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The Viking is a kayak brought to you by Kajak Sport. Read Viking reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Viking Reviews

Read reviews for the Viking by Kajak Sport as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

This is a very nice kayak....

This is a very nice kayak. Quality construction, well designed. It is reasonably maneuverable, tracks well without the skeg and the skeg works well to aid tracking in windy situations. Fast for its size and glides very nicely.

I was looking for a low volume day boat that fit me well and that I could grow into as my skills developed. The Viking met all of my requirements. I am at the upper end of the recommended paddler size range at 5'8" tall and 185 lbs, but I don't feel like I am maxing out the boat's load carrying capacity. Primary and secondary stability are just fine and the boat rides well through rough water.

Kajak Sport says that the Viking is suitable for people up to 6 feet tall. I would question this - I have relatively short legs and wear size 9 shoes, but I find that I have the footpegs at the end of their travel and the tops of my shoes sometimes rub against the deck. Anyone considering the Viking should definitely try it out for fit.

A year plus into owning...

A year plus into owning the Viking I can add to my below review that this boat rolls very well and with a minimum of effort. Laying back is enhanced by that nice sloping cockpit rim (really, I can’t say enough about that feature—kinda surprising that more manufacturers don’t copy it.)

I can also attest to its’ speed as detailed in every review. There is no sacrifice in speed trading down from a 17 footer—even a reasonably quick one. The trade-off as always is turning performance, but only slightly, it’s still a very maneuverable craft.

It tracks quite well without the skeg. These days I find myself using just a tiny bit of skeg when I’m feeling lazy or when I have a crosswind or I’m in a following sea.

The boat has held up quite well to the harsh treatment we are forced to expose our boats to here in NYC. This is a city of very hard edges—there isn’t a soft landing anywhere here—and while it has it’s share of surface scratching, the Viking’s lay-up has fared quite well, especially the deck.

As a confirmed boat junkie (I am averaging more that one boat trade-up a year) I really can’t find an adequate reason to upgrade or switch away from this one. The carbon fiber Chatham 17 is somewhat tempting, but I really don’t know what I’d be gaining over the Viking besides a very slightly lighter boat.

Overall, I am quite satisfied and make no hesitations recommending this boat.

This is my third boat and...

This is my third boat and by far the best fitting in terms of both comfort and performance. My previous boats were larger expedition types and my storage needs rarely require more than an overnight kit. I am 5’9”, 165lbs, and this is my third year of paddling.

Looking in the day boat class I considered the Romany, Avocet, Chatham16, and the Viking. When it came down to the best combination of speed, comfort and quality of construction there really wasn’t any contest. The Viking’s build and finish quality was far superior to the Brit boats (and much lighter, a nice bonus)—just run your fingers along the underside of the combing seam in the cockpit: perfectly smooth. Its speed easily exceeded all three. I also believe it is the lightest by a few pounds. Though I don’t think it turns quite as well as a Romany or perhaps the Avocet, it certainly turns very well and edges nicely. Despite it’s somewhat deeply vee’d hull I find it to be quite stable and I can fully relax with the paddle down (though on the choppy lower Hudson river reaching into the day hatch requires some balance and concentration.)

I’d love to tell you that since getting the Viking that I am suddenly a faster paddler and lead the pack on trips, alas I still struggle to keep up—though this certainly has more to do with the operator than the equipment. However, on my GPS, I get up to and maintain cruising speed much more efficiently and actually top out at about 1/3 kt. faster than my previous 17 ft British expedition boat—every little bit helps.

I find myself edging more in this boat, not because it needs it to turn, but because it holds edge so well and responds quickly. I have spent reasonably long stretches in the Viking without the skeg down, using edge control to keep her straight, something I never did with my other boats. When deployed, the skeg control was faultless and easy to trim for beam wind and such.

The bow volume was just right bobbing over well spaced chop and plowing through the short stuff without too much wash over the deck. I am more comfortable in a following sea in this boat even when paddling empty than my previous ones, that’s a relief. It surfs a bit better too with minimal broaching.

I am excited to roll this boat but the water’s still a bit too cold for me.

The cockpit is comfortable. The thigh braces hit me in the right spot. The back band needs some tweeking to make it sit right—I still don’t have it perfect yet, but I might just go get an aftermarket one. There are lots of nice thoughtful touches like the rear of the combing which is perfectly contoured to support your back while leaning backwards; the oversized pivoting foot pedals which are dynamite; the overbuilt molded handles; the paddle-float rescue bungee system; and the pre-tied internal lanyards on the hatches.

The hatches are, of course, Kajaksport brand and are super watertight—maybe too watertight as they can be a real pain to put on and off.

We purchased 2 Vikings...

We purchased 2 Vikings last fall and took delivery in May. We couldn't be happier. The boats are beautiful, the workmanship is superb and they fit to small to average paddler like a glove. Paddling them is a little like riding a bike and maintaining your balance. It feels "twitchy" at ist but as you learn to trust the 2ndary stability, the "twitchyness" turns into manouverability. The boat is very forgiving even when you do something stupid. There is some tendency to weathercock but a partial deployment of the skeg immediately compensates. I have only two minor wishes: that the back rest were higher or remain at the elevation it is set (I was told by the dealer that it was designed to slide down to allow a "layed back" role) and that there was another notch on the foot pedal adjuster to allow a bit more leg room. I'm 5'9" and barely OK at max.adjustment. My lady is 5'6" and the pedal is one notch from max.A 6' person would never fit. The pedals themselves are quite large and very comfortable. We love our craft(s) and have had many envious complements.

I just bought this boat...

I just bought this boat and am very happy with it. I was looking for a fiberglass kayak around 16 feet long mainly for day trips. I tried a number of boats at Paddlefest and liked the feel of the Kajak Sport. It has the feel of the British boats that fit like a second skin, turn easily, and cut through chop.

My requirements were: a boat around 16 feet (space in garage), skeg (I hate rudders, but want to be able to track well in crosswind and high surf), low volume, sure fit.

So, I narrowed my field to: Meridian, Elaho, Romany, and Viking. I couldn't test the Romany but I directly compared the Meridian, Elaho and Viking at the dealer. Of the three the Viking was the clear choice.

The Meridian was too stiff, felt wide, turned poorly. The Elaho was a great boat. It was easy to lean, turned on a dime, great fun to paddle. But the Elaho couldn't track well. Two strokes and I was veering left. The gravity skeg wouldn't deploy. And the boat was slow.

The Kajak Sport Viking Expedition has a lot going for it. It doesn't go up on edge as easily as the Elaho, but once there it turns very well. It tracks straight, although I did experience some weathercocking. Deploying the skeg about a third down solved the problem. It feels comfortable, very snug, like a second skin. It was more challenging to put up on edge. But once there it turns nicely. This is a more technical boat that will make you a better kayaker.

I'll write another review after a few months when I have taken her out in varying conditions. I'm just learning to roll now and will asses that aspect of the boat as well.

Fast, maneuverable and...

Fast, maneuverable and well made kayak for an average paddler. Skeg slider is sturdy, easy to deploy. Boat has a very well defined secondary edge. Tends to knife through waves but rarely puts much water in your lap. I believe it to be superior to English boats of similar length maybe with the excetion of p+h Vela. Hatches on the Viking are absolutely watertight even though volume is low. A nice boat overall.

I am sorry to hear kfsrmn...

I am sorry to hear kfsrmn has had the problems he and his wife report. I cannot address such matters. I have paddled the Viking only for about 30 minutes, but it did leave me with a very favorable impression, especially for how fast it is, given its length. This is a very zippy and maneuverable kayak. I had a lot of fun with it, although I think it is more suitable for a person a bit smaller that I am (6' 195 lbs). I had wanted to try it because I had seen someone else paddling it very fast and was impressed, for its length. It appears to have good workmanship as well. A great smaller kayak. I do not give it a 10 only because I like faster, longer and narrower kayaks.

I am upgrading the previus...

I am upgrading the previus rating. The seat was replaced several months ago. The dealer apologized and said it was their fault for the delay. We had a problem when we took the boat to a high lake (4500'). The bulkheads are not vented and the presure change caused the front deck to crease at the bulkhead and the bulkhead to unseal. The hatch cover seals that well. Kajak Sports paid for the repairs and I have vented the bulkheads. If you are going to use the boat at high altitude or very hot weather, vent the bulkheads. The hacth covers are much easier to use now and we have not seen any water leakage from the venting.

My wife has had the Viking...

My wife has had the Viking about 2 yrs now and we have had a few problems. The seat broke while rolling and I have not been able to get a replacement. I repaired the seat and found that it had been installed improperly. It was very sloppy work and there is no excuse. There is a spider crack showing up on the rear deck and there are some small cosmetic cracks around the rudder socket. It has the socket even though it had a skeg. The boat does track well especially after I remounted the seat. It has good speed but my Caribou out turns it by a considerable margin. It handles well in rough water but watch the leans as it will go over quickly if you go to far. Again my Caribou does considerably better.

We just bought this boat...

We just bought this boat for my wife who is 5'2" and 120 lbs soaking wet. To start with the boat fits. We have had a hard time finding a boat that fits and feels right without adding a bunch of pads. The boat is 16'3" by 22" wide and is low volume. It is ideal for smaller paddlers. We were out on the lake today with 20mph wind and a 1' chop. The boat handled it with no problems. The boat tracked well even with the skeg up and turning was easy. The boat stayed dry and maintained a very good pace. We highly recomend the Viking to smaller paddlers with some experience. A beginner might find it on the tippy side but with good secondary stability.