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All Water 10

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All Water 10 Reviews


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All Water 10 Reviews

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All Water 10

Have had my All Water for…

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Have had my All Water for about 3 months. I was initially considering a SOT for rec paddling but my friends convinced me to get something more versatile. Boy, were they right! My reasoning for the SOT was not wanting to learn how to roll. First, let me say that this boat is not hard to roll and second, it is so stable for a novice that it's not even an issue.

I have paddled it on Class II whitewater several times and stayed upright easily as a complete newbie. Of course, I learned the wet exit beforehand, just in case. I am also doing a lot of solo paddling on big reservoirs in Colorado (Blue Mesa, Lake Dillon, Twin Lakes) and enjoying that immensely. The boat seems to have great hull speed for it's type and I have had 10+ mile days (one 14 mile day) on flat water without wearing myself out.

My feeling, since I have no comparison, is that it maneuvers very well in easy WW as I've experienced being out with others in dedicated WW boats. Drop the skeg and I have no trouble paddling in waves and crosswinds on the reservoirs. It maneuvers so quickly that quartering waves and pivoting in rough FW makes it fun. I feel very stable and safe in this boat in all the conditions I've encountered so far and I'm just a beginner.

I've taken my first overnight trip in the All Water and it easily held everything I needed plus some special items that I would not carry backpacking. The rear hatch at 3.0 cubic feet equates to about 85 liters space. I never carry that much backpacking! Just in case you decide you want the max load for lots of goodies on overnight trips, two SealLine Kodiak 20L dry bags will fit ahead of the foot pegs in the All Water 10. Rated to 280 lbs max load.

If you want the versatility of running easy rapids and using the same boat to put some miles down under your own power, you won't be disappointed with the All Water.


The livery I manage uses…

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The livery I manage uses Daytrippers as the livery boat and I refer to them as floating bathtubs. They are slugs, but very stable. We picked up an All Water to try out thinking we may wish to offer something a bit more lively. I took it for a paddle the other day from the shop up to the "play wave".

Paddling the Allwater was fun. It is a fast boat and quite comfortable. It is rather stable and can turn very quickly. The lowerable skeg does make it track more like a Daytripper, but pull it up and you have a serviceable WW boat.

I did not have a skirt with me so I paddled it open. I took on water multiple times on the short paddle carving turns. The cockpit is very low to the water in the rear. I got out on the main playwave and surfed a bit. The boat surfed well until I got the nose into the wave and water poured into the cockpit.

Now, I have always been a canoe guy, but I really did enjoy paddling the Allwater. I will have to find a skirt in the shop and get back to surfing that wave.