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Manta Ray 11

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  • Max Capacity: 300 lbs

Native Watercraft
Manta Ray 11 Reviews

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I initially picked up the...

I initially picked up the Manta Ray 11 as an extra boat for the family, but quickly fell in love with it. It has a wider beam than the Manta Ray 12 giving it excellent initial and secondary stability. It does paddle a bit slower than the 12 footer but it tracks well. There is plenty of room for storage. It even handles the bigger paddlers well. With it's lighter weight and slightly shorter length it is a great boat to just throw on top of the car or bed of the truck for a quick paddle.

My bro and I purchased two...

My bro and I purchased two mantaray 11 the kayak wad excellent except one flaw tht good prove fatal under the seat on the left side when u sit on the kayak it pushes a hole tru the yak tht caused one kayak to almost sink and losing our gear in the commotion we were able to save the kayak but after returning the kayak to the dealer we had to argue about wat happened but after turning several yaks the same the hole was visible in the same spot and some had already pushed a hole not a safe yak

My boyfriend and I...

My boyfriend and I purchased 2 Manta Ray 11s. One turned out to be great - the other had a mysterious hull leak and one of the bungee grips came out. This was a surprise because the dealer had highly recommended the Native line to us. We ended up giving up on the leaky boat and now we have one Manta ray 11 and one 12. Both boats are fun, very maneuverable, and have been tested out in rivers, lakes and a bit of coastal paddling. My boyfriend uses it for fishing and it is very stable. Great boats, but we are not sure why we got a bad kayak the first time... the dealer was excellent and very understanding about our problem and let us trade it in at full purchase price for the bigger one. I would say, worth a test at least. And you do need to velcro the seat - unless you want to slide around a lot.

I bought this boat for...

I bought this boat for fishing and running some rivers in North Georgia. I've been down two different rivers with it so far.

Overall it is a great boat. It tracks well and it is very stable. it sits high out of the water. The paddler stays dry on calm water and even through some choppy water while paddling through the runs.

It has a paddle holder on both sides... it can hold a rod while paddling and hold the paddle while fishing. I do plan on installing some rod holders in the near future. It has a large hatch in the front for dry storage. The only problem is that smaller items can go all the way to the back of the kayak... smaller items will need to be stored in a bag in order to keep them in the front. The sterns' recessed storage is large and very handy.

The only problems I have is there could have been a better seat on the boat, and front storage area is not contained to the front of the boat. I did use velcro to attach the seat to the boat in order to prevent sliding.

Overall it is a great boat and I've enjoyed it so far. I would recommend it to anyone.