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Tripper 12

  • 12' 3" Length
  • 30.5" Width
  • 63 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 999 MSRP

Tripper 12 Description

The Tripper 12 is a kayak brought to you by Jackson Kayak. Read Tripper 12 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Tripper 12 Reviews

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Dogs on the water

There are two reasons I chose the Tripper. I want to paddle with my dogs, and I love the accessibility and capacity of the open cockpit. I have two adventure hounds (cattle dogs), and they like to go as much as I like to take them. I've only been out with one of them so far. It was a first for her and she did dive off the boat once, but the craft was stable and secure as I pulled her back in. She was great the rest of the time. Can't wait until both dogs are comfortable. Feeling good about my choice of boat!

I use my Tripper for...

I use my Tripper for fishing. I was all set to buy a Kilroy, but found out that the Tripper 12 is 90% the same, just minus the fishing goodies. I watched a lot of videos, as there were no Kilroys or Trippers in my area to demo.

I added four 8 inch sections of track, just like the Kilroy has. And I added some Harbor Freight non skid rubber mats, and of course a mile crate. Just last weekend I added a fish finder. I'm not sure it helps me catch more fish, but it's fun to play with.

All in all I give the Tripper a 9. It's not perfect but it's close enough. Stability island tracking are excellent, the seat is comfortable and it's easy to paddle.

I love the Jackson Tripper...

I love the Jackson Tripper 12 because it's sturdy and provides enough room due to the larger cockpit area to bring along the fur kiddos. It's great to carry gear for camping as well with the roomy interior of it. Perfect boat for leisure activities, camping, rivers, lakes, and fishing. My brother uses it to fish and I am more the adventure with the dogs. I love the hi low seat also, for those that don't want to feel like your stuck inside you can raise the seat. Great boat for all the adventures out there.

I had a few different...

I had a few different Jackson Day Trippers and now I the Jackson Tripper 12 which is the next evolution of the Tripper 12.

One thing I noticed if it was possible is that the new Tripper 12 is even more stable than the original Day Tripper which I thought was rock solid in the water but the Tripper 12 is even more stable with the new bottom haul design. Even with the seat in the high position and me weighing 280lbs (For now. Lol) the Tripper is rock solid. Never once even in high winds with water being choppy did I feel like it was going to tip over. It is a very confident inspiring kayak for those who want a rock solid feel in the water.

The new haul paddles quicker through the water and you have plenty of storage space. It is a great all around kayak I use for fishing, camping out of or just paddling around it is a very versatile kayak. Everyone in the family can paddle one.

This kayak is awesome. I...

This kayak is awesome. I have used it on lakes, small creeks and small rivers. It is very stable. Plenty of room for cargo. Whether it be a cooler or equipment for a camping trip. There is a lot of room or area to mount accessories. The material is very strong without being heavy.The seat having two height adjustments is very comfortable.The foot pegs are in a great position to make your day comfortable. The bottom is very smooth . Whether you are floating or paddling. It moves through the water very well. Easy to keep clean. Just real enjoyable.

Dog friendly kayak. Bought...

Dog friendly kayak. Bought this boat to paddle with my 65 pound aussie. He fits well in to cockpit in front of me. It is very stable and reasonably agile. Will probably get a lighter, thinner boat for solo paddling.

We bought two of these...

We bought two of these last year and we could not be happier! they are a bigger boat and bulky but they are very comfortable. We take our dogs out almost every trip and have plenty of room for us and the dogs (and I'm 250+ with a lab in the boat with me)... overall AWESOME boat

Last year I purchased a...

Last year I purchased a Kilroy and sent in a review on it. This year my wife decided to get a kayak. She purchased a 10 ft. sit on top kayak because of the ease of getting off. She took it out twice and complained of the stability and tracking. She had tried my Kilroy and liked it and after our third outing we went over a rapid that dropped 10 feet in a 50 foot distance. The SOT got hung on a rock and she was spun around and went down backwards. After that she swore she would never take that kayak out again. The next day we went back to Ozark Mountain trading company and she traded for Jacksons new Tripper 12, which is the same kayak as the Kilroy but without the fishing amenities and is about $250 cheaper. She now loves the kayak and says she feels secure in it although I cant get her to go back down that rapid again.

For anyone who wants a very stable, straight tracking kayak, I believe the Kilroy and the Tripper 12 is the way to go.