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MsFit Tour PFD

  • $ 165 MSRP

MsFit Tour PFD Description

The MsFit Tour PFD is a pfd brought to you by Kokatat. Read MsFit Tour PFD reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other pfd recommendations below or explore all pfds to find the perfect one for you!

MsFit Tour PFD Reviews

Read reviews for the MsFit Tour PFD by Kokatat as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

This vest fits great for...

This vest fits great for someone with a short torso and doesn't ride up at all while paddling or practicing rescues. There is enough room below the vest for a tow belt without it being awkward, as I found out in a recent rescue clinic. I haven't had any chafing from the arm holes when paddling, overall it is very comfortable. There are lots of pockets which are handy for storing things that one wants to keep close in case of a capsize etc. It would be nice if the vest had a way to attach the spray skirt loop while doing a re-entry, then you wouldn't have to hold it in your teeth to keep it from getting caught. That being said, I can probably figure something out for that.

Needed a new PFD, had my...

Needed a new PFD, had my eye on the Kokatat Outfit Tour, Astral Sea Wolf with mild consideration for the MsFit Tour (women's version of Outfit Tour). What can I say, I am a big guy at 6'1, 230lbs and the thought of donning a woman's vest was let's say at least not what I was yearning for. Went to the store and tried the mens Outfit Tour and reluctantly the "womens" MsFit Tour. Both fit well, but there was no question the MsFit Tour was just more comfortable. It seems a little shorter in the torso and when worn with a tow belt it is perfect for me.

The biggest struggle I had was getting past the fact that it was a woman's jacket. So I tried the two jackets on and off over and over again. I think this was just to get myself emotionally comfortable that I was going to walk out of that store with a woman's life jacket. In the end the facts won out. This jacket just fit me exceptionally well. I did Look at Astral Sea Wolf but I didn't even put it on because I had a criteria of 2 lash tabs. I carry a strobe on the back shoulder and a knife on the front.

I have used the jacket a number of times and absolutely love it. Plenty of pockets. Lots of small d-rings in the pockets. One of my other criteria was the ability to store my VHF where it was easy to get to. I previously kept it in day hatch but really wanted it on my person. This vest fit the bill. The VHF easily fits in the front pocket and the antenna sticks out through the top. The pocket is stretchy so the it holds the VHF snug and it is not flopping around. I was a little worried about the side pocket placements interfering with my arms while paddling. The Outfit pockets are more to the front than the side. It turned out not to be an issue for me. I bought an XL and with a dry suit on it still has room.

All kidding aside about it being a womans PFD, this thing is fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to any male paddler.

I am 5'9", average weight,...

I am 5'9", average weight, and find this pfd to be the most comfortable pfd I have ever worn. It does not ride up during rescues and allows for freedom of arm movement after hours on the open ocean. I highly recommend it.

I've owned a MsFit Tour...

I've owned a MsFit Tour PFD for five years and use it for coastal kayaking on the Great Lakes. This PFD has excellent pocket space that stays out of the way for strokes and rescues. The front of the PFD stays down, away from my chin and the arm holes are nice and big. I especially like the VHF radio pocket that gives me easy access to my radio. The short length fits my torso and doesn't get in the way of my kayak deck.

In the newest version, Kokatat moved the placement for the knife attachment and protected it with a flap - excellent change so the end of a knife doesn't get in the way during scramble re-entries. Kokatat also makes a hydration pocket that easily attaches on the back of the PFD. I can hardly wait for my current model to wear out so I can justify getting the newest version!

Great PFD. Kokatat did a...

Great PFD. Kokatat did a great job with this one. My only comment is that it is very hot in tropical climates, otherwise I would give it a 10.

Just like everything I have ever had from Kokatat, it's a winner. I…

Just like everything I have ever had from Kokatat, it's a winner.
I bought the men's version of this life jacket with the hydration back pack. Both are amazing. The pfd is very comfortable has an amazing about of useful pockets. It is very well made with high quality reflective tape, knife protection, secret like pockets. It can be adjusted very tight which is a requirement for any pfd I use. It has clips that can be used to secure it with out closing the zipper. This means you can cool off easier, and secure it before you zip it up.

Basically its the best pfd you will find for sea kayaking. The hydration system is a little expensive, but it could not be better. I think it has the best bite valve you will find. And you can turn the valve off completely if you like. The back pack can be used to hold some ditch gear if you need it.

All around its worth the money if you do a lot of open water paddling. Its no wonder it is the #1 by far life jacket among instructors at the symposiums.

Very Good Vest hands down!...

Very Good Vest hands down! I am a 6'1" male around 225-40lbs depending on season and I didn't even know this was a womens vest until after I purchased it, but I have no complaints! Very Comfortable, dosen't chaff, plenty of pockets for saftey equipment and is very low profile. I actually wear this vest, that is the most important thing! I am also training with BodyBoatBlade Int. and the instructors there use the same vest, expedition ready and bulletproof this vest is great for men and women!

I allowed the sales person...

I allowed the sales person at REI to talk me into trying on this "womens" PFD. Wow. I'm a 6'2" man with a 42" chest and the large felt great inthe store so I bought it with a little trepedation. Took it for a 12 mile paddle, and forgot I had it on. 'Nuff said. I agree with a prior reviewer that I will be much less tolerant of crappy PFDs henceforth. I'm buying one for my wife.

I'm 5'5" and female, so...

I'm 5'5" and female, so definitely in the shorter torso range, and this PFD fits me so well that often I forget that I have it on, including when paddling in sweltering weather. That says a lot to the good design this PFD has. The pockets are handy for many things, and my knife works well on the lash tie. I also appreciate the option of just using the clips and leaving the zip open. The only downside I've found is that I'm no longer very tolerant of wearing poorly fitting ones (like the spares on my husband's bass boat!).

We spent 54 days paddling...

We spent 54 days paddling around the shoreline of Lake Powell, 1900 miles plus. In that time we experienced days above 100 and a few days below freezing. The MsFit fit both of us perfectly and didn't get in the way or be a bother. It's well made, plenty of pockets, center-opening for cooling down or taking off, and best of all, the thing doesn't ride up! The Lotus Locean drove me crazy, the Lotus rescue vests are too pricey but the MsFit...awesome! Highly recommended!

The MsFit Tour is designed...

The MsFit Tour is designed as a serious touring vest for people with short torsos who want more pocket capacity than most recreational PFD's. Prior to buying one, I had been using a Lotus Lola, but was frustrated by the lack of pockets and attachment points for safety gear. Additionally, I found that the high front pad of the Lola would hit my chin when I needed to look down. I had looked at "rescue" PFD's, but was put off by the high prices and unnecessary features ("strong swimmer" harness and built-in tow belt).

The MsFit Tour solved all of these problems and then some. It has two side pockets with good capacity, but that are out of the way when paddling. It has an additional pocket in the center pocket that is perfectly sized for a VHF radio or GPS. It has a forth mesh pocket under the zippered front flap, which is ideal for keys, knife, etc. There are also the requisite key rings, attachment patches and reflective tape.

One additional feature bears mentioning. The front closure is a combination of buckles and a zippered flap. According to the Kokatat rep I spoke with, the vest is Coast Guard compliant with just the buckles fastened. This means the zipper can be left open for ventilation, which has proven to be very nice on warm days.

The arm openings are large and there is zero rubbing or chafing. The front padding is low enough to provide ample chin clearance. Perhaps the best indication the comfort of this PFD is that I forgot that I was wearing it after the first few minutes.

At $121 suggested retail, it's priced between the better recreational vests and the "rescue" vests. I find it has everything I need with nothing I don't. My gear fits in the pockets and it's exceedingly comfortable. If you're looking for a full-featured touring vest, this is one to check out.

MsFit Tour PFD