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Stove Reviews

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Our scout troop has purchased…

Submitted by: paddler235386 on 10/21/2013
Our scout troop has purchased a Littlbug Senior for each patrol On our last campout we cooked all meals using the Littlbug. The scouts quickly learned to keep the fire stoked as we cooked sausages, eggs, hamburger and spaghetti. We combined the Littlbug with Kelly Kettles and it worked very well. Kudos to Littlbug.

I purchased the Littlbug…

Submitted by: paddler233036 on 3/5/2009
I purchased the Littlbug Stove for backpacking trips so chose the Jr model that was made with thicker steel (an option at the site). Arrived as expected and setup is a breeze.

The two large interlocking pieces fit inside of my 4qt pot and the smaller interlocking pieces fit inside of my 2qt pot. The 2qt pot is still able to fit inside of my 4qt so space is saved inside my backpack.

On my first overnight hiking trip with the Littlbug I fed the fire constantly and kept flames quite high and roaring. I was able to boil 3qts in just 6 minutes. The only drawback I had was while adding fuel (medium diameter short sticks) I bumped the pot holding section and knocked the rivet out of the containing notch.

I contacted the maker of the stove and after some quick correspondence and helpful suggestions I've yet to have an issue. I'm sure the larger unit is less prone to panicky meal preparers such as myself. The initial problem I had was due to careless adding of wood, I now remove the pot and drop in more pieces as needed which is simple enough and safe.

Have now done a few overnight trips with it and very happy with the purchase. There are similar units on the market, but the fold down design and cost of this one seems to set it apart from the others. The maker of this unit stands behind it and is very willing to help in case of issues.


The Littlbug is an excellent…

Submitted by: paddler232481 on 3/13/2008
The Littlbug is an excellent stove that does what its maker claims. To date I've only used it on winter hikes and camps and it has excelled. I look forward to using it on paddling trips. It is well-made, quick and easy to assemble (even with gloves on), and gets water to a boil in good time. This is a stove for those who don't mind tending the fire along with the supper.

It has many advantages. It's quiet - no jet engine roar to drown out the sounds around you. No heavy containers of fuel to lug around. Fuel for the stove - sticks, twigs, pine cones, etc. - is abundant and not petroleum based. The stove packs small and weighs little. And it works.

So what are the down sides? Soot on the stove parts and pots can be messy to handle. Solution - use a pair of fire gloves, and carry the stove and pots in stuff sacks. (Get the stove carry case when buying the stove.) What about wet weather? Carry some dry tinder or fire starter (any competent camper should be in the habit of doing this). Or you can also choose to take along a Trangia or other alcohol burner to use with the Littlbug when conditions get soggy.

I have the Littlebug "Senior" and also purchased the suspension firepan stove holder. It's brilliant! Ideal - especially in the winter. You can suspend the stove at a comfortable height, and not have to dig around in the snow clearing a spot on the ground. And at any time of the year, this system allows you to suspend the stove at a comfortable working height. I love camping, but as the years go by, I'm less comfortable doing things at ground level!

I'm very happy with this stove and expect it to cook many camp meals.


On a camping trip years ago I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/26/2006
On a camping trip years ago I brought a chimney starter for lighting charcoal for the evening meal. After dinner, we burned sticks in it for a fully contained campfire and a nice focal point for camp conversation. It worked out so well I began looking for ways to add pot supports for cooking with only marginal results.

Then I stumbled across the Littlebug and had to have one. I've been on 3 camping trips with it so far and can't say enough good things about it. It burns sticks, pine cones, or whatever you find laying around. We burn hardwood sticks to create coals for grilling steaks and burgers. We even dump the coals on the ground to cook potatoes wrapped in foil. After dinner, we boil river water for washing dishes and keep the fire going for an efficient self contained campfire.

My friends love feeding the Littlebug and when leaving camp to answer natures call they always return with a downed limb for fuel.

Check out their corporate policies too. A socially responsible organization!


This is a wood burning stove…

Submitted by: batas on 7/27/2005
This is a wood burning stove that collapses to a relatively small size. I recently used it on a trip to the BWCA. This stove worked wonderfully, I simply used the leftover wood chips left by other campers to feed this stove, I could boil 3.5 qts in almost no time. It works as advertised, however, the assembly/disassembly is messy and a little dangerous. The height extensions pieces that must be used for large pots are too high for my taste. I will also make my own or purchase a bag to keep this in vs. the large ziplock provided with the stove. Otherwise it is a worthwhile alternative to stoves and campfires. Just gather some twigs and small sticks and you are ready to cook.