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Magic 14.5 Tandem

  • 80 Weight (lbs)
  • MSRP

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Magic 14.5 Tandem Description

Magic 14.5 Tandem Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Magic 14.5 Tandem.

Magic 14.5 Tandem Specifications

  • Weight: 80 lbs

Native Watercraft
Magic 14.5 Tandem Reviews

Read reviews for the Magic 14.5 Tandem by Native Watercraft as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Awesome boat up to class...

Awesome boat up to class 2, better suited for calm fishing waters, rigged some outrigger floats and led lights, now its an awesome carp bow fishin rig, shallow draft is great, all round good built boat.

Just picked up this Native...

Just picked up this Native Magic 14.5 Tandem used and in pristine condition at my local Kayak shop. Has only one original seat. Can't find one more, but bought a "larry chair" after doing some web searching/suggestions. It should arrive next week from ATGstores.

Took it out today for the 1st time for 9 hours and I can honestly say that that chair is FIRST CLASS!!! I have a bad back and my back and my back side don't hurt a bit!! I know, cuz I also have an Old Town Vapor 10 and that seat leaves my body in shambles after 4 hours.

I'm 5'6" 160lb and it is VERY Easy to stand up in and fish, even in a 6" chop in the flats today. It held up very nicely against that chop as well up and down the coastline of W. FL all day.

I had 2 milk crates setup with rod holders, but will need a rod holder on either side of my chair. So frustrating that there are no accessories anymore as its discontinued, BUT would like to SEE OTHER OWNERS MODS so I can retrofit these aluminum bars for one. With the rounded side edges, I can't even put in a gear track. Maybe that YakAttack 12" GearTrack strip may fit, but wont be flush. Hope I can use rivets to place it on.

It tracked gr8! Has LOTS of space... Exactly what I was looking for. Had a milk crate and my gear bag in front of me. The crate had a rod holder. Had another crate in back of me with 3 rod holders. Will add an anchor trolley next...

Great kayak for one or...

Great kayak for one or tandem kayaking because you can adjust and move the seats to accommodate one or two people. Seats can be removed for easy loading or unloading or to use on a beach picnic. For its 14.5 size it's lightweight.
Large waterproof storage compartment with excellent access door seal.
Easy to paddle as a single or tandem.

Have newly purchased...

Have newly purchased Native Watercraft Magic 14.5. This kayak can be paddled solo or tandem. Seats are aluminum tubing with heavy duty webbing. They are very comfortable for multiple hours on the water. Seats are adjustable fore and aft or completely removable for solo use. The tubing is fitted with plastic clips which snap into slots along the kayak's vertical side slots. The slots are molded in and "fronted" by solid aluminum bars which hold the snaps in the slots. Once you figure out the "release" technique, they are easily released.

The Kayak tracks beautifully. I've paddled my 12 year old grandson miles as he fishes our lake. It takes the turbulent water of larger boats (bass and ski) without concern for safety. There is ample room for gear, but dry storage is limited to one small 6" compartment aft. I've yet to customize the Magic for fishing, but will do so with locator and rod holders. The existing accessory slots will be used to incorporate a "fishing deck" with room for multiple accessories. Since this model is no longer manufactured, accessories are not available from dealers. Have read from user's group that some are available from Michigan, but have had no success in locating.

This Kayak is heavy, so car-topping is a two person endeavor. I've built special racks on the pickup cab and an extended T bar that fits into the trailer hitch. I'm in process of building a swivel-loader so I can load it by myself for solo trips. I think the capacity exceeds 450 lbs. I've not tried standing to fish, but can see that it will be an option based on stability. Haven't been fishing solo as yet.Know that most storage for this craft is topside.

Overall, it's a very stable kayak which will work well on streams with tandem paddlers and well on lakes as tandem or solo.

The Native Magic kayak has...

The Native Magic kayak has a 10+ rating with this experienced boater and fisherman. Stability and versatility to meet a variety of fishing situations both solo and with my son is unparalleled. Was VERY disappointed to see Native discontinue this kayak.

The beam is narrow enough for speed and wide enough for stability. The internal keels provide good wind drift tracking. The top space GREAT without clutter for the big fish fights. The kayak can easily be customized to the fishermans needs. Added Scott's pole holders, anchor cleat, etc.

One final thought, the seats keep you dry and have a perfect center of gravity for stability, not seen in any others. For a long distance coastal and Great Lakes fisherman and his family, Native... bring the Magic 14.5 SIT back!!!

First, the Magic 14.5 is...

First, the Magic 14.5 is quality constructed. This kayak tracks efficiently, has acceptable speed and is reasonably stable for most in shore fishing applications. The contoured fish bag works well with the lash points (the factory gear bag is another story and was poorly conceived). This is why the Magic only earned 5- stars in my book...b/c a good all around fishing kayak must complete the fishing equation to be considered a solid all around kayak.

Needless to say, the Magic certainly did not live up to expectations or its potential...and Native Watercraft will ultimately shoulder the blame for the Magic's many failures for years to come. With a little more vision on the part of its creator, the Magic could have been a great kayak.

The "Plug-N-Play" system was initially billed as versatile and modular. However, Native did not develop the Plug-N-Play concept to meet the demands of kayak fisherman. This probably explains why the Magic has now been factory discontinued. Specifically, user friendly rod holders, paddle holders and stake out pole holders would have been a good start. For example, the Scotty rod system is awkward, unstable and inconvenient riding on the Plug-N-Play bars. Other MFG's like Malibu incorporated these systems in a user friendly way. Then, Native discontinued the Plug-N-Play dash system altogether...unannounced...before I even received my Magic.

The rudder pedal fasteners continually break and the P-N-P snaps are a pain to use. Moreover, the lack of a hatch system makes this kayak an even bigger under achiever considering the Magic's hype and high price tag.

Finally, the 85lb weight on this kayak is ridiculous considering that its carrying capacity is low...50% less than comparable kayaks in its fishing class!! In fact, after this experience, I would never consider purchasing another Native Watercraft product again.

My wife and I each have...

My wife and I each have solo SOT kayaks which we use most of the time. We bought a Magic 14.5 last spring as our spare, to use when we have guests. We looked at lots of tandems, and selected this one for its versatility. Lots of options for configuring the seats. Our large Lab loves to go with me, and I can move my seat forward to put him behind me, or I can leave out the front seat to have him in the front. Also, we have found that the seats are deep enough, that I can have one of the smaller grandkids sit on the front edge of the seat in front of me. You can even mount the front seat backward, so your guest can talk face to face as you paddle him/her around.

Mostly we have used it on flat water, but last month we went to the Buffalo National River in N. Arkansas, and only took the Magic. After lots of rain the Upper Buffalos was up high, with lots of class II rapids. We were really surprised how well it performed. Some of the rapids had high enough waves to completely fill the kayak with water, making it a little wobbly. But we just slowed up a bit, and the water soon drained through the scupper holes.

  1. Its heavy.
  2. The seat snaps are a little difficult to undo.
  3. The seat bases partially cover the scupper holes - this could be fixed by adding some holes in the bases
Overall a very good multipurpose kayak.

I purchased the magic 14.5...

I purchased the magic 14.5 Solo 1 year ago; the result of a 50's crisis aftershock. Fond memories of summer camp canoe trips on Lake George allowed me to delude myself that age, arthritis, and a world class circumferential challenge were no match for motivation. (Remember "The Little Engine That Could" ?)

The search for the "perfect canoe" led me, one sunny Sunday afternoon, to Oak Orchard's Water-port store and test pond. Several hours (and several test paddles) later, I found myself driving down the Thruway with an SOT on my SUV trying to figure out just exactly how and when my "canoe dream" had morphed into kayak reality. The past year and several outings with the Magic (as well as some of its cousins) has convinced me that SOT's in general and this SOT in particular offer the physically limited (and the horizontally challenged) an opportunity to share in the fun of paddle sports, (Rumor has it that SOT's also work well for fishing. You fisher folk will have to judge for yourselves. I get mine at Wegman's)

So what makes the Magic special? Excellent initial stability, tracks like the Super Chief, glides very nicely and has a comfortable, easily adjustable and very sturdy seat. Although the (adjustable) foot braces appear less sturdy then they might, they have yet to fail to do their job. The shallow sides make getting in an out (or on and off) doable without assistance. Turning the Magic, which was a challenge when using a 240 cm paddle became a non-issue when I switched to 280 cm. (Teddy R. was right about the "big stick" thing.) Wind has thus far not been a problem (keeping in mind that my paddling has been on relatively small bodies of water) and while I have yet to test the limits of the boat's secondary stability, my sense, from dealing with motorboat wakes, is that you will fall out long before you are able to tip the boat over. The weight, which makes a helmet mandatory for anybody trying to car top the beast, seems to be part of the reason for its excellent stability. As for the rotomolded polyethylene hull; love it or hate it, the stuff is truly bomb proof.

There are some caveats. The plug in modular system for seat and foot braces needs some attention from the folks at Native. A relatively simple redesign of the plastic clips would make the whole system a lot more user friendly. Also, sturdy stainless steel bow and stern rings (for those all important bow and stern lines for out of water transport) as well as the odd paddle and water bottle holders should really be an integral part of a boat whose price tag is in the $1k range.

Overall however, I'm glad I ended up with this boat. It's allowed me to return to paddling and as my skills improve, the boat seems to grow with me. Most important, I'm having fun and in the end, that's what it's all about.

Not many reviews on the...

Not many reviews on the Magic series from Native online, so I wanted to post one here for anyone that is looking at this versatile SOT. When I was doing my research, one of the most given pieces of advice were to test paddle the kayak first. That I did....A LOT of different kayaks. Let me say, the Native Ultimate and Magic have the best seating system out of everything I tried.

I chose the Magic over the Ultimate due to it's speed and upgradability via the plug and play rails. I've created all sorts of ways to connect my gear and rod holders using this system, and changing from solo to tandem configuration takes 40 seconds.

This boat is very fast, has good tracking and glide. It is stable and I am able to stand and fish, but not near as stable as the Ultimate. I'm very satisfied with this kayak and would highly recommend it to others looking for a sit on top and tandem/solo convertible. My wife is looking to join me on outings in another kayak and I may consider getting the Ultimate for her since she would benefit from the stability and would not be following me out in 2' of choppy waters.

Only con on this kayak is that it is HEAVY. In back of a pickup or trailer should be no problem at 74 pounds, but on top of a SUV it might be harder to manage. I put my kayak on the top of a truck topper, but made a PVC cart that allows me to load and transport much easier by myself.