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WaterQuest Deluxe/Sea-Doo

WaterQuest Deluxe/Sea-Doo Description

The WaterQuest Deluxe/Sea-Doo is a kayak brought to you by KL Industries. Read WaterQuest Deluxe/Sea-Doo reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

WaterQuest Deluxe/Sea-Doo Reviews


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WaterQuest Deluxe/Sea-Doo Reviews

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WaterQuest Deluxe/Sea-Doo

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I first posted this under Waterquest Aruba but ours are the "Sea-Doo" brand by KL Industries which later became the Waterquest Deluxe. I guess they originally got a license for the Sea-Doo brand name but I heard they didn't do as well as expected so just went with Waterquest deluxe. However there are a few differences: The older Sea-doo brand has more of a Gell type seat with plastic fasteners holding the gell seat pads to the molded area where the seat goes. The new Deluxe brand you just sit on the molded plastic but it has a taller fold down back rest bolted down to the molded part of the seat. I personally find the gell seat pad much more comfortable and gives my long legs much more room in the cockpit. fold down seat back pushes me further forward. I am 6' 2" tall.

Now the reason I rate this boat above 5 is because of the value. I believe we got them on sale for $220. Also, for a recreation type Kayak they handle really well. You can turn them on a dime and they track well compared to the more expensive recreation Kayaks we tried. Also if your doing smaller rivers like we do in Michigan you want a quick turning kayak. Plus if you treat them like we do you probably want a cheap Kayak. We drop them at the river put in point and then leave them to drop a truck off at the take out point. We drag them down hills and over roots and rocks. For the money they work great. For this type I would almost rate the boat a 10. Great handling and cheap.

So why did I only rate it a 6?
Well a cheap Kayak is just that. They do not have very comfortable seats for longer trips. However, the Sea-doos are more comfortable then the newer waterquests in my opinion because of the paddling. However, my back does get a little sore after a couple hour float of just cruising because of the non adjustable lower backrest. Also, the hatch on the back will leak. However, I just use mine for a cooler anyway and I like the removable insert so you and store stuff underneath.

To sum it up, it is a great kayak if all your looking for is a cheap kayak to drop at a river or lake for the kids or a fun float for adults. It handles very well for its class and tracks well also. They make much more comfortable seats but those kayaks also cost a lot more. You decide.