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Helios II Inflatable Kayak

  • 36 Weight (lbs)
  • MSRP

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Helios II Inflatable Kayak Description

Helios II Inflatable Kayak Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Helios II Inflatable Kayak.

Helios II Inflatable Kayak Specifications

  • Weight: 36 lbs

Helios II Inflatable Kayak Features

  • Structure: Inflatable

Helios II Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Read reviews for the Helios II Inflatable Kayak by INNOVA Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

This was given to me but I...

This was given to me but I had to repair a torn seam. It is circa 1999 and the owner replaced it with a newer model after she failed to repair it. In good shape overall.

It holds air but I am reluctant to head far from shore. It is slow compared to my 16 foot hard kayak, but stable and fun for 2 people if they can organize their paddling. Tracking leaves something to be desired, but I understand a skeg or rudder is available.

I think it may be good for fishing or for the kids to play with, but overall prefer my other boats.

I have owned this kayak...

I have owned this kayak for 18 years. I purchased when I was in the military and needed a boat that would be shipped in household goods. I have taken this kayak to it's performance limits. Class III whitewater and three foot open water waves. It does not track well in open water / wind and is slow compared to other kayaks, which is compensated somewhat by having two paddlers on board to keep up. It is very stable - never tipped over. It is super comfortable, love lounging on the water watching other kayakers suffer.

The kayak is super tough - no punctures despite heavy use in rock beach landings. My first failure came last weekend when the inner valve flap on the starboard chamber started leaking air. I consider this normal wear and tear for a small rubber flap. I expect the yak to be back up to normal once I install the replacement valve.

I recommend this for any one that has a need for a kayak that can be transported in a small car, stored in an apartment or transported worldwide. I do not recommend this for paddling on unprotected waters.

Have had my Helios II for...

Have had my Helios II for three years. Selected the two-person kayak, thinking my wife would enjoy it as much as I do. Wrong! She's only gone out twice with me. One thing I have learned, though, is that the Helios II handles just as well with a single paddler. Recently took it out in the tidal creeks around Charleston SC, and into the Kiawah River. Plan to try to ocean next time.

I have three Helios kayaks...

I have three Helios kayaks (two Helios I and one Helios II) that I bought over time since 2007. They have been great and my family and I have had a lot of fun with them. I have used them mostly on lakes in Ontario, Canada and also took them on a kayaking trip through Killarney Provincial Park in 2013.

They are a very high quality product, well made and very durable. They have lasted very well, are easy to inflate and deflate and can carry a good amount of equipment when traveling. I have found that the optional rudder is helpful in windy conditions.

Innova has further improved the build since I bought my original Helios I and the kayak is very durable and versatile. I do want to also add that, very importantly, after sales service from Innova has been excellent and I found that Tim at Innova Kayak really does believe in and stand by the product. I highly recommend these kayaks.

prior to getting a Helios,...

prior to getting a Helios, I owned a hardshell. While efficient, it was awkward to transport, no good for rivers. I started yaking a lot more after getting the Helios. First, I could include yakless friends, or my kids because I got the two man. But it was also way easier to transport, and shuttles on river runs didn't require anything special car-wise on either end. I've owned my Helios for almost 10 years now, and it will probably go for at least that more. With a rounded keel, it tracks great and is fast. Easy to get back into if you flop out. I would never go back to a hardshell.

Helios II Inflatable Kayak