitewater. I had never been paddling in whitewater before but had no problems at all. After an hour I was able to do a "log slide". Very good for a beginner but would slow down experienced whitewater kayakers. If you are going out for your first time, DEFINATELY take a Yahoo.

Yahoo!! A great boat ,used...

Yahoo!! A great boat ,used for my first on the middle fork of the american and it could do no wrong.It's stable forgiving and very manueverable.I'm going to buy a second one for my wife!

I use the yahoo to surf in...

I use the yahoo to surf in the gulf, it is truly an awesome boat, a couple of criteria when I was looking for a surf boat was:
1, being able to hop down from the top of a wave to get in a good run
2, being able to turn on a dime, so I don't have to go look backward all day to spot a wave
3, being able to side surf
4, enough volume so I'm not too submerged
The yahoo performed excellently in all area, I liked it so much I bought one for my wife, and I got 2 friends that bought it afterwards. As for the knee tree, I have no problem except one, the contact point on my knee to that of the knee tree is always bruised all summer long!

This kayak is a sit-on-top...

This kayak is a sit-on-top polyethylene white water kayak. If you are new to white water and don't want a closed deck kayak this is the kayak for you. It is much faster than an inflatable kayak, but slower than a closed deck kayak. At 30" wide it is very stable. However don't under estimate the river. If you turn it sidewards after a drop you can still dig in a rail and go over. Ocean Kayak uses what they call a knee tree to keep you in the kayak. I think that thigh straps would have been a better idea. The idea of the knee tree between your legs when you are thrown from the kayak is kinda scary. However, to date no one has ever been injured in any of our yahoos. If you run our river in one of our inflatable kayaks, you will hit a couple of hundred rocks by the time you hit the pick up area. The same river in a Yahoo, you hit half a dozen rocks. The big difference is the inflatable kayaks hit a rock and just keep going. When the Yahoos hit a rock, you go flying but that is all part of the fun.