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GullWing Kayak Saddles

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Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts
GullWing Kayak Saddles Reviews

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I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta...

I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta and a Current Designs Sirocco kayak. I can say that the standard Gull wings and 12" magnetic roller with carpet runner (to protect your car paint) work exactly as shown in their YouTube video. I'm very impressed and happy with Oak Orchard. The only thing I would add would be some sort of small cable lock from the base of the Gull Wing to wrap around your rack to keep them from getting stolen. I will add this feature myself because I don't trust anything that's not locked. 2 very quick wing nuts (30 seconds to remove) and someone else will be enjoying my Gull Wings. Except for that... Perfect product!

New boat, new Yakima...

New boat, new Yakima roofracks and saddles, first time out --dent in boat second time out ,dent in boat, I won't bore you with the work it took to get the dents out or the phone calls to REI, Yakima, the Boats manufacturer etc. All were of no help. So i spend a few hours checking the website and reading the reviews of every roofrack on the market, as listed here on That's how i found the Gullwings. I got them: problem solved. I carried my 14 ft boat in high winds on a 4 hour trip the boat moved a lot but there was never any danger of it being pushed of the rack. I think they are the best roof transport system for boats available in North America.

Very good if overpriced...

Very good if overpriced product (like most rack accessories). Use on a small SUV for wooden and composite hulls. Throw a small piece of carpeting on top of rear roof and loading/unloading becomes easy one person job.

Confused by previous review questioning quality. The plastic wing nuts have brass inserts, yes the units are plastic but that is so they conform better to your hull shape. No problems in three years of hard use.

An added benefit is that by the kayak being flat rather than on it's side I can park in the garage with the boat loaded.

If not for the price would have given them a 10.

I received my saddles...

I received my saddles yesterday, the mounting brackets are a piece of junk, they are flimsy plastic. Had to resort to using nuts and washers from my tool box to mount them. The wing nuts are flimsy plastic too, did not use the supplied wing nuts. Will see how it stands up. I just wished I had never sold my Malone carriers, they are much better quality. Looks like a 2x4 with a thin sheet of plywood, but it is all plastic.

Over my 30 years of toting...

Over my 30 years of toting kayaks on the roof of my truck I have never been so elated with a rack related item as is the case with my purchase of my Gull Wing saddles. I can not believe that I didn’t buy these earlier. I replaced a set of Yakima Hully Rollers combined with a front set of Mako saddles after I noticed a slight indentation in one of my hulls from the rollers and slight pock-marks in the hull finish from the Makos. The Gull Wings are super-soft carpet on the hull and easily allows for rear loading / slide-on loading. The super-wide base comfortably and broadly supports a wide variety of boat hulls (on a regular basis: QCC 700, Necky poly-tandem, and Necky Manitou). The ABS plastic base nicely conforms to the shape of the hull. I love these saddles more than anybody should love something that is not blood related.