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Diamante Sovereign

by  Mega

Diamante Sovereign Description

The Diamante Sovereign is a kayak brought to you by Mega. Read Diamante Sovereign reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Diamante Sovereign Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Diamante Sovereign.

Diamante Sovereign Reviews

Read reviews for the Diamante Sovereign by Mega as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I have owned lots of kayaks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2014
I have owned lots of kayaks and canoes over the forty or so years I have paddled, both competitively and most recently for leisure. However I could never afford a new boat and had to make do with second hand and club boats which were usually very battered! Recently I bought a mega sovereign diamanté with a custom deck ...along with paddles and many accessories, all in great used condition.

I am so pleased with the boat, beautiful lines, practical lay out...except for the poor carry handle position fore and aft. This may well be the last boat I buy, robust, graceful and pretty. Off to do some exploring of the Gower along with a spot of fishing this weekend! Hoping to see like minded local explorers while I'm there.


I have been a canoeist for…

Submitted by: TimthePhotographer on 9/1/2014
I have been a canoeist for over forty years... initially a K2 youth paddler. Most recently jumping in the 'sit on top' band wagon...plastic pigs as they are known to the thoroughbreds...but I have had loads of fun fishing from them off the Gower and Sussex coastline.

I sold the above on Ebay and I am really excited to say that I picked up a Sovereign with custom green deck, almost immaculate condition (no scrapes) all lines as new...the owner threw in some extras...Yak cag, bilge pump (new) palm spray deck, rescue throw line, and....a new pair of carbon Lendal Nordkapp cranks...I paid a total of £400! I think the boat was £1800 when made. Sorry to gloat but I am really pleased and told my wife that this will be my last boat...I don't need any other. My only regret....I can't get it all in my shed and have to leave two foot sticking out!!!

I am planning a trip to Oxwich bay before autumn comes, hope to catch some bass and cook them up on the beach. We caught plaice and gurnard last time...a real treat.


I bought my Mega Diamante for…

Submitted by: paddler235438 on 2/12/2014
I bought my Mega Diamante for the princely sum of £250! It was & still great condition after many extended trips in Scotland & SW England. I am 6ft 1" & have no issues with room for a 2 week camp. It behaves impeccably good secondary stability. My pals were amazed as they had spent between £2k & £3k (they were new kevlar jobs but a can of beans soon takes up weight advantage!) It does everything theirs does. A fine sea boat in all weathers.

My version has the glass hatches, I would not swap these for the more common rubber hatches, as they have far better access do NOT leak (I added a layer of neoprene under the hatches to improve the seal) Well made! Get one; stand out from the crowd - they are also pretty


Fiberglass boat. Listed at…

Submitted by: paddler233471 on 1/16/2010
Fiberglass boat. Listed at 45lbs. I have paddled Lake Tahoe for 10 years in this boat. I weigh 165lbs. I'm 5'-10" and take about 15lbs. of gear on most days. I have also paddled this boat with full camping gear in 6 foot waves at all different angles. It has a skeg that I rarely need to use because it tracks very well. It surfs easily and well, especially behind the "Tahoe Queen" (4'-6' waves). I have used a GPS unit to track speed, and I can get to 6 MPH in a brief sprint, and 4.5 MPH is fairly easy to maintain. I maintained 4 MPH with full camping gear for 23 miles in calm water. It has good initial and secondary stability. Layup is a little light, but with common sense this boat will last for a long time.

Great boat - I bought it 5…

Submitted by: paddler232340 on 9/27/2007
Great boat - I bought it 5 years ago second-hand, and believe it to be now about 8 years old. The construction is excellent though light, and finish good too. It's had countless scrapes on stony beaches and only suffered the first leak due to this recently. Handling is very forgiving and tracks well - I've paddled it in very confused seas in a force 6. Cruises for me at between 4.5 and 5 mph. Seat very comfy, though I did add better lumbar support. The skeg wire needed an extra cable support added to the outer sheath to prevent it bending instead of lowering the skeg. Only real complaint is (was) the hatches. Older boats like mine were fitted with large laminate hatches, though the manufacturer changed to rubber ones some years ago. Try as I might I could not keep the water out, so eventually I fitted small circular hatches within the laminate ones, then glassed the original ones into place from the inside. I now have dry compartments, but very tight access.

I would endorse what has been…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/28/2005
I would endorse what has been said above about the handling of this kayak. It is very sweet indeed and seems to have no vices. 10 out of 10 in this respect.

However, the toggle fixing is a disaster as they are tied to the end recessed deck line fittings. These offer little strength and more importantly are too far inboard for easy rescues or safe handling in surf if you are forced to swim. In these instances the toggles need to be right at the end of the boat so that they are accessible and, when swimming with the boat in surf, allow the boat to rotate without causing the swimmer injury. The lay up is too light to simply drill the ends of the hull and reposition the toggles.

The light lay up is great in most circumstances, but may prove to be just too light for safety in some circumstances.

On balance a 9 out of 10, because of that sweet, vice free handling.


I bought this kayak off the…

Submitted by: paddler229904 on 9/3/2002
I bought this kayak off the internet mainly because I wanted a light-weight fiberglass kayak at a reasonable price. I am 5' 10" and 175 lbs. and the boat fits me like a glove. It has a padded seat and adjustable back band available in lots of colors. The deck has a swirled color design and can be custom ordered any color at no extra charge. However these are Brittish boats so a custom order may take a while. It has VCP hatch covers, perimeter deck lines and bungees where they should be. The Diamonte Soverign has more than satisfied me in a wide variety of conditions. In the 8 months I have had this boat, I have paddled in wind/ waves/ chop/ calm and everything in between. It is a nice dry ride. It has great initial stability. I can pull my legs out one at a time in deep water and hang them over the side to cool off with little concern about tipping. Secondary stability is excellent also. It is easy to turn with a little lean and/or stoke action. It is fast on the water, I can average 5 miles per hour easily. I got one with a skeg, but I rarely have a need for it because the boat tracks very well. In calm water with no paddling and a mild breeze the boat will drift sideways. But turn it into or away from the wind, and it stays where you put it. Mine is under 45 lbs., so handling it out of the water is a very easy. I would recommend this boat to my best friends without hesitation.