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I got this kayak in sale at REI for 1200. I have to…

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I got this kayak in sale at REI for 1200.
I have to agree with the other reviewers about the build quality. It is outstanding.

I also disagree with the reviewer complaining about how awkward it is to carry the package. It is no bigger or heavier, than a SOF kayak. Plus it can be set up in 20 minutes (I am LAZY) and took apart in 15, including wiping it with scott-towels.
The kayak feels bug one on water. It is not affected much by the wind, and tracking is nice with the included rudder down. Load capacity is HUGE.
Speed - this is the problem I find that it is essential to inflate the floor first. Inflate it to the maximum allowed pressure (IE until the release valve lets the air out). This way, you will get rid of the wrinkles in the bow. Loading the front also helps a great deal, otherwise you will "cut" the water with the flat bottom.
If I move 4 inches forward, and paddle constantly and determined, I can get 5 mph out of this kayak. That's decent in the world of recreational kayaks, but pretty slow for a sea kayak. It is a bit faster than a Dimension River Runner R5 I also have.
I give it a 9 because I got is so cheap.


I have owned this boat since…

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I have owned this boat since last September. So far I have used it on the Hudson river. As some other reviewer I expected it to be slow but I can't even keep up with a regular recreational yak. It is extremely stable and dry. I did not try any self rescue yet, but I'm sure it is possible to get back in - the only problem is that it is relatively high sided. The inflatable seat back is not tall enough so that the cockpit rim is pressing on your spine. I bought a sit-on-top Kayak seat to remedy this problem.
The boat tracks straight when used with the rudder without the rudder it is very difficult to keep it straight. Foot room is limited because of the side tubes, Storage space is good although I have not done any touring. I have mounted a Pacific Action sail which works very well since the boat is stable. The hands sometimes rub against the side tubes and previously against the grab line but I use a bungee cord to keep them away from the sidetube in the cockpit area.
I bought this boat because I have limited storage space and like the idea of having the boat in the trunk when traveling. The setup time is 10 to 15 Minutes but carrying the un-inflated boat is very awkward since it is heavy (60#). Packing up takes about the same time but at home it has to be unpacked again to dry out the interior.

The bottom line is if you paddle in a group with other hardshells or want to go somewhere fast this boat is not for you. If you don't mind that you travel slowly and you are able to lug a 60 # ungainly object around and you want a boat that is very unlikely to capsize and you don't mind to pay more for that privilege then you would for a decent hardshell this boat is for you.


I have a hard time giving a…

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I have a hard time giving a rating for this boat as it really depends on what you plan on using it for. It really is an amazing boat Innova has put together, well built, and great attention to detail. I was looking for a sea touring kayak that I'd be able to throw in the car but also more importantly, be able to load enough gear into to take on long day/multiday trips. On paper the Seaker looks like it was designed for that purpose. In reality using an inflatable to travel any real distance doesn't make a lot of sense. I expected to be slower than a hardshell, but not this much slower. I also found the boat to be too wide. At 30" my hands would rub the sides of the boat on each stroke, and unfortunately there's a rope that runs up both sides that would chafe my hands raw. Gloves helped, but still annoying. If the boat sat lower in the water it probably wouldn't have been an issue, but as it's inflatable is does ride a bit higher than a hardshell. I took the Seaker out 3 times, twice in calm water and once when it was really blowing up. It feels very stable and I'd feel safe in just about any conditions. Also there is a ton of storage room, I'm 6'3 and was very comfortable, I could also pack a lot of gear into the two compartments.

For someone who doesn't plan on traveling great distances this is an awesome boat to get you out on the water. If you plan on paddling with friends who have hardshell kayaks and are going from point A-->B, you'll find yourself getting frustrated. Unfortunately this boat didn't work out for me and back to REI it went. I don't want to be too negative on it though, I do think it's a great boat for the right activity.