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  • 14' 2" Length
  • 35" Width
  • 92 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,799 MSRP

Big Tuna Description

The Big Tuna is a kayak brought to you by Jackson Kayak. Read Big Tuna reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Big Tuna Reviews

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Hello fellow adventures!...

Hello fellow adventures! We have two Jackson Kayaks, a tandem and a single. Both have been awesome for fishing, paddling and relaxing in the current! We usually take them to large lakes, although we took them to the ocean this year. They are perfect for larger paddlers, we are all tall and fluffy. I have never been afraid I would tip and I've been rocked by some pretty big waves. Even the tandem stays steady. They are not the fastest Kayaks due to the size, but are easy to navigate through the waters. I do wish they were easy for me to carry alone, they are pretty heavy. We have fish finders mounted to both and they seem to be working great! I love the live wells and all the extra storage! They are easy to get in and out of, even with bad knees! So glad we decided to invest in these! Love being on the water!

Great kayak for me and my...

Great kayak for me and my son. Easily converts to a solo kayak. Tuna tank is awesome. Wish it came in a lighter color. Seats are comfortable and gave extra storage. Downfall is the ram ball inserts, don't over tighten or they will strip.

The wife and I love our...

The wife and I love our Jackson Big Tuna! Trick to this yak is to be sure to use it as intended. It is a two-person vessel that tracks, paddles, and fishes well in a stream, when two people are in control. It is somewhat difficult in a current for one person to manage alone due to it's length and moderate weight. However, the size of the yak, necessary for 2 passengers, is well utilized with all kinds of bells and whistles that make economical use of that size as well; storage hatches, pole holders, cooler/live-well option, depth finder, anchor, rudder, very cushy hi-low seats, and various other available Jackson options. I cannot do the Big Tuna justice in this short review, so I recommend that you visit the Jackson website and some of the YouTube videos to see if this, or another Jackson kayak, might be a good fit for you. If you do need a two-seater though, the Big Tuna is worth your consideration!

Can't give this product a...

Can't give this product a fair review because I am a novice yakker who bought my Tuna enroute to a stream fishing trip in Arkansas. The store rep kept referring me to the Jackson website for answers to any questions I had - which was weak and of no help for the immediate future. However, the product was more than big enough for this paddler and my gear.

Like some of the other reviewers, I would say that it tended to drift a little. Think that might be due to the design of the underbelly and the length of the Tuna (14'1"), especially in a current. Because I didn't know how to set it up correctly for two paddlers, that effort was a total disaster. Due partly to the fact that the dealer rep failed to supply all of the parts necessary for a two-person setup, or check me out on how to perform the setup - duh, go to the Jackson website. I later got the parts I needed from the dealer rep and checked out the Jackson website. Well 2 months later I still feel like I haven't given my Tuna a fair chance, but I don't plan on selling it anytime soon. Pretty sure it will meet my needs once I get straightened out on how to use it.

Don't know if this helps anyone else. Maybe learning from my mistakes will get you better prepared to make your kayak purchase. Before you buy, make sure and check out that Jackson Kayak website for a professional explanation of their fine products, of which the Big Tuna is just one!

It took us some time to...

It took us some time to decide to spend the extra money for a Big Tuna but it was worth it! This is the Cadillac of tandem fishing kayaks. The versatile seating positions, comfortable seats, room, storage, and stability are some of the features that make this kayak stand out from the crowd. It is well worth the extra dollars.

I had been thinking about...

I had been thinking about getting a Big Tuna to add to my fleet of plastic boats. I finally got to try one out at a local demo days. I found that while paddling with 2 people the boat was fairly stable, but I also noticed a lot of drifting to the side and the boat did not track as well as other boats I have paddled. The accessories and options available are awesome, but I found it too difficult to maneuver for my liking.

The Cadillac of tandem...

The Cadillac of tandem kayaks! We had another brand and after 2yrs decided to upgrade. What an upgrade! The quality and comfort far outweighed the extra cost.

The big tuna has no way to...

The big tuna has no way to access the hull to put sliders on, the seats do not tighten right down with the straps so they are always moving around try one out before you buy there are better kayaks out there by far

This tandem/fishing kayak...

This tandem/fishing kayak is incredible! Easy to paddle as either a double or a solo. Stable enough to stand in too, with easy to reach stand up straps to make standing easier. Great to use for fishing or getting out after a three hour paddle. Seats on my Big Tuna kayak gave out in the bottom seam after only four outings, my local retailer, Blackcreek Outfitters, is dealing with Jackson Kayaks for me on that issue. Looks like the seat manufacturer forgot to stitch the seam properly. The kayak itself is incredible!!! Love it!!!