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Harken, Inc.

The Harken Hoister is the shortest distance between your garage and adventure! Go vertical with a block and tackle system to hoist, store, then lower your watercraft to the car top using a single rope. The load always lifts evenly (a patented feature), and if you drop the rope, the self-locking cleat prevents accidental release. So quick, so easy, you’ll get out on the water more often!

Harken, Inc. has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and marketing top-of-the line sail-handling equipment and accessories for the sailing industry for over 50 years. We have world-renowned service, two-state-of the art manufacturing facilities in the US and Italy, and professionals with decades of experience designing products that stand up to the harshest conditions. To complement our sailing hardware line we also offer a range of top-quality duffle bags, gloves, and sunglasses that have been specifically developed for use by the watersports community.