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The BackRatchet is a accessory brought to you by Immersion Research. Read BackRatchet reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

BackRatchet Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the BackRatchet.

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BackRatchet Reviews

Read reviews for the BackRatchet by Immersion Research as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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In my WS Zephyr 155 I was…

Submitted by: trvlrerik on 5/27/2013
In my WS Zephyr 155 I was having issues getting the setting "just right" with the back band system. The factory phase 3 system is very good but the back band had a a way of slipping down unless very tight. I replaced it with a IR lounge band and instant comfort. The band still allows for full rotation and laying back flat but will not slip down. very easy to install after watching the internet video. The fittings and webbing are superior to the factory back band and seem to be of top notch quality.

If you are looking for a seat that feels like a rec boat lounge chair this is not your product. It is a very comfortable well built product. The only reason I did not score it higher is that for some people it may ride a little high and could interfere with a low fitting PFD.


I have the newer IR Lounge…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/9/2009
I have the newer IR Lounge backband in my Warren Little Wing. In my other kayaks I often get excruciating back pain in a little as one-half hour. With the IR Lounge, I can paddle pain free for a long as I want. It looks and works great. Highly recommended.

IR Reggie? Simply brilliant!…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/3/2006
IR Reggie? Simply brilliant! I have a capella RM166 and the OE backband was utterly naff- too flimsy, too high and if you self rescue the ladder method not only will you end up sitting on it but it will end up ratcheted all the way had to go! In conjunction to moving the seat back 50mm I fitted the IR Reggie. It's now lower than the cockpit, more supportive and very comfortable. It took a bit of thinking as to where the ratchet fittings would go(NOT the existing holes- new ones drilled on the upper side-rear of the seat near to the cockpit rim, they leave the seat fitting almost horizontal(flat) and twist 90 dgerees and then down), the bungees were not needed and the webbing straps secure it to the seat at the bottom via a slot where the old backband was pushed in. A top bit of kit for the money!

We use a pair of IR touring…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2006
We use a pair of IR touring ratchet backbands in our 18' Kevlar/ Fiberglass Kanoe Latvija tandem kayak. Comfortable cruising and easy to change positions when sprinting. We like'em!

This is for an IR Reggie…

Submitted by: ohioboater on 1/14/2004
This is for an IR Reggie ratcheting backband installed in a whitewater boat. The Reggie is the best whitewater backband I've ever used, period. It's comfortable, instantly adjustable, and it will not slip or lose adjustment under pressure. I don't know how well the ratchets would hold up to constant salt water use (the hardware appears to be stainless), but for whitewater, I'll never use anything else.

Tore out the factory backband…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/12/2002
Tore out the factory backband in my Avocet and replaced it with the IR Touring Backband. Cheap, easy, perfect fit. No hassles, questions or regrets. And it lets me lay back and roll like a dream. Doesn't slip down either.

I'm not sure how to say how…

Submitted by: paddler229278 on 12/9/2002
I'm not sure how to say how much I've enjoyed having this backband in my Pintail, except to say that I've just taken delivery of an Azul Sultan, and the first thing I'll do to it (even before adding a foot pump) is to change the existing backband to an IR ratchet: it's really that good!

We have two Pyranha…

Submitted by: paddler229644 on 10/15/2002
We have two Pyranha 2-year-old WW kayaks, both delivered with those flimsy, basically non-adjustable styrofoam backbands. I have now installed IR ratchet backbands in both kayaks (very easy if you have a very high speed drill to make clean slots) and the difference is like night and day! This backband is comfortable, supportive, easy to ratchet and stays high if you also install the elevator straps. If you have a lousy backband in your kayak, don't even think about it - just get one of these, the sooner the better! It isn't often there's a product you can call perfect, but this backband is Perfect - design, installation, adjust-ability, comfort and support!

Best I've ever seen or…

Submitted by: Peter_K on 9/30/2002
Best I've ever seen or used!!! Easy to reaease if there is not a lot of room behind your seat! I ownthe NSI ratcheting (great but does not release as easily) and bomber gear non ratcheting (see review), and have checked out a lot of boats and gear. I am a competant sea kayaker with a roll etc

I put one on my '99 Looksha…

Submitted by: annr on 7/18/2002
I put one on my '99 Looksha IV just last month. Great boat, miserable seatback. The IR Touring Backband is a huge improvement. Virtually perfect.