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  • 17' Length
  • 35" Width
  • 57 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 3,300 MSRP

Traveler Description

The Traveler is a 17-foot touring canoe built with Merrimack quality in the tradition of the original Maine Guide Canoe. Its shallow arc bottom allows it to glide on the water and respond immediately to the paddler's commands. Just like its name implies, the Traveler is a canoe designed especially for traveling. Whether a multi-day trip on a non-technical river or two weeks in the lake country, the Traveler shines. It's a joy to paddle - solo or tandem, loaded or empty.

Traveler Reviews


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Traveler Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • Length: 17'
  • Max Width: 35"
  • Center Depth: 12.5"
  • Max Capacity: 850 lbs
  • Primary Material: Carbon Composite
  • Material Description:

    Carbon-fiber, Kevlar and wood construction

Traveler Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Hull Shape: Shallow Arch
  • Side Shape: Straight

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Touring, Expedition
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, Open Water/Ocean, River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Duration: 2-3 Day Trip, Extended Trip
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult

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Traveler Reviews

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Smoothest, quietest,...

Smoothest, quietest, smoothest most comfortable canoe I have ever paddled. Own 2, a 17' and a 13'. Paddle 17' solo most of the time. Great load capacity and very stable.

First let me tell you that...

First let me tell you that my purchase of this boat was one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. Jim, the owner of the company, was willing to spend as much time as as I needed while making my decision. This occurred over many emails and phone conversations. He kept me informed as things developed through the entire process including construction (I opted to have a new boat built to get exactly what I wanted), and coast to coast shipping, and even sent pictures of the process itself. It was a first class customer service experience. When the boat arrived it was more beautiful than the pictures could convey. In the center of the cherry woodwork, the builders sign and number the piece - which is absolutely appropriate because it really is a work of art. When we got it on the water for the first time, we could not believe how well it handled. My wife and I were used to our last boat which was a completely flat bottom boat with a molded keel made by Old Town. We had borrowed faster, and better tracking boats made by Wenonah in the past, and were more or less expecting that the Traveler would handle more like these (which had much less initial stability.) To our surprise, it seemed to have every bit as much initial stability as the Old Town, yet maneuver, track, and glide better than the Wenonahs. We could not be happier. We have been out on the various water ways of the Puget Sound area every chance we have had all summer long and there is no doubt in our minds that we made the right choice. We will recommend this canoe to anyone who asks about it.

Fibreglass purchased in...

Fibreglass purchased in '97. A sweet 'boulevard' canoe with eye-appeal. It paddles better than almost any other canoe I've been in. Great carrying capacity for longer trips w/family. A bit on the delicate side though, so treat it well and don't take any hits with it - those ribs are thin. Our other canoe is a Wenonah Spirit II royalex which is our whitewater beast (great), but the Traveler still paddles a bit nicer and has much better secondary stability. As an ex-canoe guide, soloing is a test of a good all-round boat, and the Traveler solos beautifully for a 17' (not the Spirit II). Treat it well and it will treat you well.

I take several trips to...

I take several trips to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario. For years, I rented aluminum canoes from local outfitters. I decided to find the "perfect" canoe that would cover over one hundred miles of lake with the least amount of effort. I found it in the Merrimack Traveler. I cannot say enough good things about this canoe. It handles beautifully and glides through the water with ease. As a bonus, I get a lot of "wows" from other canoeists when they see the detail and workmanship. I am extremely happy with my Traveler and I am happy that my money was well spent. I could have found a cheaper canoe if I was willing to sacrifice performance for dollars but I didn't, and I'm so glad I spent the extra couple hundred of dollars to get what I was really looking for.

This canoe is a perfect...

This canoe is a perfect blend of traditional appearance with modern technology and performance! It was purchased new about two months ago, in a Kevlar lay-up, with Ivory gel-coat. The interior of the canoe is finished with cherry stips imbedded in a clear resin to give the appearance of a traditional wood strip canoe but without the maintenace. The decks and rails are mixed cherry and ash, without any imperfections. The seats are ash framed, with nylon lace webbing, generously sized, and very comfortable. All workmanship including wood/joinery, fabric lay-up, and the gelcoat finish is impeccable! The performance of this canoe on the water is not any different than it's construction... perfect! My wife and I paddle together most times on several local lakes of various sizes and wind exposures. This canoe glides effortlessy with a minimum amount of effort on the paddler's part and with good speed, due most likely to the shallow arc hull. The hull is of a very unique cross-section to provide a truly remarkable blend of performance, and stability,both initial and secondary. Any initial feeling of "wigglies" soon sudsides after a few minutes on the water. The tracking is excellent, with a minimum amount of corrective strokes being required to stay on course. I also paddle this canoe quite easily from the stern postion, while my wife sits back and relaxes without paddling!( This is her favorite way to canoe!) The canoe is also easily handled solo from the bow position, seated facing toward the middle, although a little balast on the opposite end of the canoe will make it easier, especially in a windy situation. Although this a a 17' canoe you would never know it by the way it handles,and feels on the water. It has just enough rocker at the ends to keep it manueverable, but is still able to track very well. In our opinion the Traveler is an excellent all around canoe! Highly Recommended!

I purchased my 17'...

I purchased my 17' Merrimack Traveler used five years ago. I use it as often as possible, even though it is a bit large for solo. So smooth! A great paddling boat. With the wood ribs & trim, it has the classic look of a wood and canvas canoe. Looking for another one to buy.

A great traditional...

A great traditional looking "modern plastics "canoe that you would be proud to own.It performed equally well; good initial stability strong secondary stability, tracked good,and responded well to the paddle,just like the guide canoes of maine.The workmanship is very nice with cherry ribs under a skin of either kevlar or fiberglass.You can even portage this 17 footer and it has good tripping potential too.For those that love the old recurve stems but want the low maintainance this boat will please.