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Moku Reviews


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Moku Reviews

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I have spent about 12 hours…

Submitted by: paddler236483 on 9/1/2015
I have spent about 12 hours paddling this craft and there are few new comments to add to the ones already written here. I will address stability comments made earlier -both initial and secondary are good. While it is probably not a preferred use, I have had no problems at all paddling Class 3 rapids in the Moku. Attainments are a bit rough, but that's to be expected given its weight. It ferries well, braces acceptably, and due to it's speed and mass, can punch through some pretty sizable holes. Again, not the preferred use for the Moku perhaps, but I did want to mirror other comments and add the moving water observations.

I purchased my Islander Moku…

Submitted by: paddler231182 on 7/5/2005
I purchased my Islander Moku on the net about a week ago. I plan to use it for some serious So-Cal ocean fishing. I plan to use outriggers to provide the stability I think this SOT is missing.

The poor mans necky dolphin,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/6/2004
The poor mans necky dolphin, suprisingly fast, took swells well ,tracked well and the seat was dry without compromising steadiness, the forward hatch is great,nice and large for a round hatch and doesn't leak with plenty of clean open storage space inside,.bungees across the forward deck. nice quiet hull very similar to my necky dolphin without the "wiggle factor"while shorter and not as fast,is lighter,definately a great kayak for the money. the tank well in back could be deeper and roomier but I like to carry a bunch of supplies for playing in and on the water.Which brings me to the cup holder, great but who drinks just one?the day a yak comes out with a six pack recess either in front of my feet or under them I'll sell all the kayaks I have for that one. I'm 5'8" 160 lbs.sliding on and off the yak is easy with no scrapes, a retainining strap for the paddle would be nice since we often raft together when meeting other paddlers on the water.a great all around yak hope you enjoy yours as much as I do.

I am new to kayaking. My…

Submitted by: paddler230325 on 8/19/2003
I am new to kayaking. My wife and I decided to rent two singles on a recent trip to San Diego, and ended up with Cobra Navigators. They were very nice boats. When we returned home, I started to do some research and look around locally. The largest dealer in town sold Islander SOT's exclusively. We decided it was best to purchase locally, and bought a Moku for me, and a Hula for my wife. We are thrilled with the boats. We have had them out 6 or 7 times now, and become more convinced that the Islanders were a good choice. They seem to perform well in a variety of conditions (ocean, harbor, lake). They go where we point them, and stop when we want to. We are not into speed, comfort is more important to us, and these boats are quite comfortable. Also, the price was right. I wouldnt have felt comfortable spending premium dollars for my first boat. The only negative point I have is that the footrest tends to gouge into my leg a little if I'm not careful to avoid it. I think a little foam pipe insulation may remedy this. Otherwise, I am very happy with the Moku.

I bought my Moku a few months…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/30/2003
I bought my Moku a few months ago and in some cases am wondering if it's the same boat the others wrote about. I've used it in the surf off Hatteras Island, also in the sound there, and just got finished with a short float down the Shenandoah River. The problem I have with the boat is that I do not consider it a very stable boat. I was the only one today out of 20 canoers and kayakers to flip on a pretty good rapid. First time out in the Moku and I flip. Embarrasing. It also sucked in the surf, especially when it was rough. What it seems to be best at is flat water, and it's quite fast, stable, dry, and comfortable (with a good seat). In the sound it did fine and on the flat stretches of the river it performed well, but in water where there are waves or rapids, I just don't consider it a stable boat. Perhaps it's just me, but I am the one using the boat so that's all I have to go by. If I knew of a boat that was extremely stable in the surf and in rapids, yet tracked well and did well on flat water, I would gladly trade my Moku for it. But as of now, I don't know what that boat is.FYI I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds.

I've used a Moku a couple of…

Submitted by: paddler229765 on 9/3/2002
I've used a Moku a couple of times, and I like it. I'll give the pros and cons of this boat now. It's a good, solid boat that'll do many things. It's stable, fast, tracks well, and it's suitable for bigger paddlers. It'll carry enough for day trips and overnighers on the weekends. It's a good 'day-play' kind of boat. You could use it for fishing and light diving too. The boat is fairly priced, even if you buy it new.

The cons are that this is not a surf boat. You could get out and put into a beach IF the surf were very small. If you're looking to catch waves though, look at the Festiva. It's somewhat more tippy than the Reggae; you cannot stand up and answer a call of nature in this boat!

Overall, the Moku is a great boat. It'll do almost anything most paddlers would want to do. Are there faster boats? Are there better surfing boats? Are there boats that carry more? Yes, but you'll pay a premium for them. If you're looking for a good value, the Moku is it.


My girlfriend and I have…

Submitted by: cschomaker on 5/31/2002
My girlfriend and I have demoed and rented numerous sit-on-tops recently, and for the money, the Moku beats all the boats we've tried from Ocean Kayak, Cobra, Hobie, Heritage, etc. For conditions like those throughout Florida, this boat is a nice combination of roominess, stability, tracking, handling, and paddling comfort. Liked the fact that it came stock with the bow storage hatch, side and end handles, and storage straps. Definitely a good buy.

I got the Moku today (thanks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/23/2002
I got the Moku today (thanks partly to CM and Sploosh) and went out for a spin after work. Ended up to be a three hour sea adventure. I just love it. I have not tried out lots of other kayaks for references but I am sure this is a keeper. I ventured out to the ocean thru the inlet which was known to be rough with swells up to 3-4 ft, and the kayak handled it very well. It tracks decently and will take you wherever you wanna go... pretty fast. It is also very stable and light weight (my favorite feature =). I also own an inflatable kayak and I think it's gonna go in the closet for a while. The only drawback is that, personally, I think the new color selections for Islander kayaks are kinda dull. Orange seems to work for me best. Still I highly recommend the Moku. Have fun paddling guys, I know I will... peace.

I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: paddler229686 on 5/9/2002
I recently purchased the Isalnder Moku for my wife and she loves it. I also own a Ocean Scrambler and the difference between the two kayaks is night and day. The stability of the Moku as well as the quick turning capability blow the scrambler clear out of the water. I have never been on a SOT that kept me drier than the Moku. I would recommend this boat to any skill level.

This was the most popular SOT…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/18/2002
This was the most popular SOT kayak at a recent demo day. It has a hull similar to the Ventura, tracks very well for its length and glides nicely. It sits dry and has lots of storage space. Those intimidated by the larger touring SOTs (Ventura, Tarpon, et al) liked the maneuverability of this shorter boat. But it still paddled easily enough to get across the lake and back.