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Strait Jacket PFD

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Strait Jacket PFD Description

The Strait Jacket PFD is a pfd brought to you by Lotus Designs. Read Strait Jacket PFD reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other pfd recommendations below or explore all pfds to find the perfect one for you!

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Strait Jacket PFD Reviews

Read reviews for the Strait Jacket PFD by Lotus Designs as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I have been using the...

I have been using the Lotus Straitjacket for my paddling and boating needs since 2000. Its been a great asset to my kayaking kit. The pockets and clips for knife and strobe are perfectly placed and appropriate sized. The colour is a mango shade and highly visible. I have worn it on trips on Lake Superior, Georgian Bay, the St. Lawrence and long list of inland lakes and rivers in Ontario. Its always been very comfortable and protective.

Unfortunately, after 15 years of continuous kayaking wear, mildew is its only major issue. I am about to replace it for next spring with a similar product, the Kokatat Outfit Tour PFD which has updated pockets but I am sure it won't be as comfortable and secure as my Lotus Strait Jacket. I never purchased the tow attachment system for it, but carry climbing rope in my Boreal kayak just in case. Too bad they are not producing it anymore at Patagonia.

This is my go to PFD for...

This is my go to PFD for whitewater kayaking. The adjustability and fit are in line with other similar vests, but this thing really shines in clearance. It sits high on your chest and back allowing plenty of room for your spray skirt and for your kayak's cabin. The jacket is quite thick with excellent buoyancy, and the few times I've had to swim in it, it has kept me head up and allowed me plenty of motion to power stroke out of harms way.

As an added bonus to Star Wars fans, it makes me feel a little like a rebellion x-wing pilot when I suit up and get ready to 'yak!

Been paddling 36 years and...

Been paddling 36 years and have owned over a dozen vests. Paddled as much as 200 days per year for 14 years. Paddled Chattoga, Gaulley, Overflow creek, Colorado, (many others) and Nantucket harbor in a 36kt blow with the tide against us. Lotus Strait jacket is the best jacket I've ever worn for comfort and practicality. Looks like someone liked it better than me after 6 years, because it grew legs and now I have to get another one. I've looked at all the other makes and models and I still want a Lotus Strait Jacket. If anyone sees mine, its a mango colored XXL with lots of black mildew stains from being constantly wet. Last seen at the Beaver Paddle Fest where it was used by over 40 folks on demo rides. Paddled 121 times last year (5 miles or more), and am at 91 so far this year from Jan 1 to date. Well used but no signs of wear or tear, other than the mildew stains. Be it 8F to 105F and in up to 50KT winds, this is the jacket to wear, particularly if you are doing long distances. I'm ticked at having to replace it, but I've definately gotten my money's worth out ot it. Still have 8 old jackets I keep patched up as loaners, but I will order a new Lotus Strait Jacket today as it's the only one I want to wear when I paddle.

To those who complain about the radio pocket not being secure, mine has never fallen out even after doing 20 rolls in sucession. Put something else in there and it ought to be in a waterproof case, bag, or box.

To those who complain about the belt fastener system not being the size of their rescue system - Make an adapter or buy something else and be sorry. Less than 0.5% of sea kayakers carry a tow belt. Spend less time gripeing and learn how to roll or self rescue so you won't be the towee. I carry a "turkey catcher" which has worked without fail to rescue others from the Chattoga and Colorado to Nantucket harbor and I have yet to hear complaints about its not being a standardized type from those I rescue.

To those of you who use carbon carbon paddles and appreciate them to the point of never wanting to use anything else - this is the carbon carbon vest of PFD's. Bombproof and comfortable enough to forget you have it on.

One of the originals and...

One of the originals and still one of the best. Patagonia has not killed this great line and by the looks of their annual inventory- need to make more. Although you are VERY unlikely to find this one for $69...the $149 price tag is well worth the price of admission. You get unprecedented customer service, an extremely well built vest, and a level of comfort that will make you forget you are wearing it.

This is a purist vest with all the necessary features for the ocean and no added features that you won't need. The front zip may not be as "cool" as the Locean's side pull and the lack of 3-way split padding not as flattering, but those are also features that may annoy the purist.

No ride up. Huge range of motion. Major ability to adjust the fit. Bomber is all respects.

In the end, one full price Lotus is worth 3 crap designs on closeout.

FYI- Just ask Patagonia for free shipping if you order direct. Since you can't buy them or try first, they will usually say yes for the Lotus line.

The Strait Jacket is a...

The Strait Jacket is a low-ride centre-zip vest which allows for lots of upper body clearance. Very unobtrusive. My impressions are that it is a well built PFD, very comfortable, with good flotation of about 17 lbs. As a 6' and 200lbs male, the L/XL fit me quite well.

The 8 adjustment straps have lots of play to deal with odd body shapes. The waist strap is housed in a nice neoprene sleeve, offering grippiness to help keep the vest down. However, I would suggest that instead of the 1" strap, a 1.5" or 2" waist strap to help grip the waist and spread the pressure out. One minor gripe would be the addition of a small break in the neoprene in the centre-back of the waist-strap. This would allow the use of a crotch strap running from centre-back to centre-front for those that felt they don’t want to fall out of the PFD under any circumstances.

There is plenty of reflective tape, including reflective piping around the perimeter of the front of the vest. One minor gripe would be lack of reflective tape on the front of the shoulder straps. It all seems to be angled up or backwards. There is a strobe lash-tab on the back of the left shoulder, a very nice touch.

The chest lash-tab is in a slightly odd place. Granted, there are only so many places to put it, but for those that want to dangle a knife off of it, it may interfere with the zipper, and/or tow-belt.

The pockets are good, but not without flaws. They drain very well, and are of adequate size to handle some flares, compass, energy bars, even a small VHF if you really pack it all in there. Each pocket has internal D-rings for lashing items in. However, the sealing of the pockets caused an issue with me. The left-hand pocket, the larger of the two, closed well with a single strap and buckle. However, the buckle is offset towards centre substantially, leaving the left side of the pocket vulnerable to possibly having items slide out if inverted. More obvious is the right pocket, smaller, and more appropriate size for energy bars, compass, perhaps a GPS. The pocket will stretch out considerably allowing you to stuff lots of stuff inside. It also seals with a zipper, which provides secure protection. However, a substantial sewn-down flap covers the zipper. This interferes with the zipper, choking off the opening, making it difficult to retrieve or stow larger items, or get more than two fingers inside the pocket. I am not sure why the flap needs to be there, to stop the rain? Seems an odd design idea for a mesh pocket where only waterproof items should be anyhow. This silly pocket design cost Lotus a couple points with my review.

Another major gripe is the belt-loops that accommodate the tow-belt system. For whatever reason, Lotus has opted to use a 1.5” tow-belt. This is fine, except most tow-belts you will find are 2”. This is an obvious concern since you are basically required to buy a Lotus tow-belt, or find a manufacturer that also uses a 1.5” belt. The fact that most tow-belts and rescue hardware gravitate towards the 2” standard should be reason enough for Lotus to pick 2” belt-loops instead of 1.5”, if only to keep the user’s options open. What are you going to do when someone tosses you a tow-belt in a rescue situation and it turns out to be the standard 2” belt? Say “sorry, my PFD insists on 1.5” hardware. Could you get someone else to rescue you, or invest in 1.5” hardware first?” Points lost here too.

All and all a very nice PFD. It would have gotten great marks overall if it had not been for the two silly gaffs, the silly covered-zipper pocket, and the 1.5” belt-loops. If you can see past these two annoyances, this will be a good PFD for you.

We just purchase most of...

We just purchase most of our gear online and after reading the reviews we tried a Lotus Designs Strait Jacket PFD. Very pleased, good design, pockets and reflective tape, big zipper, easy to put on, fits good, feels good, no bulging side flotation which is a plus when paddling. We paid $69.00 for it online. Should have bought 2 but wanted to try another brand to compare. This is a good PFD.

Aaaah! That was my first...

Aaaah! That was my first reaction when I started paddling with the Straitjacket; very comfortable, very adjustable, and very much out of the way. I don't know it's there except when I'm putting it on/taking it off. The low profile design is not bulky at all, and the increase in my mobility/flexibility is significant! If you think 'low profile' means reduced flotation, go check the numbers again. Lotus thought of everything in this PFD, including loops for a waist tow-belt if you desire. Outstanding quality, materials and design. I've relegated my MsFit to "spare" status.

Nice Job Lotus!...

Nice Job Lotus! Comfortable, well rigged PFD. Has lash tab for knife (although I had to trim it a bit for the Gerber River Shorty clip), and a marker/strobe lash tab on the back of the left shoulder. Flotation is thinned out over the shoulders, very little interefence is felt. Fit can be adjusted to suit almost everyone appropriate for a given size. My XL extrasport PFD had become uncomfortably snug under the arms due to muscle added over a few years of paddling. The Lotus XL fits no problem. Zipper tab is nice touch. Have not tried the tow belt or pouch yet, but it's an option I am considering. Reflective tape over the shoulders is a key item that many others leave off. If you ever go for a long swim it could be invaluable.

I have to say that this is...

I have to say that this is one great PFD I've been using mine for a few months now and it fits so well and so comfortably that the only time I think about my Strait Jacket is when I put it on and when I unzip it to take it off. The Lotus design team obviously put a lot of thought into the construction and especially the materials of this PFD. The few extra dollars that you might spend on this PFD over another one is easily paid back everytime you look over at some guy who's jacket is riding up somewhere around his ears, and you Straight Jacket is still fitting snug and comfortable after a full days worth of paddling.

Of all the PFDs I've tried...

Of all the PFDs I've tried over the last year, the Strait Jacket won out. The SJ is the touring version of Lotus's Rio PFD (a great whitewater PFD, especially for rafting). It's a front-zip PFD, with a short waist (for kayaking with a spray skirt), and large arm openings. There are two side adjustment straps, a waist belt with buckle (helps keep it on if you zipper blows) plus the shoulders have adjustable straps (work like load-lifter straps on a backpack). The shoulders are also soft neoprene and are really comfy. Mine is mostly bright yellow, with lots of black, too. There are reflective strips on the front, the shoulders, and the back. There is a velcro strobe holder on the back (though it doesn't obscure the groovy Lotus Designs "lotus" logo, which, as we all know, is the best reason to own a LD PFD). The front has two pockets: the right side is tall enough for a cell phone or a VHF radio (a small one), or flares or similar 6-7" tall items. The left pocket is horizontal with velcro and buckle strap closures. I keep my cell phone in a waterproof bag in the right side with two flares, and my keys at the bottom. In the left one, I keep my hiker's compass (for taking bearings), and a snack or something. I sometimes carry my GPS in one pocket, too.

I've got a Lotus Designs EFT pack on order, which will greatly enhance the storage capacity. The EFT is a pack that clips onto the back of the PFD, with pockets for extra clothing (or survival gear), a hydration pocket, and a horizontal pocket for a throwbag or tow rope.

The Strait Jacket is very comfortable for wearing all day. The adjustment range is such that I can wear it over just a light shirt in hot weather or over a wet suit and dry top and fleece in the winter and it comfortable either way. It has 16.2 lbs. (if I remember correctly) of floatation.

Strait Jacket PFD