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I have had the Kevlar 18’…

Submitted by: paddler803475 on 6/22/2020
I have had the Kevlar 18’ Lamoille since 1988. I have used it for over 20 long term trips to the Quetico Park. That is what it was made for. It will carry a heavy load, handle wind and waves. I have used it on rivers as well and it can handle moderate whitewater if well handled and if real quick turns aren’t required. For me it is the ultimate tripper and I

I've used my Kevlar Lamoille…

Submitted by: paddler229123 on 2/25/2001
I've used my Kevlar Lamoille on Lake Champlain in choppy water, as well as the Quetico on a two-week trip. It's a fast and very light canoe. The major problem is the length of the boat. You can't turn very fast, which makes it hard to manuever in rapids. Be prepared to add extra weight in the bow if you have a skinny paddler up there. Heavy wind pushes the bow all over the place. The Lamoille is best for long trips when you have a lot of gear.

I bought my kevlar Lamoille…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/22/2000
I bought my kevlar Lamoille 11 years ago to go tripping with my two small sons. It was a perfect balance between size (for 3 people plus a weeks gear) and weight ( I did the portaging). We no longer travel three in the boat but with two paddlers we are alway ahead or paddling less strenuously than any other canoe inthe party. It is a dream to paddle. My wife feels safe and comfortable in it so we take it on all our vacations even when rentals are available. I recently added a third seat in the center so I could paddle it solo when I wanted. That has worked out better than expected. The Lamoille is a great canoe.

I have used the Kevlar…

Submitted by: paddler228658 on 6/8/2000
I have used the Kevlar Lamoille on two wilderness expeditions in the Canadien Arctic for a total of over 1,200 miles. Each time we headed out with 5 weeks worth of gear. Paddling the Kazan river, the Elk and the Thelon in the Northwest Territories we encountered many large lakes as well as significant rapids. the Lamoille handled all in great fashion. We even tried paddling broadside to large waves in 30 MPH winds with a 10 mile reach for the wind. Incredible is all I can say for the performance of this boat as well as the strength of the layup. We also encountered and ran most all rapids (we are very experienced WW paddlers) and I only rate the boat a 9 instead of a 10 because it takes a real experienced team to make necessary moves in white water. It doesn't turn real fast but paddles like a dream in most conditions. We paddled 50 miles on 3 different days. I highly recommend this great boat to anyone taking a trip or wanting a quality boat that really moves through the water.

I been reading the reviews…

Submitted by: paddler228583 on 5/4/2000
I been reading the reviews and isn't it interesting that everyone rates their canoe purchase as a "10". I purchased one kevlar Mad River Lamoille last year. I purchased two more this year. Life is to short to waste time with second choices. I love the way they glide. Junk Yard Charlie and I have spent many hours in them exploring our northern Wisconsin waters. No one will ever convince me that this 18'4" canoe is only good for wilderness tripping.

This is the canoe we used as…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/1999
This is the canoe we used as a family with two young children. It could handle the four of us and a week's worth of gear in the BWCAW. We could make this canoe fly into large quartering waves on Jackfish Bay with ease. It was also great for weekend river camping trips. The boat is very fast, dry, and stable. With a little lean, it turns quite easily (for an 18'er). We sold ours when it wasn't getting used very much. The kids are older and now padddle their own solo canoes. It was a fiberglass layup and it was heavy. We hope to be able to buy one of the light Kevlar layups some day.