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Fire Star Reviews


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Fire Star Reviews

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The Fire Star is unusual,…

Submitted by: martinspurling on 5/3/2016
The Fire Star is unusual, certainly in the UK as it is both of Cedar strip construction and, unlike virtually all sea kayaks which are based on Greenland boats this is based on an Aleutian Island boat (I suspect the Lowie Museum one hole Baidarka to be precise). Cedar strip construction seems to be the domain of the perfectionis but it is less difficult than you may think and even moderate imperfections are by and large only seen by you and dont affect the ultimate strength. Also wood (sheathed in glass and epoxy) is much stronger than you might think (I have been trying to break my 4mm ply E Greenlander for 20 years!). It is the glass that gives it this strength not the wood. Having said all that I would not reccomend a Fire Star for your first assay into Cedar strip unless you have some woodworking skills.

At even second glance this boat looks distinctly odd with it's 'hooked' bow and chopped off stern. The cockpit looks far too far back and the rocker seems extreme even compared to some of the more extreme E Greenland 'rolling' boats. A lot of volume is carried forward and even more so aft and the relative lack of curve means that the hull does not respond very well to leaned turns (the 'chopped off' stern seems to act as an excellent skeg too). Primary stability is quite good and there is secondary stability too, but it is less distinct that with a chined hull. At rest the hull tends to turn down wind but once moving tends to turn into it a bit, but really tracks very well wherever you point it and while it has a drop skeg I have only used a very small amount as yet.

I have yet to really try, but the Fire Star is reputed to surf well on a following sea and such waves as I've found so far suggest this is true.Rolling is not a problem provided you outfit the cockpit to fit you. I confess that I have not fitted the elegant wooden hatches held on with rare earth magnets as in the plans as I doubt my ability to keep these dry in everyday paddling and instead it has kayaksport hatches and home made very strong recessed fittings for the deck lines.

This is a boat built to handle rough water and wind. If you are an obsessional rock hopper then it's not for you. If you want to stand out in a crowd then it is without rival.