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Cruiser Reviews

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This was my first kayak and…

Submitted by: oldspooky on 8/6/2003
This was my first kayak and the boat I transitioned from canoe to kayak in. I went from a 14 ft canoe to this 12.5 ft sit on top. My first impression was wow! Now four years later, it is still my preferred boat to paddle the winding rivers of North Florida. I have three other kayaks now, but it is my favorite.

Remarkably it is the dryist SOT I have ever paddled. You sit up higher than in any other but dryer is the trade. The fore and aft hatches do fine for all my day trip needs including a small cooler.

I am 5'9" and 170 lbs and most of my paddling keeps the built in sponsons high. This gives me reasonable speed and tracking with the more aerodynamic hull in the water. The sponsons provide amazing stability anytime you need it. I have a rudder but rarely use it. The boat is short and wide but that lower hull design and how high I ride in the water, lets me maneuver in technical faster water just fine.

Necky has a new model out in this length now, and I have not had a chance to see one first hand to look at the design changes. For my money, in short, stable SOTs, this is the boat.


I have 2 cruisers.. they are…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2001
I have 2 cruisers.. they are great in the surf and to fish and cruise from. The only problem is getting the hach covers off.. can't get a grip on the rubber..... and it could be a little deeper. I weigh in at 240 and the water comes in the drain holes at the feet area.

This is my 3rd commentary on…

Submitted by: paddler228734 on 12/29/2000
This is my 3rd commentary on the Necky Cruiser II. I finally got the boat outfitted and out on some big water. My fishing buddy and I went to Fairfield State Park just north of Buffalo TX. If you want a great lake to do a paddle on check out this lake, it is a beauty. Back to the boat. The wind was high and white caps were close to a foot. The boat is stable as a pool table. I am amazed at how stable the boat is in rough water. It is a snap to turn sideways in the boat and fish off the side. The hull design is pretty comfortable as well and easy on the back of your legs as they hang over the side.

My fishing partner helped me rig out the boat. He admitted on this trip that he did not think two could fish out of the boat. He ate his words and said the boat handled well and fished well. We fly fished from the stern and bow of the boat. We successfully stayed out of each others way all day long. It was especially good to get the kind words out of my buddy Dan. Dan caught and released a 23" black bass. He caught on a Dalberg Diver over weed beds close to shore.

I have purchased a 30 lb thrust trolling motor for the boat. That is my next project. With two men paddling you can cover a lot of water and not be bush whacked when you get to where you want to go. The boat is still a work in progress. I really wish the boat were 3 feet longer. It would be a real jewel with the added 3 feet.


I've had my Cruiser for…

Submitted by: paddler228957 on 10/15/2000
I've had my Cruiser for almost a year now. I have surfed it, fished from it and just plain paddled it. I think all around it is a hard boat to beat. It is stable, tracks good, and in calm conditions with the seat drains plugged, dry. According to a GPS I usually average a little over 3 kts. per hour for speed. The only other boats I've paddled with were a Hobie Pursuit and a OK Scupper Pro. Neither seemed to be noticeably faster or slower. The only problem I've had was the hatches leaked. A hour and a tube of silicone cured the problem for the most part and now I only get a little water below when playing in the surf. This boat might not be the best at anything but I feel that it is good at everything.

I finally have my Cruiser II…

Submitted by: paddler228734 on 8/24/2000
I finally have my Cruiser II all decked out with paddle clip pungy cords. I added some rope handle on each side of the boat. They work great to man handle the boat. I sure wish the boat was about 3ft longer. After you put 2 people in the boat there is no space left to put an ice chest or bait bucket or a lawn chair. If it won't fit in a hatch at front or rear you are screwed. Hey Necky, How about a Crusier I, 17ft long, 30" wide, and some top side space to put stuff. The same seating plan as the Cruiser II. Now that would be a fishing kayak for two and then some.

I just purchased the Cruiser…

Submitted by: paddler228734 on 7/8/2000
I just purchased the Cruiser II. It is a wide 36" boat built for 2 or 1. The rudder system is excellent and the best value on the market in my view. First time out My wife and I paddled across San Luis Pass at Galveston / Freeport. I only had one paddle at the time. The wind was 12 to 15 knots in our face and the boat tracked great. I am outfitting the boat to flyfish from. Very pleased with the purchase.

After owning a several sit on…

Submitted by: paddler228539 on 4/16/2000
After owning a several sit on tops, I find this boat very nimble fast track well, well built like all Necky kayaks. the only thong I don't like in the design is the squared off sponsons, they hurt my thighs when roll it to car top it. I need to find another way. My last SOT was a Wilderness system Ride, I didn't like the way the Ride tracked with it's pontoon hull