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Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®)

by  Kokatat

Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®) Description

The Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®) is a accessory brought to you by Kokatat. Read Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®) reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®) Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®).

Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®) Reviews

Read reviews for the Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®) by Kokatat as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I love my Kokatat Expedition…

Submitted by: paddler770769 on 5/17/2020
I love my Kokatat Expedition woman's Dry Suit. The cozy fleece around my mouth on a cold day. Rolling comfortably in 50 degree F water. I've mastered the cross-zipper draw to open the drop seat. But it is the nature of a latex gasket to be delicate. Despite treating regularly with 303 Protectant and being careful, they seem to bust at the most inconvenient times. I keep spares and a patch kit handy.

What a great drysuit. Aside…

Submitted by: JCorr on 8/12/2015
What a great drysuit. Aside from customize-able options, this drysuit has every feature that you can ask for. Most other drysuits have one or two sought after features but are always lacking in some other respect. Some features that this suit (and Kokatat in general) have that I consider a must, include:

- Gore-tex hood. Not only is this hood well fitted and adjustable, it looks great both on and off your head. Friends often compliment me on the hood and wish their suits (which often have neoprene and Velcro "volcano" necks) had hoods like the expedition. My only complaint about the suit is that the hood does not have a stowage pocket/zipper. I rarely actually wear the hood, and 99% of the the time I spend paddling is either roll & rescue practice, or in rough water. The hood acts like a bucket in these situations and it must be rolled down on itself.

- Gore-tex booties. A lot of suits have these, but it is a must nonetheless. Latex booties are cold and difficult.

- Zipper covers on both the entry and pee zips. Most "budget" drysuits are built without these and the nasty zippers can be sharp.

- Customization. This is not unique to the expedition but I do believe it has the most options available. My suit has Cordura butt and knee sections, which I find very important for prolonging the life of the suit in high stress areas. Shoulder pockets are nice, although I don't use them. Finally, it is nice to be able to fully customize the color scheme of your suit. I don't think anyone else is doing this.

Kokatat has a great warranty, due to their use of "real" Gore-Tex and its lifetime guarantee, and their $40 flat rate leak fixes. Most brands that advertise a breathable fabric are using some kind of Gore-tex clone, so it is similar in performance but with no guarantee. And with the Kokatat's repair service, they will fix any and all leaks in your suit for a flat rate. When I sent my suit in, they said it had so many holes that it needed to be run through their tests twice.

I am a 6'2" male weighing in at 165# and I wear a women's large (bought it used).


This not so much a review as…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/2/2014
This not so much a review as a complaint. I'm a big guy. 6'4" and 285 lbs. I wear a XXXL tall in most things. For some reason, no one is making top of the line drysuits or paddle jackets to fit someone my size. Big people like to paddle too. With the exception of the NRS Search and Recovery Gorilla drysuit it's hard to find a fit.

Companies like Kokatat will say they have a drysuit that will fit but it's never their top of the line expedition suit. They only go up to a XXL. We bigger folks are accustomed to paying more for our clothes and gear. So what is so hard about making a XXXL? Surely you can make a overskirt for someone who likes to eat. As far as I'm concerned, this is discriminatory against those of us who are over weight.


I purchased the Expedition…

Submitted by: tomflatwater on 10/28/2008
I purchased the Expedition Dry Suit because I tend to overheat and sweat fairly easily and I am completely satisfied with this suit. The suit comes with attached booties as well as a pee zip and hood. You need to dress warmly underneath these suits because they have no insulating properties on their own. The first time I used the suit I thought my booties were leaking because my feet got cold when I stepped into the water but it was just the cold transferring through the suit.

I love this suit! $1077 Canadian at MEC Toronto. Although this is a lot of money I think it's the best purchase I've made towards paddling because it allows me to paddle year round... well... at least until the water gets "hard" up here...

Expedition Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®)