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UKT4 Reviews

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Great trailer there is some…

Submitted by: fool on 8/10/2013
Great trailer there is some after assembly tweaking that needs to be done....but most people that own trailers already know this. Not like buying a tv and plugging it in....glad I bought it and would buy again....great after purchase customer service.

Like others have shared, I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/3/2012
Like others have shared, I had grown tired of hefting 55lb kayaks and 70lb canoes on top of my crew cab truck and decided that a trailer was the ticket. While shopping for a kayak trailer, I looked at most available on the market and compared features, configurability and price. At the end of the day, I decided that the Magneta UKT4 offered the most flexibility for configuration adjustments and had hardware available to accept the Yakima bars & accessories I already owned.

The base trailer holds 4 kayaks and is priced at $1,375. I placed an order for a base trailer and upgraded to 12" wheels, a 6' swing away tongue extension and hardware to attach my Yakima bars raising the price to a bit over $1,600. As my luck would have it, the day after placing the order with Magneta, I found a good condition used UKT4 for sale locally for $550. I promptly cancelled my order with Magneta and bought the used trailer. The folks at Magneta cancelled my order without any issue and were very friendly. I subsequently ordered a tongue extension and hardware to mount my Yakima accessories from Magneta and again, they were quite easy to do business with.

The used trailer was missing the lights so I purchased lights and wiring from a local boat dealer and installed myself. I made my wiring harnesses with a ground wire to each light (rear and sides) to avoid the need to use the trailer as a ground. I also ran all the wiring inside plastic tubing to protect it from wear and all connections were soldered and sealed in both liquid tape and plastic electrical tape. The lights work great. I also inspected and re-greased the wheel bearings before putting the trailer in service.

So, how is it performing? Over Memorial Day weekend, I used the trailer to transport 3 kayaks on a 250 mile trip and it performed just fine. The trailer tracked well behind my truck and felt stable with the 3 kayaks on board. I really appreciated the load height of the trailer compared to the roof of my truck when loading and unloading. It is also a lot easier to strap down the kayaks when they are within easy reach. In my opinion, the trailer is well made and can be reconfigured easily using a variety of components available from Magneta.

There are a couple of reviews that mentioned issues with wheel bearing failures right out of the box but since mine was purchased used, I couldn't comment on what a new purchase experience might be like. But, it is always best to check bearings before use just in case and if I had purchased new, I would have checked the grease and made sure they were tightened appropriately on the spindles before using. Also, there were complaints about the lighting being very basic. On this issue, I also would have upgraded the basics to what I did on my used version.

If you are considering buying a new Magneta UKT4, here are my closing thoughts:

  • This trailer will do the job and is well made for its intended usage
  • Customer Service at Magneta is friendly and helpful
  • Since you have to assemble it yourself, check the grease and tightness of the wheel bearings and install your lighting properly – upgrade the wiring harness to ensure they keep working.
  • If you are not handy and don't have the ability to deal with the wheel bearings and lighting, you might find these items to be a potential issue. If you are handy, put it together with these items in mind and you will have a very solid and useful trailer
Last thought…
Shop Craig's List for a used one and save a ton of dough….

I got the UKT6 from Magenta…

Submitted by: paddler234223 on 8/16/2011
I got the UKT6 from Magenta Trailers. Mechanically it is sound, aside from some of the holes being drilled off center, eg for tail lights and ubolts, making assembly more difficult than it should be. One key concern was that several of the U-bolts with self locking nuts sheared as the nuts were being put on. After talking to Magenta they said the supplier had shipped some U-bolts that were of a weaker alloy than normal and several customers had had this same issue. This is a major concern. What about the other U-bolts that didn't shear but may have been fatigued during assembly? Are these going to break in transit?

I talked to Magenta support several times and each time they were very nice and offered to send replacement U-bolts. After 4 times including phone calls and emails over a 2 month period I still don't have the U-bolts and can't complete the assembly. I have had to buy my own U-bolts that are about $5-10 each depending on dimensions. The holes are slightly off standard so I am having to use a Dremel tool to open them up so a standard U-bolt can fit in.

I'd recommend the upgraded wheels, galvanizing and trailer wheel / stand. The tail lights are not very bright and I ended up removing them and getting LED replacements for ~$50 that I'm happy with. This is a significant safety issue I think. I didn't end up using the adhesive strip they recommend putting on top of the horizontal supports. This is ridiculous at about an inch of padding. for a kayak you'll want to get some foam pads and drill holes in them and fix them onto the cross beams with cable ties so you have proper padding and support for your kayaks. The electrical wiring they supply with the trailer is low quality and at one point I had a short because the wiring was showing on the side of the insulation. If you have lights that are not behaving consistently you may want to check this out since if the wiring is not insulated, and its strapped to the chassis then it will short the electrical signal to ground which will cause your light to not come one and may cause your car to blow a fuse.

In summary, this is a trailer that you should not buy unless you are a handy person. I mean someone that is ok with both mechanical and electrical handy jobs. Plan to spend about $200-400 above the cost of the trailer in order to complete the job properly. Hope that helps...


After looking at several…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/28/2009
After looking at several different canoe trailers and reading reviews I decided to purchase the Magenta 4 place canoe trailer, like many others I also went with the larger tires and tongue extension. It was relatively easy to put together, though I did have a small number of leftover washers (directions made little mention of when and where to use them). I did not go with the galvanized option and noticed more than a few places on the tubing where the paint had already chipped off upon opening the packages containing the parts. This is not a big deal for me, as I will probably strip off any rust and repaint in a year or so anyways, but others may like to know. I may also get some plastic tubing to protect the wiring as mentioned in another post. Additionally I plan on slapping a piece of treated plywood on the frame to have a place to haul coolers and other gear and might build a box on the plywood as well. Looking forward to using this trailer.

Agree wholeheartedly with BP…

Submitted by: paddler232919 on 10/10/2008
Agree wholeheartedly with BP (2004 review): Old Town Kayaks are great but weigh a ton...especially after hours of kayaking.
This 2-kayak trailer was perfect for our needs. Bought it 5 years ago... still works fine (found this site while looking for Magneta Kayaks site for a friend).

We got the ten-boat version.…

Submitted by: paddler232887 on 9/17/2008
We got the ten-boat version. First time out: wheel bearings seized and blew out the bearings. They sent us a replacement kit that had another defective bearing.

While any trailer is better…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/12/2007
While any trailer is better than a roof rack, this one is a trailer and that's all. I also suffered missing parts and I had to rewire the electrical every other year. It was affordable and it did serve me well, but in regards to other options out there, it is a dog. Keep looking.

Purchased the trailer last…

Submitted by: paddler230556 on 5/12/2004
Purchased the trailer last year after many frustrating attempts to car-top two Old Town 138's. Two boats, relatively small- no problem. Add some length and 60 lbs to bench press and things get ugly. Now the review- WOW ! If your thinking of it and it will get you out a few more times feel confident that this is a good choice. The trailer, bought off EBay, came disassembled and was not a problem to put together. Actually, at the end of last season I took the trailer apart to store in my garage to make room for another car. Most of the "small parts" can stay on so it wasn't hard and only took an hour or so to put back together.I have the 4 ft extension (get it- you will need it for a 14' or greater). I also have the galvinized trailer and 12"wheels. Tows nicely. Great to leave the boats on with the tongue pointing out of the garage towards the lake ! Hookup and go. believe me lifting the boats only 3' to get them home is so much better, safer, and back-friendly than car-topping.

I love the trailer I bought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/2/2003
I love the trailer I bought from this company. It was easy to assemble and the customer service people were very helpful when I had a problem. After reading previous reviews, I ordered a single-level trailer with optional kayak stackers and the 12-inch wheels and it rides like a dream. I also ordered the adaptors for my Yakima rack system which was a waste because the trailer accessories are so much easier than the Yakima accessories that I threw my Yakima stuff in a corner and haven't touched it.

I did have some problems with a little missing hardware but after calling the factory they were forwarded within 3 days. I highly recommend this product.


This is my first try at a…

Submitted by: paddler229933 on 9/25/2002
This is my first try at a kayak, and my wife purchased it for me. I have not had this much fun in a long time, and I also took a lesson here in the Essex County area of Ontario, and this is also the best money I have ever spent. The ease of getting out of this boat when it is upside down, and being a beginner this was important for me. I would recommend this particular kayak especially for larger people, I am 5'9" and 215.

I have the six canoe model. …

Submitted by: paddler229924 on 9/16/2002
I have the six canoe model. I have always liked it but I have been concerned about stability, the axel is not very wide. I lived my worst nightmare this weekend when it went on it's side with a combination of cedar canoes and kayaks on board. It is a great trailer but it should not go any higher than the four boat model (two layers). I can lower the boats about one foot by taking wiggle room out but I don't think it will be safe. By the way I had minimal damage to the boats the trailer protected them well.

A very functional, attractive…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2002
A very functional, attractive trailer. Currently carrying two 15 foot sea kayaks and a 11 foot recreational kayak without problems. Got the bigger tires and tongue extension. Assembly was not a problem except for the missing leaf spring. Made the mistake of not making an inventory of the small parts before contacting them about the spring. When it arrived, noticed that I had one too many large ubolts and one too few small ubolts. They were responsive and got the parts to me but ended up waiting 2-3 weeks between initial arrival and hauling the boats. Would have been quicker if I had noticed the ubolt mixup. Overall, this has been an excellent trailer and I only rated it a 7 due to the parts delay.

This is just a short update…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/7/2002
This is just a short update to my prior review, now that I've had a chance to use it for a while! I still like the UKT4 trailer very much, as a matter of fact, the only down side to camping now is going back to loading them on the hull-a-ports on top of the Jeep!

I recently ordered 4 sets of the European Saddles from Magneta, and have used them a couple of times, and WOW! I wish I could get those to fit my Thule bar! My Brother-in-law works at a machine shop, maybe I'll see if he can make some adaptors!


After placing my order I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/27/2002
After placing my order I recieved my trailer in 2 buisness days via UPS. It came in 3 boxes. Assembly was simple with easy to follow instructions. I ordered the single kayak trailer with 4 foot tongue extention and 12 inch wheels. The trailer is extremely well made. I however, changed the appearance of the trailer by painting it with black glitter paint, powder baking the wheels gold, and adding gold pin stripping. Now it matches my car down to the last detail. Overall, I am very well pleased with the trailer, the service, and the price.

After trying to convert my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/27/2001
After trying to convert my utility trailer into a kayak trailer, I finally took the plunge and ordered the UKT4, galvanized, with tongue extension. It took about 3 hours to assemble, probably could have cut some time off that if my tools weren't divided between the house and barn!!! Appears to be well designed and goes together well. My opinion on the galv. vs. painting is that they do such a good job on the galvanizing that it almost looks chromed, so I'm going to leave it until it weathers a little. Paint will stick better then anyway!

I bought their two-canoe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/22/2001
I bought their two-canoe trailer, with extras: galvanized dip, spare tire, big wheels, front wheelstand, oarbox, and canoe gunwale brackets. They were out of stock on the last two items, and I am still waiting for the oarbox after about 3 weeks. The basic trailer is sturdy and well-designed. The instructions for assembly have a few errors in bracket sizes, and don't cover accomodating the accessories. Sadly, the company scrimps on things. The wiring harness is about 2 feet short, there is no wire protector material (a couple of bucks at Radio Shack) and the safety chains are too short. Plus they don't tell you that if you order the galvanized option they don't paint it. Not needed for rust prevention, of course, but it sure would look better, and painting is standard, so when you pay extra for galvanizing, they shouldn't delete the painting. But it does what it is supposed to and the lights work. A shame they short-change on a few cheap little items they could cover for $5 on an $1100 purchase.

This is a 4 place kayak…

Submitted by: paddler228393 on 1/17/2000
This is a 4 place kayak trailer. I bought the trailer from Magneta Trailers(800-397-3819). My new trailer came with 80" cross arms which Magenta builds for their canoes trailers. The regular kayak trailer comes with 60" cross arms. Although it is a 4 place trailer, 8 would fit easy with the wider bars.

The base trailer, uprights, cross arms and tounge are all 4 sided tubing. There is no 3 sidded channel used. In addition, I ordered the larger tires, tounge extension and the 12" tires. The tounge extension will left you carry up to a 19' sea kayak. Finally, for $36.50 they hot dipped galvanized the base trailer and tounge for me.

The really amazing thing, it was shipped to me via UPS. Yeah, you have to assemble it. It took me about three hours to assemble it, but it was worth it. It is a well built and well designed trailer. My other kayak trailer is a little larger, but cost me 4 times as much to purchase and it is not galvanized. These guys really have their stuff together. It is a great trailer.