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Crux Reviews

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Bought a Necky Crux used for $400 and am very happy with the purchase. I am not a steep creeker, just a river runner. This boat has a feeling of stability that my former boat didn't have (Dagger Piedra). It weighs 43 lbs. after I removed some large springs that were between the foot rests and the seat. I think the springs were for shock absorption when hitting the bottom of a big drop. Since I am not planning to go over any drops that big I took them out. The heavy weight of the boat seems to give the boat some resistance to being easily pushed around by waves and currents. That resistance gives me a little more time to react.

The boat rides up and over waves instead of cutting into them like my former boat did. I am only 5'4" tall and I have the footrests pushed almost as far forward as they can go. My foot is size nine and there isn't a lot of room for them but after cutting away some of the heel of the running shoes I wear when kayaking they fit fine.

Good luck to anyone much taller than I or with a larger shoe size when getting into this boat. But compared to a playboat this is probably like a Cadillac.