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Aerius Expedition Double

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Aerius Expedition Double Reviews

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I have two Kleppers Aerius...

I have two Kleppers Aerius Doubles (EXP), both purchased used. I find they go together quickly, are stable, and easy to paddle. One is 25 years old and the other about 20 yrs old. I have using them for about 7 years. I have not had to replace anything or do any major repairs so far. I did have to bend back a metal fitting that was tweeked during a flight to the US from overseas. I do need to varnish the older Kleeper's wood as some varnish has worn off in parts due to heavy use. The heavy hulls are nice, but if know that you are not going where they will get too abused, perhaps consider the standard model. It is less expensive, and weighs a bit less (extra luggage fees). I do like the paddle parks (EXP) and the keel strips, but you can add that to the regular Aerius. Take your time setting them up the first few outtings. After that it becomes second nature, and they go together quickly.

When is is cold out it is nice having the wood frame!

The Klepper Aerius II...

The Klepper Aerius II Expedition is well engineered. I'm sure with additional modifications either by the company or someone versatile with wood/machine shop equipment they could modify it some to drop the weight down without compromising its integrity. 3 people can actually fit if necessary as we did on a river trip. I like the strong hypalon hull and very durable/UV resistant Egyptian cotton canvas used for the deck. It’s definitely built for big waters.

Mine is the Quatro XT...

Mine is the Quatro XT which means there is an added Sponson for added stability and to change the shape of the hull. V shapped for seas and added air to the sponson equals less draft for the shallow waters. I believe this model is used by the U.S. Navy Seals.

I have a compact car and there is room for yet another Aerius Double. No car topping needed. A lot of Green needed to buy this but it is worth it. I'm thinking on buying yet another for the wife. Happy at Niagara.

I have a 1999 expedition...

I have a 1999 expedition model that I recently took with my wife, two year old daughter an I on an trip to NewZealand. I use the boat for both double and single kayaking. There is enough room in front of me, in the rear seating position, to put my daughter in a fabric foldable we-no-nah canoe seat,so it becomes a three(well,two and half)person kayak. The boat is well made overall,although I think the floor frame plywood panels could be made of a slightly better(tougher) grade of plywood. One panel has been damaged twice during shipping and seems a little week aroung the holes for the seat retainer tabs. The boat tracks well in the ocean and I am getting use to its large volume for solo paddling. I have lower back trouble and this is one of the few kayaks I feel comfortable in.

I've had my Aerius 2 for...

I've had my Aerius 2 for about 20 years, and it's one of those things that you know you'll never get rid of. Very stable, and a very personal craft -- you "feel" the water, instead of fighting it. Although it's expensive, it is a great investment. They will always be valued.

A terrific touring kayak. ...

A terrific touring kayak. Very comfortable seats even after extended time. Can pack in enough stuff for two for a month in the wilderness. Assembly is easy after the first time. Replacement parts are easy to obtain, anything from the smallest fitting to new frame members to a new skin. Workmanship is excellent. The red hull tends to fade to a pinky-red, but other colors are stable. When not using it, take it apart. Don't leave it for long periods in the sun. We have paddled in the Arctic and the tropics, rivers lakes and oceans. Love it. Expensive, but worth it.

Any kayak made...

Any kayak made continuously for nearly 100 years has got to have the design parameters right. Easy to assemble and with a reinforced Hypalon skin the Klepper Expedition is tough and reliable. It is a very stable platform built for comfort not for speed. It excels in the open sea where the flexibility of frame and skin structure makes tracking very easy compared with a hard shell kayak. The sailing ability is also a great positive.

Foldable,stable,with large...

Foldable,stable,with large storage capacity,strong hull,extra strong boat skin. Can travel on airlines or bus with it folded, can be rigged with sails which we have done and its a blast.

Aerius Expedition Double