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Pro 2 Tandem

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  • Recreational

    78 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic
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    73 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic

    Pro 2 Tandem Description

    The Pro 2 Tandem is a kayak brought to you by Malibu Kayaks. Read Pro 2 Tandem reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

    Pro 2 Tandem Reviews


    Read and submit reviews for the Pro 2 Tandem.

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    Pro 2 Tandem Reviews

    Read reviews for the Pro 2 Tandem by Malibu Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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    this kayak is a great example…

    Submitted by: paddler236474 on 8/31/2015
    this kayak is a great example for fishing both in light/ currents and lakes, manuveribility wise its is really good, space wise better than 10ft tandem kayaks, plenty of room. This fishing version has 2 buckets 4 rod holders one big compartment for live bait and you can buy a 100$ motor and mount it using any universal 50$ mount.
    For families its epic, i go out with my brother to creek and its amazingly the best kayak under 1000$

    I have had the Malibu Kayaks…

    Submitted by: paddler235384 on 10/18/2013
    I have had the Malibu Kayaks Pro 2 tandem for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. I got mine used for a steal of a deal and I believe it's the 2012 model. It has the large rectangular hatch and an 8" round hatch in the front. I paddled it solo from the back position (I think you're supposed to sit on the hatch in the middle for solo) but it did great. I paddled from the back because it was more comfortable than sitting on the hatch, and when equipped with rod holders, the rods would get in the way of my paddling from that position.

    It's super stable; I was able to stand and cast as well as treat it like a paddle-board. This was a replacement for my Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 tandem (confusing name overlap) and Pro 2 is not as stable or wide as the Malibu 2. The Pro 2 is faster and comes with better in-boat storage options as well as the room for rod holders.

    I also own the Malibu Mini-X and have to say that Malibu Kayaks makes some fine boats and their customer service is phenomenal (lost the bucket and basket for the hatches and they sent replacements without question and free of charge!) I highly recommend this tandem and the company as a whole.


    I've had a pre-2009 model Pro…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2013
    I've had a pre-2009 model Pro 2 Tandem for 3 years now, which I purchased used for $500. Out of the 6 kayaks my wife and I own, this one gets the least amount of use. When we do use it, it is usually when we entertain guests and go out on the lake.

    It is slightly narrower and lighter than some other popular paddle-tandems (e.g WS Tarpon 130T, Ocean Kayak Malibu 2). It came with 6 flushmount rod holders which is nice. What I like best is the spacious storage - three 8" hatches with cat bags, and a huge rectangular hatch which stores my 2 pfds, 2 paddles, fishing rods, gear, etc. and whatever else I choose to bring. Most other tandems can't match this boat's in-hull storage.

    It tracks very well and has great primary stability. I have not tested it's secondary stability. I can stand easily and paddle or fish. When I hop off for a swim, I can get back on easy without fear of tipping (so far in calm conditions).

    I give it a 9 only because I wish it had a larger stern tankwell to accommodate a small milk crate, and space to attach a rudder. I do think that the large hatch can store a marine 12 volt battery if I choose to hook up a trolling motor to it. I added a few pad eyes so that my seat backs could be hooked up for all 3 positions and added an anchor trolley. I had to buy 2 L scupper plugs, and 2 medium plugs (Ocean Kayak plugs).

    The new versions come equipped with threaded inserts so that you can mount their trolling motor bracket (beware some states require you to register your electric-powered boat!). I cannot for the life of me, find the hull ID#, even after calling Malibu.
    Great family boat!


    I bought a used Pro 2 Tandem…

    Submitted by: staktup on 7/17/2013
    I bought a used Pro 2 Tandem for $500. This is the pre-2012 version that does not have the threaded inserts for attaching a trolling motor mount.

    Overall, I am happy with this purchase. We don't use it as much as our other SIKs and SOTs, but when we want to get into the water quickly (wife + 5 y.o. son) we take this, or when we have guests over on the lake. It tracks very well and came with 6 flushmount holders. I installed an anchor trolley and can stand n fish or stand & paddle like a SUP.

    The two 8" hatches and the whoppeer rectangular hatch allows me to keep 2 pfds, 2 paddles, and the seatbacks all stored inside the hull when not in use. I wish the stern tankwell could accommodate a small, square milk crate, and also be rudder-ready.

    Overall, I recommend it as it's features seem to have an edge over some other manus out there (WS 130T, Ocean Kayak Malibu 2).


    I did my research for several…

    Submitted by: paddler233208 on 7/2/2009
    I did my research for several months which included an overly extensive study of nearly every dimension of similar boats. My decision to buy two of these boats was based on several factors: weight, storage, tracking, features and warranty.

    I am very pleased with the performance of these boats. I am 6'3", 185 lbs and I fit in the back seat of this hull with comfort. The front seat would be a little tight, but the back is fine. The only compromise I feel I made with this hull is initial stability. This boat is anywhere from 2-4" narrower than most boats in the class meaning that it may not be as stable as others. However, I've not had any issues with it turning over. In the long run, I'll be glad I purchased a narrower hull since I expect my balance to improve and I'm sure the narrower width has saved me some weight - compare the weight of this hull with similar boats and you'll see what I mean. Anyone familiar with boating knows that there is no such thing as one hull that will do everything well. However, this hull will do what I want it to very well.

    I enjoy quiet rivers and lakes with sightseeing and snorkeling. If you're a person who wants to camp for weeks on end, don't buy this boat. If you want to circumnavigate the globe, don't buy this boat. If you drive a four-wheel drive vehicle that never goes off road and wear hiking boots that never get dirty, then this hull will not satisfy you - you need something that will better fill the voids in your life. However, if you are looking for a relatively light tandem that does a lot of things very well, then this boat should certainly be on your short list of possibilities. We are very happy with the make and model.


    I am very pleased with the…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/6/2005
    I am very pleased with the kayak as a whole. I've had it for about 2 years now. This is one of the lightest tandems on the market. Also, for a tandem, the length is not too long (about 9 ft.) like some other tandems which make it hard to lift on and off your roof rack and to transport on land. Also, the storage space is phenomenal. I was able to go kayak camping overnight at Catalina with a companion and we were able to store everything, food, sleeping bag, tent, clothes, etc. and we didn't pack light. The kayak was our only form of transportation and it really pulled through for us. It is very durable because with all that weight in the storage areas, we were dragging it in and out of shore, over sharp rocks numerous times and it took the beating very well. Also, this is the cheapest tandem kayak out there for what you are getting. I would recommend anyone to buy this kayak. I have had a good experience, and I was able to test paddle it before I bought it, so ask about a test paddle if you are interested in it.

    Purchased in June 2003. I. …

    Submitted by: paddler230580 on 5/25/2004
    Purchased in June 2003. I. Fit and finish is 10 out of 10, one nit, the hatch gaskets protrude and tear/peel, or my kids picked at it. II. Cost is 9 for 10. The package has everything I needed to paddle around Ventura Harbor, CA, land at the kiddie beach w/ my 5 & 8 yrs old, and carry toys, towels, & food. The include paddles are the worst feature while the backrest are the best. III. Ride is a 8, tracks o.k. I use a couple of gallons of H2O upfront when I solo (6'3" 225lbs.). Open ocean(300 yards from shore)stable but a "tuna boat" in speed and cornering. The wide beam proved helpful when practice rescuing my kids. IV. I perfered the Pro 2 Tandem for its size,and package features over the Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 tandem, which I used in an intro. to kayak class (12hrs. over 4 weeks). I also have a Wilderness Tarpon 160, which would be a meaningless comparison. V. Other considerations: You can easily sun bath on this kayak. I also bought it as a potential Scuba platform, but have yet to dive with it. I'm also considering getting a trolling motor for late summer crusing in the larger Channel Island Harbor.

    A great kayak, easily…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/9/2004
    A great kayak, easily portable and ver fashionable. Stable, fun to paddle.

    Very poor leg room for six…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/4/2003
    Very poor leg room for six footers. not very good for paddling solo. front set makes it bow heavy, back set puts the bow in the air . Paddles relatively good ,Staight line ok. just don't buy it if you are over six foot or 200lbs. I would not by it again. My fault for buying a boat that I couldn't try. Buyer beware.

    I have now owned my Malibu…

    Submitted by: paddler229906 on 9/4/2002
    I have now owned my Malibu Ocean Sports Pro2 tandem for one year. Malibu Ocean Sports Pro2 tandem kayak has not been around long enough for me to be able to give you a report on it's long term durability, nor I have I owned it long enough to report longer than a year’s use. I have dragged mine over the beach with and without rocks, rammed the rocks at King Harbor. Surf launched and landed and the boat is still in great shape. I have loaded the hull with all my gear while on top of my car and driven in scorching desert heat and have experience no distortion to the hull (I use the Yakima Hully Roller system). All winter I stored it under a cotton tarp with one hatch off. This summer it has been stored on a special dolly I made, on my back patio semi covered. It has the three hatches and 4 flush mount rod holders. I installed the rod holders myself.

    My one problem with the boat is minor. While I had the boat on the ground at my house my son jumped on the front deck next to the round hatch, the plastic flexed enough to pop the silicone seal on the hatch. I removed the hatch and used 3m 5200 with stainless nuts and bolts. I prefer stainless nuts and bolts over rivets when I can use them and I prefer heavier duty sealant/adhesives to plain old silicone.

    The center seating position for solo use is high and dry. When I paddle in the rear seat and my 8 year old son is up front, it is a dry ride. When my 210 lb brother is in the front and we have the hull loaded with gear, that's a different story. Tracking is great unless there is 20 knot wind and high seas plus improper weight distribution. Stability is beyond awesome. After surf launch (solo), I tie up to the kelp get on my hands and knees, turn around and get my gear out of the large rectangular hatch. The weight capacity and the large rectangular hatch were two of the main reasons I purchased this kayak. When my son and I fish tandem, the deck lay out couldn’t get any better. He can access our lunch and other things through the front hatch while I can manage the other more difficult equipment through the large rectangular hatch. The large rectangular hatch is great for easy access to rods, reels, fish finders, tackle bags, dry bags, extra paddle and to put everything away during surf launches and landings, also not to mention perfect for stowing away a trophy fish. The deck space is more than roomy plus the front and rear tank wells are helpful for things other than dive tanks. My drift chute sits rolled up in the front tank well and stays put in the wind. I put a dry bag (leashed) in the rear tank well and it stays put all day. I fish the Pacific Ocean mostly in the Malibu to Ventura areas and many of the local lakes.

    The only reason why I can’t give this kayak a 10 is that I am one of the many guinea pigs giving it the long term shake down. I bought the package deal with the seats, paddles and hatches and I am very happy. I use this kayak primarily for fishing and find it to be well suited for that use. I will be a return customer on their newer products in the future.